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Bible Study Lessons

Basic Bible Understanding:

The Bible says "To fear God is the beginning of wisdom", but of course it doesn't mean "fear" in the same sense as you would fear an ax murderer.

If you fear God, you respect His position and authority, you obey Him, you give Him the honor He is due.

Below are some basic short articles to introduce the Bible to you, and what it is all about.   The underlined titles are links to pages that are finished, and if they are not working at this time, they will soon lead to an article.  If you have questions or want help, please email me at   Please put "question from your website" in the subject line, so your email won't get accidently thrown out with spam.  It helps to ask God before you read the Bible, to reveal His wisdom to you and put His words in your heart.

Old and New Testaments, what are they to us?

Who are the Jews?

Creation; and  Where did God come from?

What must we do to be saved?

What is Heaven like?

Power for Living

Power Tools from Scripture

The Greatest Gift

What is Love?


The following are titles that I'm working on for you.  When you see them underlined and active, click on the title and you should be taken to the article.

Can I be rich and be a Christian?
What does God expect of me?
How can I find God?
Angels, Demons, etc.
The truth about witchcraft, fortune tellers, Miss Cleo etc.
The truth about our sexuality
Your choice, to believe or to deny

Why is the world so miserable?

How can we know that God's promises are real and He'll do what He says?


Our beliefs are on the teachings of the Bible, whichever protestant version you care to read.  I cross reference my information from the King James to the Amplified Bible, and have taken some from books by Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, and Joyce Myers.  I believe in the total truth of written scripture, that it is Holy Spirit inspired, written down by men, translated by men under authority and supervision by God, and is revealed to the heart only through the work of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives. 

If a part seems to be contradicting or unclear, you must reference the verse and see the whole picture.  It is dangerous to take apart words and phrases and expect to apply them any way you like.  God's intent is clear and you can be confident in your understanding if you pray earnestly and study regularly, asking God for wisdom.

There is nothing written so beautiful or uplifting as scripture, as the Holy Spirit breathes the truth of what you are reading into your soul.  One simple sentence can bring light into the darkness and open your world.

The mystery of the Word is that it is ALIVE.  The word of God is renewed and fresh, revealing more and more truth each time you read it.  People have often commented that although they had read a verse several times before, suddenly it held much more information than in times past.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit, and He pricks our consciousness with it's truth and love, applying it to our particular situation each time we read it.

He "feeds" you with what you need to know at this moment.  If it isn't appropriate and timely, it doesn't do man much good.  I recommend as you read the Bible, "chewing" on verses for a day or more, asking for wisdom and understanding, and being patient for God to reveal His utmost truth in it, before you move on to another section. 

Reading it quickly to be able to say you have read the Bible through, is a waste of time.  It wasn't written in a short period of time, and it was intended for you to feed on all the days of your life.  You certainly wouldn't try to eat all of your life's food in one meal, don't cheat your soul of the pleasure of a daily meal, either.


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