Perhaps the most well known verse in the Bible is the first:
Genesis 1:1
                 "In the beginning..."
We get about that far, but the exact words elude our memories and the meaning is even more obscure.  What is it talking about anyway?

We are told that God (in His 3 part identity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost), created the world.  It says that there was only darkness in the beginning, and that His spirit moved upon the face of the deep.  He separated the "waters above" from the "waters below" (firmament).

The earth was without shape and was void, but God formed it and made it habitable, causing grasses and trees to grow, and the food for every living thing.  Then He made all the creeping, crawling, flying, and hooved creatures

Scientists say that the universe was created from a big explosion in space of gasses and that matter was thrown outwards and became the planets and stars.  There is nothing in the Bible that says HOW He did it, just that He spoke and it was so. 

It may be that God used a big burst of energy to change His thoughts and creative speech into gasses that cooled and solidified into matter.  All I know for sure is that all that IS was created by HIM, and that nothing was random or by accident.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that everything in the universe that we've discovered so far, has been of exacting design, and with a pattern of explanation. 

You won't see blue birds having alligator babies, or snow and July heat existing in the same place at the same time naturally.   Only someone in denial, with a fear of admitting there might be a greater force at work, would attempt to deny the hand of God at work.

What about the UFO's? 

You may hear people say that if UFO's are proven to exist, then that proves that they created us and planted us here on the planet. 

I hope you will think this out on your own, but if you need help, let me remind you that proving an existance of one thing does not give it divine powers or make it responsible for the existence of something else!

There are many theories and it looks like those theories will remain questions throughout our lifetime.  Even if aliens appeared and told us a story of themselves, how would we know we could believe what they said?  What is the proof?

What are the facts?

We have a great collection of proof about creation as it is stated in the Bible.  (Records from nearly all cultures describe approximately the same thing...the Jews have kept exhaustive records throughout history...biochemists in the 1950's doing research on basic structure of all living things mapped and categorized by number the types of organisms, and found that even male and female humans have very distinct patterns.  Their findings refute the evolution theory.)

There appears to be evidence of the existence of other life in the solar system.

Only today (4/7/02) on CNN news, there is a report of Martian soil being analyzed and finding chlorophyl in it, evidence that Mars was once a green planet that contained vegetation involved in photosynthesis.

The Bible mentions other spirits and fallen angels, creatures that live and do not die.  It mentions a "cloud of witnesses" around the earth.  We are definitely being watched, and influenced by these spirits.  In Job, there is a report of a spirit passing by Job's face, and he said the hair of his flesh stood up.

You must realize though, that although these spirits and other beings may have what seems to us to be god-like power or knowledge, it doesn't make them THE SUPREME BEING. 

When our scientists and missionaries visit isolated tribes and they become exposed to our advanced technology, I'm sure it's very tempting for those people to worship us and desire for us to provide them with their sustenance. 

Despite what we see, we have to be careful not to jump to the wrong conclusions.

God created this world as a home for us, a vehicle for our growth and a school room for our education.  He wanted it to be paradise, and he provided absolute paradise on earth. 

Death, sickness and all of the sins of character, occured because of the fall from Eden.

God is concerned about everything that is important to you.  He follows your life and situation closely.  He has already set in place certain blessings and rescues that he knows will be needed in later years for your protection and survival.  It's hard for us to understand how He could know that you'd be born and one particular day you'd be driving on I-75 and would need an angel's hand to protect you from a log truck. 

In "God Calling" the two anonymous women who wrote down their answered prayers, recorded what they believe to have been Jesus' voice speaking in their hearts during their Bible study.  One of the entries talks about how God could be compared to a mother who joyously prepares for her daughter's wedding, from the time she was a baby.  She puts away a little something here, and a little there, anticipating the day when she can present to her grown daughter all of the things she's prepared for in advance, and desired to give her.

We don't need to understand creation, to be aware of it.  There are some things we can learn from scripture and various other cultures that seem to go together and be helpful in our walk with Christ.

The greatest power on earth is not nuclear energy, magnetism, love or hurricanes.  It is faith.  Faith is an actual substance, the Bible tells us that all of us are dealt a certain measure of faith, and it is up to us to "grow" more by hearing the Word of God spoken.  We must either attend a church, sit in a Bible study, pray and read scripture out loud with a partner or attend a meeting, to do that.  If there is any man who is isolated on a desert island with a Bible to read, the sound of his own voice repeating the scripture will work too.

What is faith? 

Faith and Fear are opposite ends of the same power.  They are incredibly powerful and will culminate in an end result of something. Fear is NOT lack of faith, but faith in the opposite of what God has promised.  Fear is not the same thing as being afraid.  You can be scared and not be living in fear. 

Faith is the mechanism by which all things are created.   Science now tells us that matter is created from energy, and that thoughts are also energy.  They believe that the material world is formed first by a thought, translated to energy, translated to matter.  Since it is all the same substance, it can be affected and remolded again by thought and energy.  This is probably why some people seem to have supernatural abilities to bend metal or move objects, even leave their bodies. 

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