What is Heaven Like?


Thoughts of heaven are usually just brief and passing, until we have a loved one die.  Then our minds search frantically for some visual aids in scripture to picture our loved ones happy and busy with the Lord.


You can find many scriptures about Heaven in your concordance at the back of your Bible, or in a pocket sized Bible verse register by subject.  I've taken what I've read from these references, and with visualization that I've received in dreams or in prayer from the Lord, and written this for those who mourn or need to stir up their spirit about being with the Lord.


Life is short, compared to the age of the moon and stars, but every human life is precious.  The Bible tells us that we each have angels who are appointed to watch over us, and that we are so important to God, that every hair on our heads is numbered and every thought that passes through our minds is important enough for God to take notice of, and He does.


If you don't feel very good, and stay in your bed for long periods of time, your spirit gets used to living your life in your mind, and then being absent from the body in death is not as drastic as it seems to us who observe from a distance.


In II Corinthians Chapter 5 Paul tells us that he'd rather be absent from the body so that he could be present with the Lord.


It's ok to be late for your own funeral.  Of course we'd all like to tarry until the Lord comes.  The reason we don't want to leave this body is a fear of the unknown, but I am here to promise you that there doesn't have to be much unknown about it.


If you believe that Jesus Christ is your savior, that God raised Him from the dead, and if you confess Him before men, the Bible says you HAVE eternal life.  Jesus said, Whosoever believeth on me shall not die but have eternal life.


Scripture tells us that after this life we will put on an immortal body and be with our Savior in paradise.  We're told that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, with Jesus in the midst of us, reigning as king.  There will be no need for lights, because Jesus will be the light of the city.  There will be no more pain, sickness or sorrow.  The Bible says He will wipe away our tears and we will have mansions full of gifts, streets paved with gold, and that we will trade in this old body and all of it's cares for a crown of everlasting life.


A few nights ago I had a dream, and Jesus showed me in this dream a beautiful building, at least two stories tall, it's walls made of glass with crystal chandeliers.  Inside there was every kind of gift and beautiful thing anyone could ever want in a lifetime, and then some.  It would take me long into eternity to just go through all the things that were packed into that mansion waiting for me.  Suddenly I understood.  Our Lord said He went to prepare a place for us, and He would come back and gather us unto Himself again.  Jesus has gone to Heaven and has been busy stocking each of our mansions with the very best surprises that he knows we each will love.  Every item has been hand picked and carefully prepared, and when we get there, He'll be at our side as He was in my dream, waiting to see our joy as we discover each blessing.


This is where our loved ones who have passed are today.  Each one in a mansion more beautiful than any of us could imagine, designed and decorated uniquely for that person, by the hands of our loving God.  He or she has had a table spread before him with the very best that Heaven can prepare and he's at peace filling himself with goodness and mercy and love, and Jesus is at the head of the table.


King David said that he could not bring back his son who had died, but that one day he would go and join him there.  We all must take our turn in mourning, saying bye for now to our loved ones, but we can take comfort in knowing we will one day join them again, and the reunion will be so sweet.  Imagine how excited and how perfected they will be on the day we meet them there, when our loved ones come running up to hug us and show us to our own special mansion, Jesus at their side, welcoming us with a savior's arms.


How could we weep if we could see the joy our brethren are resting in today?  We cry only for ourselves, because we will miss them for a time.  Each day as you go about your work, think of them happy and whole, and turn your minds to what YOU must do to prepare for your own journey there.


Have you accepted the Lord as your Savior?  Have you been baptized in Jesus' name?  Have you made peace with your former enemies and shared your possessions with your neighbors and those who have less than you?  Have you been kind to strangers and made sure that everyone around you in your little circle has food and a warm place to sleep?


This is the Father's business, the work that Jesus went about doing.  He said for us to go and tell everyone we meet that He died for our sins so we could come before God boldly and receive a new life, a Kingdom life.  He said we will have power in His name and do even greater miracles than He did.


Ask Jesus to give you peace in the memory of your loved ones lives and their passing.  Give us sorrow but for a moment, O Lord, and joy everlasting tomorrow.  In these things we have confidence because we have put our confidence in Jesus Christ and His resurrection, not in the temporal things of this world that pass away.


Some men toil all their lives for things that they can never truly own, and the normal progression of spirit to earth and back to spirit again takes it all away from them.  This will not be our story.  We will declare to the Heavens "I will live and declare the glory of God" and know that we will have our portion waiting for us there.


We are just travelers in this world, not stopping but passing through on our way home.  Some of our beloved have beat us there, and are enjoying all that it holds, and we won't begrudge them that, or seek to bring them back to the body that is imperfect and labors with illness and pain.  They have the better portion now and we celebrate their memory and legacy in all the joy and thanksgiving we can muster today and from now on.


Will you pray with me?


Father, Dear Jesus, Precious Spirit of Life, we honor you and give you thanksgiving even in our lowest moments.  Your touch has a way of erasing pain and filling a heart with new life, and we need that touch Lord.  We seek forgiveness for our own sins and a new vision for our future, so that we can get busy doing your work and saving souls.  Show us the simplicity of your plan, and help us to live each day with love.  Protect us and our families, and provide abundantly, beloved Savior.  We claim the scripture that you give renewed strength and will rise us up as eagles and in the dark times, hide us under your wings.  In all things may we desire only what is your will.  In Jesus' name, Amen.



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