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When We Are Weak, He Is Strong! 





































I just went through a few days of weaker than usual emotions, a kind of raw time when I just wanted to weep and be pitied.  I think Jesus understands these cycles we go through.  I think He wants to just hold us in His arms at that time and let us cry.  Go ahead and let it all out!  Then remember He's there in the room with you, He's there to bring you back up to His Glory and show you wonders and healing! 


No matter what is bothering me, I won’t agree with the enemy and repeat it out loud, but in Jesus' name I proclaim that I’m getting better because “By Jesus' stripes I am made whole and every part of my body is healed!”


Sometimes you may be hurting because you’re going through things nobody else knows and you may feel alone or unappreciated.  I want you to know that God appreciates you, and everything you put out the extra effort to do.   For Him and for others.  When you want to give up but you don’t – you can be an example to others, the poster child of hope and innovations!  Find a way to make what you’re going through easier the next time around or for someone else who might be having the same problem!  Better yet, get a healing or a miracle rescue and give your testimony!


We can comfort and encourage each other!  God is so amazing, that He brings us together when we have the greatest needs, and He is ever faithful!  Always caring how we feel, always supportive of us, whether we soar high in the clouds or lie in our beds and cry.


But behind His compassion, He knows what we're capable of with His Spirit.  He knows there is GREAT joy and purpose for you (and me, and all of us).  He designed us to fit His plans like a glove.  Us and God - we're two peas in a pod.  :)  And we're so desperate to hear what those plans are, to dare believe that we're more than we feel we are, or that we could be healed and go on to higher and better living!


Not only for our sakes and pleasure but to enter into this great idea He has for us, and what it might mean.  Maybe travel.  Maybe humble service.  Maybe great rewards.


The force of this world’s negativity, our enemy, has worked for centuries to dampen God's effect, to separate us from knowledge of Him, and from our purpose.  If even ONE of us were to fully understand our power and capabilities, he'd be through!  We'd tell others, we'd demonstrate this to others, and he has to stop it if he can.


When the first church members walked the earth, right after Jesus went back to His Father, they had such amazing power operating, that they literally changed the entire earth in the space of a few years.  In their lifetime!  They accomplished the prophecy and command to spread the gospel to every part of the world.


The name of Jesus is known everywhere, and in every culture, whether they believe ON Him or not, they shiver when they hear it.


That power is for you too my friend!  It's all there available to us, every bit of it.


I heard this morning on a science show that scientists have figured out that matter is just very highly compressed energy, and the narrator showed a dollar bill.  He said that piece of paper was about a gram, but it contained the energy equivalent to an atom bomb.  Literally!  Imagine if a small piece of paper with ink on it, could supply the energy of a bomb, what can the human being do with God's Spirit working inside us?


Imagine how wise and powerful God is, to have set these things into their boundaries so that our dollars don't blow us up when we take them out to buy a loaf of bread!  :)


Everything is in its place as it should be, and soon WE too, God's beloveds will be in our places.  Understanding our place and position of being honored by God.  Only God knows WHY He loves us so, but I am beginning to understand and believe more and more that He does and that His power is MINE.  His resources are MINE.  His incredible, never ending, forever love is always going to be there.  Never pulling it back.  Never letting us down.


He has said so, and when He decrees something, He can't EVER take it back.  Like a proper King, who gives a decree and can't UNDO it.  :)  Our Father's words are Holy and Living things that go forth and change the world.  They affect matter, time and space.  They change hearts and transform lives.


Nothing else can do that.  No psychiatrist can fix a person.  No medicine can fix a person.  No scientist can create a living being.


ESPECIALLY not by just speaking the words and it was so!


But WE can do that using God's words and our faith in the blood of Jesus Christ!


We can touch people and they shall be healed, in the name of Jesus.  We can speak words over our circumstances and they shall be changed, in the name of Jesus.  We can lift up our eyes and hearts to the most amazing throne room in the universe, and see the King of all Kings smiling down on us, beaming His incredible life altering power into our bodies and minds.


We are Jesus' wife, His betrothed and innocent and beautiful loved ones.  We are God's children.  We are the other part of God's heart, the part He longs for and wants to bring home.


Today, let's step into that awareness, that belief, that place of right standing, and pick up our banners, our swords of the Word of God, our full armor and our wedding clothes!  Our jobs for the Lord.


We are the "first ladies" of God's kingdom.  Like the president's wife who goes forth and tends to the sick and the downtrodden.  She takes the programs that are borne from her heart, and makes a difference for her "kingdom".  We can do that too.


No matter what it is you care about, tell God and ask for His support and you have it!  You can form organizations.  You can raise huge amounts of money.  :)  Anything you need to get the work accomplished, but first go to your Beloved.  Kneel at His feet and receive from Him the blessing, the love and the authority He desires to give you.


Nothing on earth that we do has any meaning or purpose unless we first establish the relationship with our Lord.  A good, healthy, flowing, (not temporary or now and then) kind of friendship.  Solid, enduring, deep, understanding each other and truly loving every quirk and every detail of each other.


I was thinking of a girl who works at our pharmacy.  She is pretty, but she has a VERY slight problem pronouncing a sound.  Just one letter or combination of letters.  It's barely noticeable, but it's there.  I can recognize her on the phone because of it.


Yesterday I was thinking how that small defect (that she probably HATES) makes her so lovely.  She is unique because of it.  It endears her to me.  (I have a problem with speech sometimes too, and my father had a stutter.)  So I notice, and I can understand how every difference between us makes us more valuable and lovely to God.


Have you ever seen the residents of the Playboy Mansion?  You can look at a lineup of carbon copy blonde females.  One might be shorter or taller, but pretty much they all look alike and as perfect as possible.  I don't find that very appealing. 


I have a lazy eye and had frizzy hair, and my back curves a bit too much so my booty looks a bit more pronounced than it should.  Those were the things about me that I hated.  :)  I couldn't understand why God would allow us to be born "plain", or with moles or deformities.  How could we think of ourselves as beautiful??  To our own eyes we are ugly and wretched.


But on the level that God works, in the tiniest rooms of our cells, it's all energy arrayed in patterns.  Like a computer code made up of ones and zeros.  From that viewpoint, how can any part of us be ugly?  The "ones" are beautiful (they are God), and the "zeros" are beautiful (they are God), and they are expressed in an infinite array of possibilities, so that He can experience every possibility.  Every twist and turn in us, every deed and choice.


We're like a beautiful flower that has opened its petals to the sunshine, and we turn our faces to Him, grateful for the light and warmth of the sun, and grateful for life.


Hungering for our maker, and the lover of our souls.  :)  Eager to please Him.


Sigh....:)  Where do I stop when I'm realizing new ways of seeing my Lord?  As I write these things to you and to others, I'm actually thinking of it for the first time too and the message is as much for me as for you.  God is so good.


I want to tell you of a dream that I had years ago that is my foundation.  (I have had visions and premonitions since I was about 15, and many of my dreams have come true, so I have learned to tell which ones are important and which are just entertainment or exercise while I'm sleeping!  :)   )


In this dream, I was traveling down a road (always indicates my life's journey), in a car with a male friend.  This person was not a love interest, just a person who was along for the ride.  I was upset and consumed with a problem.  Someone had stolen my birthright and my father's lands.  I was on my way to a court to try to get it back.  I went into the courtroom and told the judge that I was the rightful heir and I wanted my lands back.


He said I'm sorry, but someone has already purchased that property and it's gone.  (Inside I believed it was not returned to me because I was a female and had no legal rights to it.)


I left the courtroom crying and more depressed than I can describe.  (In real life lands don't mean anything to me, but this was something very significant in my heart.)


The man with me was trying to tell me something but I wasn't listening to him.  I drove along further and he kept saying something about my inheritance, and he tried to tell me he was my husband.  Well believe me I didn't want to hear this.  I had a low opinion of men, and hated being a woman, and I had just been ROBBED by a man who stole my Father's gift to me.


He finally got my attention a little bit and he said that HE had bought that contract FOR me, and was giving it to me as a wedding gift.  He said He was Jesus, and He loved me and bought back my inheritance for me.


It just didn't sink in.  I kept driving.  We came upon a building, two story, like a mall, made of glass and steel.  It had windows all along the front.  He compelled me to stop and wanted me to go inside and look around.


I was really crying now.  I felt so poor and empty, lonely and worthless.  Here was a MALL, filled with expensive things (I could see some of the beautiful crystal things inside), and this guy wanted me to go inside and torture myself with looking at things I could never afford to buy???


He said, "You just don't understand!  I am Jesus, and this is your mansion I made for you.  I've filled it with everything I thought you'd like and I want you to see it and enjoy it!"


Finally it dawned on me.  At that moment, we faded out of that place and went through a tunnel and out onto my front porch.  We came through something like a telescope that Jesus was holding in His hand and He hung it from my porch ceiling.  He said I'm going to hang this here and it will draw people (especially women) to Him so He could give them gifts.


Suddenly there were a few women on my porch with us, and He gave them things that were very dear to their hearts.  One woman was given a beautiful keyboard organ.  There were also women in the yard who were wounded and fearful, not coming up to Him because they couldn't believe it was true.  I called to them and begged them to come, that Jesus would give them gifts.


This is what He wants me to do, this is what the website and my life is about.  I call to everyone and say, Come, Jesus is good, He bought back our birthright and gave us back our Father's lands.  He has established us as the head of our eternal/spiritual household and our gender is no longer meaningful.  Not to Him anyway.  (I'm not meaning that our relationships on earth or gender here changes, just that we are all equal in God's sight.)


Our Lord desires us to come and He will shower us with gifts and healing, love and blessings.  It applies to men as well, but perhaps my personal ministry is more aimed at and suited for women.  I understand how we feel, and how we've been shorted in history on earth.  My passion stems from my personal wounds in that area.  Growing up feeling that men get all the breaks.  :)  But it's not really true.


We have so much more depth and capacity to understand spiritual things and willingness to bow before God and be humbled.  It helps us do more, move more, be more.


Many men are money and possessions oriented.  They have a very hard time when they're asked to stop thinking of working to get ahead and to sell their things to give to the poor.


Not because God wants us to be without "things" but that HE wants to give us things that are lasting.  Yes, the desires of our hearts here and now, but truth and understanding that will last into the eternal.


We have a hard time letting go of money too, and our dependence on it.   :)  It's time to be "OK" with having less things, and having more of God!  :)


I hope this gives you something new to hold onto, think on, draw Him into you.  I hope today will end your cycle of depression and fatigue and that you'll be filled from within with His rivers of living waters, His tireless energy and His hope.


Jesus, please bless my readers and their families, help them with whatever they are going through!   I know that you said to just ask anything in your name and it would be done.  We love you Jesus.  Daily we're discovering more about you to love!  Thank you so much for letting us know you and for really loving us, even to the laying down of your life! 


Thank you for buying back our inheritance and for helping us get home to the Father.  Thank you for being the lover of our souls and knowing us so intimately that we no longer have to hide in shame.  (I remember how Adam hid in the garden when he discovered he was naked.)  Lord thank you that no part of us inside or out makes you ashamed of us and we can boldly come before you AS WE ARE, and if there is something you want changed, you'll make it be so.  Thank you Jesus!  There is no end to the things we could thank you for!  You are our everything and all, and you are all that matters in this moment of time!  We bless you and praise you Jesus and the Father too.  You also, Holy Spirit!  We ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen!


Here is Pastor Prince's message today. 


The Power Of The Body And Blood by Joseph Prince

    1 Corinthians 11:26

    26For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death till He comes.


Some time ago, one of our church members developed deep vein thrombosis (DVT) while on a flight to Israel. As she was disembarking from the plane, she collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital. But on the way there, her heart stopped beating. Apparently, the blood clot in her leg had gone to her heart, causing it to stop beating. The doctors managed to revive her heart after a few attempts, but she remained unconscious.


When I arrived at the hospital with some of my church leaders a few days later, I was told that her condition had worsened. She was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). My leaders and I decided to partake of the Holy Communion in the ICU, proclaiming that Jesus had borne all her diseases, including DVT, and that His blood had already redeemed her from all curses, including diseases and death.


The next day, she regained consciousness! Her recovery was so supernatural that after a week of observation, she was discharged and was soon touring Israel with the next tour group that arrived there.


In another case, a church member’s elderly mother underwent a series of operations and her condition deteriorated to the point where the doctor told the family to prepare for the worst. The family took Holy Communion in the ICU. They even put a small crumb in their mother’s mouth and poured a little grape juice in. On the third day, something miraculous happened — their mother regained consciousness, got well and was discharged not too long after!


You see, each time you eat the bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death for you. You discern that the Lord’s body was broken so that your body can be whole. You discern that His healthy body has borne your diseases and pains, so that your body can be well. So when you eat the bread, you say that by His stripes you are healed. And when you drink the cup, you are drinking the life of Jesus which is in His blood.


Beloved, the life of Jesus is pain-free, disease-free and poverty-free. It attracts the favor and blessings of God. And because you have that life in you, it causes good things to happen to you!

To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  

God bless you!  Keep looking back here for more updates and more words.  Visit www.lcci.us (our home church in Albany, GA) to watch services online anytime.

Also please check out Pastor Joseph Prince's website and sign up for his free emails.  He is anointed to preach the message of grace and forgiveness, restoration to God in a way that will change your life and empower you!  www.josephprince.org

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Lisa Tyler 2012