Who are the Jews?

The Jews, also called Hebrews, or Israelites, are a race of people that God chose to be the people to forever keep the knowledge of the one true God on this earth, so we wouldn't forget.  They were his first people, and those that he made the covenants with. 

Jesus was a Jew, so was Paul, Peter and the other apostles.  Being a Jew isn't a bad thing, neither is it particularly good today.  Being one of the people who have understood that it is Jesus that the Jews were waiting for (the messiah), is the only advantage or blessing today.

The Jews are descended from Noah's son Shem.  His son Ham became the father of the darker skinned tribes of people in the African areas.  Japeth's descendants make up all the rest of the people of the earth, including us white, anglo-saxon protestants. 

You could say that Abraham was the first Jew, and truly the Jews call him Father Abraham.  Ancestry is very important to the Jews, as the Messiah (or savior) that they were looking for, was prophecied to come from the lineage of King David, (the boy with the slingshot who killed Goliath).  So they kept very careful records throughout all of history. 

If you want to know about something in the past, look in the Jewish books.  Moses gave the 10 commandments to the Jews he led out of Egypt.  Every birth and death were recorded, and numbers of the tribes were kept. 

There were 12 tribes of Israel (the Jews), and they were broken down geographically into 2 kingdoms.  Judah and Israel. 

There is a lot to study here, and they were fascinating people.  Still are.  Judge Judy and her husband are Jews, as well as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock of Star Trek and most of the performers we know today.

Jewish people are very wise, make money easily and can be very shrewd business people.

You can become a Jew by joining their religious practices and following the strict laws, like Sammy Davis Jr. did, but to do so would be very foolish. 

Jesus came to tell us that the law was fulfilled, and that if we tried to live by the law now, that we give up the benefits of Jesus as the Messiah.  We will miss out on Heaven completely if we try to obey the Law. 

Instead, we are to keep two commandments: 
                    1.  Love God with all our hearts, minds and souls,
                    2.  Love our neighbor as God loves us.


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