“Why is this happening to us?  

Spiritual and practical strategies for surviving and 

overcoming the times we live in


by Lisa Tyler ©2007


Is it just me, or are you and your family struggling and being stretched and squeezed every which way but up?


In the last several weeks I’ve seen a tremendous increase in prayer requests for absolute financial crises and horrible illnesses.  If you’ve managed to make it to this day without a critical, life-threatening illness, hey – that’s a GREAT thing to be thankful for!


If you have a physical ailment that is nagging at you and draining your finances, take a quick check – does it fall under the category of autoimmune problems? 


Things like fibro, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.  Anemia, …even cancer.  Things your body should be fighting off but just can’t anymore because the strain has gotten so great that all your physical/spiritual resources are going to just keeping the phone answered and the bills paid.  Yeah, I know.  Wishing you could get the bills paid.


It’s the same in every corner at the moment and it’s gotten some of us asking questions.  What’s going on?  Is this the end times?  Why are we working so hard and getting further behind.


This is what I believe is happening and what we need to do about it.


First – I think we have come to a critical fork in the road.  We’ve been following ALL the gurus, the financial advice and the religious leaders and doing the best we can to be Christians, parents, workers, etc.  But we’ve had one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom.  I think we’ve come to the place where the roads separate and we’ve got to put both feet so to speak, or 100% commitment to our beliefs.


Either we’re going to follow to the letter what we should be doing as Christians, or follow the gurus of commerce and turn our backs to emotion and conscience.  The reason is that trying to do both is just not working.


I hope you won’t abandon the Lord, because the second choice leads eventually to the one world order and the mark of the beast.  Not that choosing God will prevent those things, but it will save your soul when it gets here.


Another reason to go with God is that no matter how much advice you take, or how hard you work, you can’t win at the devil’s game. 


God made the earth and its abundance and said that it was good.  Then Satan came in and said we needed this and that MORE, and that he owned it, offering it for a price.


So far, mankind has danced to the piper, with the exception of a few souls like the Amish or Mennonites.


Hold on a minute and let’s look at the other thing I think is going on.


We’ve been praying, we talk to the Lord and ask Him to help us do His will.  We want to please Him, and we beg for solutions to our family’s problems, but are we ready for the solution?


I think He’s answering our prayers.  I think because we chose a worldly road, veered away from Him a bit and got all tangled up in the cares of the world, we’ve got barnacles all over our ships!  (Just being cute.)


So here we are, too loaded down with burdens to go through the door into the Kingdom.  We’re stuck and we can’t totally enter.  We’ve got to let go of some things to be able to take the better gifts and aid He’s offering us.


So what things?  I know some of us have already cut anything unnecessary, and some of us are struggling with important things like helping keep our adult children and their families going because there doesn’t seem to be enough money to go around. 


The problem is, the old system that we understood all the rules to, and the support systems of the government etc., are fading away.  People are in need of doctors, medicines, having their light bills paid and their mortgages are being pulled out from under them.  Suddenly, people need the very basics of life.


We’re in transition to something new.  The enemy has a plan, and God has His own plan for us.  We don’t need to panic; we need to use the tools God has given us to fight this new way of life on a spiritual plane.


I think our Father in His great wisdom is putting us through one thing after another to shave some of the barnacles off, so that we’ll be able to see clearly, while there is still time, to take the correct road before the end times.


We’re all complaining and freaking, scurrying like rats in a burning building, but we should stop still in our tracks and say “Thank You” to God.  Then STAY still, and just be aware of His presence and His hand rescuing us.


This CAN be a blessing, if we’ll accept the correction and work WITH Him to turn our lives around now.


Back in the 60’s or so, somebody coined the term “The American Dream” and we all bought into it.  It looked good, it meant everyone should have a better life, but what it really meant was servitude to the commerce system.  It got its hooks into us and brought about credit cards, hurry, the upward ladder and put a good looking suit of clothes on a cut throat mentality.


So what’s going to happen now?  We’re going to find new ways of getting things done.  What worked before has passed away.  We’re going to have to learn scripture verses because they are weapons against the things that are causing us misery – poverty, sickness, death, despair, depression, etc.


Even Jesus didn’t go into battle with Satan without using Scripture.  He didn’t veer from it either, adding on things of His own.  He merely stated the Scripture as it was written.


We’re also going to have to spend TIME with God, seeking Him, reading His Word and actually cut out a portion of our day, every day to be with Him.  It takes time to develop a friendship, and if we aren’t even willing to spend an hour a day with the Lord, why do we call Him our Lord?  I don’t mean an hour a day asking for things, although we all need to bring our requests before the Lord.  I mean an hour a day praising Him, meditating on things He’s said and asking for Him to speak to your heart during this time you set aside JUST for Him.


Each family will have to face some truths, and learn to communicate.  Sometimes things will be cut out of our lives that don’t really feel good to give up.  After awhile we’ll look back and see how much better we like the new way, or how we’ve managed to get back what we loved.


We’re also going to have to learn the way to multiply the power of our dollars that we DO earn, and the power of our efforts.  There IS a way to do this, and it’s all based on spiritual principles of praying in one accord (with family, with church or just by yourself with total focus.)


I know you’re thinking, “I’ve cut all unnecessary spending, I’m living a good life, there is nothing I have to change or repent of.  I’m a good person.”


It’s not that you’re bad.  Not that I’m bad, I love the Lord.  We just haven’t been INTEGRATED in our hearts.  We’ve been divided, and we’ve believed a lie.  We wanted God AND the American dream of accumulating more “stuff”.  The two things don’t go well together and I’ll explain that shortly.


Do you know why God said that a church should pray in one accord?  Or why a husband and wife should quickly make up their differences, not fight, so that their prayers won’t be hindered?


Because there is power in numbers, power in the TWO, or in the THREE gathered together for any purpose.  The Bible says, “Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there will I be also.”  But I’ve seen this same thing happen outside of the church, with things unrelated to God.


Wherever there is DISharmony, - people pulling in different directions, or even within a mind or heart that is not single of purpose, there is a scattering of energies.  Money is energy; it’s just another form of energy.  (Remember – thought becomes energy, energy becomes matter.)


When a person is wholeheartedly going in one direction, single minded of purpose (like an athlete who is training for a goal) there is nothing that can stop him.  When a family is united and their minds are fixed on working together for one outcome, nothing can stop it.


When a couple work together, or a church prays together, in orderly accord (“cord- STRENGTH”), the energies move on behalf of that person.  It’s a principle that goes way beyond Christianity or organized religion.  It’s one of those things God set in motion when He swung the moon around the earth.


The only true riches are bestowed by God and having a lot of MONEY only takes you away from God.  So lots of money can’t bring you true riches or happiness.


So how can God help you if you can’t have money? 


Nobody said you couldn’t have money, just not too much of it.  It’s having more than what you need that will spoil you.  (Remember whoever is faithful with a little will be trusted with more.)


When God took the Israelites out of Egypt (their comfort zone in the midst of their enemy), they perceived that time as hard and frightening, a time of poverty and lack.  But there was no lack.  God wanted to interact with them in “real time”, by giving them what they needed in response to their requests.  It was something new to them, and they were like babies with new skills they had to learn.


God fed them Manna in the desert.  He provided their needs as they asked Him.  They were told to collect in jars only enough for each family member for one day.  If they collected too much and it wasn’t eaten by nightfall, it would rot.


You see, money itself has no value.  It’s only paper or metal.  A forest produces trees that are turned into bathroom tissue and paper currency.  What isn’t used to turn into cash, will be thrown into the toilet or the fire.  Then someone says THIS piece of paper with the green ink has great value, while this other piece of paper you’ve used in the bathroom does not.


The money only has value if it is backed up by something truly valuable like silver or gold, or if an over-inflated government pretends that their money is as good as silver or gold.  To make the system work, everyone has to believe the lie, or play along.


Today, money in the bank is represented by zeros on a line, and you can add to or subtract from it with a pencil, eraser or the stroke of a computer key.


If money represents zeros, and has no real value in God’s world, why would you want to store up a whole lot of nothing?


God always gives us something with substance.  Sometimes it’s money to pay bills with, or buy food with, but He’s building you something more than just zeros in Satan’s wallet.  What He gives you is backed up by something TRULY precious – His son and the eternal life Jesus bought you. 


What would God consider riches then?  First and foremost, the relationship in “REAL TIME” with God.  Talking with Him, telling Him your needs and having Him provide it instantly.  (I did say INSTANTLY.)  Some folks today call that “manifesting”, but we’re not going to claim that WE did it; we’re going to give God the credit for it.


But it’s not going to happen for us until we make a total commitment to invest our time and energy and whole heart into BEING the people God can deal with.


It took the Israelites 40 years of wandering the wilderness on what would have been an 11 day journey to the promised land if they had gotten with the program. 


He left us the Bible to show us where they made their mistakes so we won’t have to spend 40 years in poverty and lack.


There are specific promises that God has made to us, that say He will provide for us food, clothing and keep us safe, healthy and give us long lives.


It’s interesting that He didn’t mention shelter.  Does that mean we’re on our own when it comes to putting a roof over our head?  Of course not.


We also have the promises that whatever we ask in His name He will do for us.  And that every good thing comes from Him.


He did say He made us mansions in Heaven, and it may be that He didn’t specifically mention our houses on earth being provided, so that we’d remember we’re just traveling through here.  We’re not supposed to set our hearts on what is here and store up riches for ourselves in great castles, because it can all be wiped way in a moment of what we call “tragedy”.


He calls it a bus schedule.  When our bus leaves the station, we’re going to be on it, and we’re bound for a permanent mansion in paradise.  Can you imagine that?  There’s a “vehicle” that is going to take us to a place better than Hawaii and we can stay there forever, never having to settle again for the shack on the edge of town.


There may be another reason that our shelter is for us to secure.  He gave us one gift that He did not give to the animals, or the trees or the rocks.


He made us Co Creators with Him.  He told us that we have the power to write our own way, by the words we speak.  Listen very carefully.  He said that the power of death and life are in the tongue, and that man lives by the WORD of God.  (Every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.)


If all matter began as a thought – becoming energy – becoming matter, and it BECAME when He spoke it into existence…and WE can do the same thing – speak into existence what we need and want…. then we can learn to multiply the power of our efforts and claim what we need in Jesus’ name.


So how does all this help you get your bills paid or your kids to the doctor?


First, it will involve turning a little switch in your heart that will lock you into battle with 100% commitment to God’s way, and believing that He WILL provide these things or alter the circumstances so nothing is needed.


Hold out both your hands, palms up.  In one hand is your faith and commitment.  In the other hand is contentment with whatever God changes in your life and thankfulness for all that He will do.


You need all of these things.  You don’t have to be content with second best or squalor, that’s not what I mean.  You can ALWAYS ask for something else or better than where you are today, but you won’t always get it until you’ve completely become content and thankful for what you have this moment.


What I mean is that if God takes away your lovely house and places you in a rented apartment, that you will be able to understand that what was important in the two situations is YOU.  Not the house, not the apartment or any thing that you own.  They don’t make you who you are or make you successful.  The roof over your head is merely a tool, and the real piece of gold (you) is still in the pot being fired and purified, changed and perfected.  All of this is still going on, as you travel, move or stay right where you are.  Once you understand this, you’ll speed ahead much faster in getting to the promised land of that REAL TIME connection with God where your needs can be met.


Second, FAITH.  Reading and hearing scripture, and hearing what God has done for others, will build your faith.  Faith is the power to get things done.  It manifests what God and we ourselves have SAID into what we SEE.


So far we haven’t been working at building faith or learning scripture.  We don’t really even understand the spiritual side of life at all.  Our scholars in the last 200 years have done a good job of convincing us that if you can’t see and measure and touch a thing, it can’t be proven to exist.


So we concentrated on colleges, titles and ways to be important in the material world, and to excel with what we could see and measure.  Those things won’t serve us at all in the Kingdom, though.  What good will a title be, or a famous collection of paintings when we will be judged according to principles of Spirit?


Third, we multiply our efforts by praying for others, for each other.  We pray together, we band together in prayer groups and learn to stand together in faith, in the name of Jesus.  No other name under Heaven has the power to silence demons, drive out sicknesses and keep your babies safe. 


When you bless others, it backfires and hits you right in the spiritual bank account.  That also happens when you curse others.  That ugly thought or word comes right back and wipes out your spiritual bank account.  So watch your thoughts and words!


Fourth, perfect PRAISE.  Please God by having faith, but really please Him by saying thank you.  Learn to worship Him with words, song, attitude, and complete trust.  The Bible says it’s impossible to please God without faith.  (The opposite of faith is calling God a liar, and of course you wouldn’t want to do that.)


Get together with your family, humble yourselves and find new ways to speak or sing to Him blessings and exaltations.  Search the Psalms for good wording, and listen to how others form their praises.  But make yours your own, even if it sounds silly or immature.  The Holy Spirit stands between you and God and utters words for you that no man can form.  He will take the desire of your heart and make it acceptable unto God.


Fifth, study and memorize the scriptures that are our promises from God, so we’ll know where we stand and what we have a right to expect.  These are also our weapons and shields against the enemy’s attacks. 


You will find them in both of these sites.  http://www.jaysnell.org  and http://www.blessingmeadowsministries.com/faith_confessions.htm.  Also see wonderful scriptures of healing at the end of the article on healing here:  http://www.blessingmeadowsministries.com/7_steps.htm


Dr. Jay Snell tells us of the Abrahamic Covenant, that we have inherited when we accepted Jesus as our savior.  These are the promises that God made with Abraham and to his seed forever, of protection and provision.


In the Faith Confessions you will find dozens and dozens of verses turned into affirmations of faith that outline what we can expect and receive from God.


Look up the verses and memorize them, one for each situation, so when the enemy attacks with a calamity, you can speak an affirmation out loud and the scripture verse to the devil telling Him WHY you believe you are safe.


Some other suggestions would be:


Obey the commandment to love each other, to love ourselves and to love God.


Search your life and home for anything that is not lining up with God and don’t rest until you’ve gotten everything in order.  If your floor needs mopping, it won’t keep you out of heaven, but if your porn collection is tempting you to get away from God and back into the flesh, then you may have a housecleaning problem.


Join forces with your mate and your family members.  Stop blaming them for problems, even if there are specific things they’ve done and you’re angry about.  Forgive them, ask their forgiveness of you and then pray together.  Study the Bible together and set down a plan of action.  The whole family needs to know the goals and work together as one smooth unit. 


If they won’t do this, it’s better to cut out the family members who are not cooperating.  If you can’t stop fighting with your mate, then don’t live together.  I didn’t say divorce, but remember the Bible says it’s better to live in the corner of a rooftop than in a house with a nagging mate.  (That applies to either sex here; abuse is abuse and is a sign of weakness and fear.)


Be very honest with yourself, your mate, and everyone you deal with, whether it’s your children or your creditors.  We have to stop promising things we can’t guarantee. 


We have to stop lying and hiding our faults or trying to cheat the system.  Dishonesty always burns at home first.


If you’re honest, you have no weak points.  Satan can only harm you if you’re trying to hide something.  Admit your problems and sins, confess them to God and know that you’re TOTALLY and completely forgiven.


If you haven’t asked Jesus to be your savior and followed up in Baptism, do it now!!


We have to take responsibility for our efforts or lack of them.  Mom can’t just pray for us anymore, God expects to hear from us ourselves.  (This may be difficult to talk about with our adult children, but it’s crucial.)   We each have to take responsibility before God for everything it is that we ask


Know that Mom can’t bail us out, if we continue to do dangerous or childish things, we’re going to face the consequences.  If you make a mistake and the money is spent, God will help you, but don’t remain a child.  Grow up into the full stature of the image of Christ and lead others to God. 


Lastly, remember that God did not leave us defenseless here.  He set Adam and Eve and all of mankind up with all the tools for living, and all the power and dominion over this earth and our lives.  We’re not helpless, we’re not victims.  We’re little versions of Him with His breath and life in us, and the demons tremble when one of us “gets it” and takes hold of the power of God in our lives.


He said we “would” (could, should) do greater works than He did on earth, and He commanded us to do the work of God – which is to believe on the one He sent.  To love, to obey, to USE the talents we’re given.  We will only do great works if we understand that the power is in our hands.


If we ignore the work we should be doing, we’ll drown in the plan of our enemy.  Believe me, he’s working day and night to bring about your ruin and death.


Hosea 4:6  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”


Here are some ideas for making money at home or online.  There really are many things you can do that will help your family get through these times and come out better on the other side.






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