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Why do we get sick?

This article was written a couple of years back, and contains the collective mass of my knowledge of illness and health, some secular (not religious)  therapies to try and my opinions.

If you are battling a serious illness, PLEASE be sure to read the other healing articles here.  Read the "Healing in the Lord's Supper" and "God's 8 Healing Vehicles" as well as the "7 Steps to Healing" for detailed instructions in scripture of what to do.  God CAN and WILL heal you!


I believe that good health and long life are basic gifts of God to His people – especially His followers.  Things go wrong of course, sin and environmental factors have their part in this life, but God's beautiful creation (our body) was made to heal itself and to listen closely to the voice of God. 

It not only listens closely to God's still, small voice, but it hears our own voices loud and clear!  We speak a constant stream of negative, hateful, hurtful things every day and voice loudly our strong beliefs in death and disease.  If you were to watch what you say carefully for a week, make a note of every nod you give to someone else's opinion on death and sickness, you'd see that your mind and body are inundated with instructions to DESTRUCT! 

So it's very important to stay away from negative people (no matter how well meaning they are).  Don't listen to television about health issues, not even commercials.  They reinforce belief in death, even when they are about places to go for healing. 

If there is ANYONE that you have not forgiven, if you can think of any people that when you think of them you might cringe a bit or feel uncomfortable, say a prayer for them.  If possible, go to them, one by one and make amends.  Apologize or make things right.  God says if we do not forgive, He will not forgive us, and healing hinges on forgiveness.  It's part of the package.  If you can't bring yourself to forgive, then speak the words using Jesus' forgiveness ("I forgive you in the name of Jesus, with HIS forgiveness until my own appears!")  Talk to Him about this and request the ability to forgive and the gift of mercy. 

When God created us in His image, and breathed His breath into Adam's body, He made us "Co-Creators" with Him, with power to affect the outer world.  Then He sent us instructions throughout history, Jesus reinforcing these instructions and warnings - that whatever a man thinks, whatever comes out of his mouth, whatever he dwells on consistently, becomes his reality! 

We frame our world and our futures with our mind and speech!  Remember the verse "The power of life and death is in the tongue"?  Repeat the Bible verse affirmations (Faith Confessions) here on this site, pick out what feels right and applicable and get your whole family saying it.  If it says, "I will not die, but LIVE and declare the works of God"; then have your family say out loud "(your name) will not die, but LIVE and declare the works of God!" (Psalms 118:17)  (Do the same for them too!)

Fill your mind and all around you with beautiful and peaceful things.  Go sit near a lake or pond often.  Go to a nursery and take some folding chairs (let the owners know that you are "overcoming" an illness and would like to use their beautiful plants as part of your therapy).  Sit amongst the fragrance of flowers and let the wind blow their sweet smell into your face.  (Hope you don't have allergies!)  

Have you heard the story "Downwind of Flowers"?  It's about a Monk who had cancer and being away from Tibet, he sought relief in our western society.  Beyond the doctor's advice, the thing that he did to heal himself was to sit daily with his wife among flowers at a nursery.  Local people heard that he was there to heal from cancer, and they began bringing him cards and gifts, laying them around his feet.  He had been experiencing bitterness and anger at people and events in his life since he had left his homeland, and these gifts and the gentle spring breezes with scents of many flowers, healed his damaged soul and shrank the tumor. 

Unfortunately, we work so hard to sabotage ourselves.  We get hurt feelings, we make mistakes, we see others succeeding while we appear to fail, and we heap on ourselves MORE self destructive, low self esteem verbiage.  We believe we're not as good as someone else, we don't deserve this or that, we can't have this or that… you get the picture!  And every negative word or thought strengthens our body's intentions to self-destruct.

There is something else that can help you leap forward into self-healing.  It's called EFT. If you can find a practitioner in your area (check the website below), it would be best to go to one, but if you have no one near you – learn these exercises yourselves and apply it daily.  It takes one minute to do a set of exercises, and involves mainly your face and hands. 

The purpose of EFT is to heal emotional trauma and negative emotions in your mind/heart, and to allow the healing energy to flow again freely through your body.  It's not one of those far out alternative therapies that "wackos" do who don't go to doctors.  This is something DOCTORS and NURSES are training to do, that brings nearly immediate relief from stress and anger, often healing complex physical problems as well. 

Luckily for us, it's also being taught to the general public, with the hopes that everyone will soon know how to do this simple technique that can turn lives around! 

You can find literally thousands of videos on on how to do EFT and how people have used it.  I recommond these first.  The first one is by Gary Craig who "invented" EFT, and it is excellent to tell you what it can do.  The next ones tell you how to do it.

Gary Craig's website:

How To Do EFT:

Short Cut Technique:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for trauma and abuse, stress and anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, addictive cravings and hundreds of physical symptoms.  It's even useful to quit smoking or lose weight!

Some other things to work on at the same time are:  

  1. Finding a doctor who is a Christian,
  1. Finding a church that believes in healing and the Holy Ghost,
  1. Learning to listen to your own intuitive voice to decide on remedies and strategies, needs etc.,
  1. Meditate – you can use a program like Silva Mind Control or any other Alpha inducing program.  In this relaxed state, practice "seeing" yourself whole and well; hear in your mind the doctor telling you that there is no sign of illness.  Do you know that in studies of fantasies and meditation, that when people imagine throwing a basketball into a hoop, their actual ability to put the ball in the net INCREASES without any physical practice at all.  Your subconscious mind is a wonderful and powerful thing, and it doesn't know the difference between memories of what you actually DID, and fantasies of things you IMAGINED you did.  Using this tool can help your body heal!  (If you need help to get started, let me know.)
  1. If you are worried about a present condition, try to calm your spirit down.  Believe you're going to be here for a long time.  Make plans in fact, for some things that are pretty long range, like over a year and over 5 years.  Think on the dreams and plans a lot and don't let yourself be saying, "if only I could be here for that, if only the sickness hadn't come".  That's defeatist thinking.  You need to say to yourself "I want to do (….), and I will LOVE doing (….)!"
  1. Ask God for more time, to heal you completely and to give you a long life.  Believe that He wants this for you, because there are dozens of verses in the Bible that verify this.  He DOES want you to have an abundant and fruitful life.  He sent Jesus, and Jesus stated, "I am here that you may have life and have it abundantly!"  Read II Kings 20:1 - 6!!
  1. Get your mind off of yourself and volunteer to help others.  Don't pick people who have the same problems as yourself, because it might bring you down into depression and weakness.  Pick things that you're good at, that you've succeeded in, and let it make you feel good about your accomplishments.  Even if its just being a prayer warrior, take it seriously; let God know you're willing to commit to serving His people in this way.
  1. Get busy doing things you've always wanted to do.  Have fun.  Relive your childhood and try some things that you might have thought would be too silly just a while ago.  Rekindle your love life and experience romance again.  We should be doing these things anyway.

Did you know that scientists have discovered that at a level smaller than the atoms and subatomic particles, that matter no longer resembles matter, but is pure energy and information?  They've found proof that you ARE made up of the same stuff as a tree, and a rock, etc.  

The difference between trees and us is only in the intensity (density?) of energy and the information it contains.  The materials that your body is made of can be bought for a few dollars at a hardware store (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.)  These same elements are all around us; yet require this INTENTION from God to become a human being.  We are of His original thought.  WE are localized dense areas of energy of God's thoughts, formed into material substance to hold the spirit being that we are. 

It is true what they say, that we are NOT humans who occasionally have spiritual experiences, but SPIRITS who have occasional human experiences! 

We know that first there is energy, and then energy becomes matter.  When the object is no longer needed (such as leaves that are burned in autumn) their matter is changed to other forms and energy is released into the air.  Energy is flowing everywhere around us (and through us), and when influenced by thought, (with INTENTION), it solidifies into matter – particularly the subject of the thought.  (Here I'm talking about OUR thoughts.) 

They’ve also discovered that cells in our bodies can go backwards in their growth pattern when needed, for instance - in healing a broken bone.  The adult cells in the area of the damage, that have already become the mature type of cell they were intended for, (such as tendon or muscle or bone), can lose the quality of the cell they were, and remake themselves into the kind of cell that is needed to mend the bone in that spot.  This is a discovery previously unheard of, and certainly testifies to the ability of our bodies to heal and of the communication that goes on in our body on cellular levels! 

If we can visualize this, and understand how marvelous and knowing that process is, it will comfort us in our journey towards healing.  We are NOT on this journey alone!  God is with us and IN us.  And our billions of cells that make up our earthly vehicle are alive, in communication and constantly in motion to create, to heal, to procreate and to facilitate our learning process here. 

OUR job is to take the reins of this great motion forward and direct this life (including healing) towards our goal.  We gather the information necessary, such as God's specific words on the subject, doctor's advice, and the quiet voices of nature and energy all around us, and put it all together. 

The Bible tells us that our STRENGTH is in our JOY in the Lord!  Where do you get more energy for the healing process?  JOY!  Specifically, being joyful and thankful towards God.  (Be Loud!  Be Joyful!  Jump, dance and run!) 

Proverbs tells us that God's word is life and healing to our flesh.  (Memorize scripture!  Share it and study it.) 

Matthew and John tell us that Jesus took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses, that with His stripes we WERE healed.  Another verse says the same thing but uses the present tense word "ARE healed".  (So that we know that our healing was ordained from the beginning and we have a perfect right to ask for and expect the manifestation of our healing!) 

Jesus went to the cross and rose again, to redeem us from the curse.  With our belief on Him, we have abundant life in Christ.

Sickness, fear and oppression have no power over us, for God's Word is our confession!  (Give your testimony, proclaim your healing, and claim what is promised even before you have confirmation from other sources.) 

Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and as long as He resides in us, we have the perfect, vibrant life force of the Creator of the universe dwelling in our bodies, and as light dispels darkness, sickness must flee!  (Make Him welcome; invite Him in as Lord and Master!) 

We are told to submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from us!  Use the "7 steps to healing" - click here.)

One of the promises of obedience to God's commandments is LONG life in the land.  (That is promised many times, including no plague or illness coming near our dwelling, and being blessed when we go in and blessed when we come out.) 

Abraham "called upon those things that were not, as though they were", and his faith was counted unto him for righteousness.  (He believed God's word and called himself Abraham "Father of Nations" before God had yet given him even ONE son.) 

I'm sure there are a lot more verses you can draw upon, but I've written all of this out for you to help build your faith, and to give you new hope.  

I've listed a few empowering, life changing resources, just ask me and I'll help you get them.

** These I highly recommend.  They are not all links, you may have to do a search in your web browser for them, or check with Amazon or your local public library.

**Bob Proctor's "You Were Born Rich"

**Wallace Wattles' "The Science of Being Well"

**Deepak Chopra's "The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success" (Get this on tape at your library, or in book form) Very good.

**Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra "Living Beyond Miracles"  (Get this on tape at your library, or in book form) Very good, they explain how we're made and how it all works.

Wallace Wattles' "The Science of Getting Rich"

"The Greatest Networker in the WorldVery good story of a man who could seemingly do anything and how he taught that power to others.

"1000 Ways to Make Money" This will take you about 2 weeks to read through, but it will give your brain a wonderful kick start and you're sure to get some great ideas here. 

Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich"   I included these that say "rich" because the techniques they mention and the theory for it have as much to do with our health and all that we desire in this life, as it does with money. 

I also recommend Anthony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within"  (Get this on tape at your library, or in book form.) This one is more how to change bad habits or angers easily but it's very good and entertaining. 

It is not God's will for us to be sick or have accidents. (God created us perfect, in His image, to be indestructible.  Although we're given just 120 years for the life of man, (see Genesis), nowhere does scripture say man must be sick during life, or get sick to die.)

There are no victims. (God gave dominion of this planet and our bodies to us.  Who do YOU blame when something goes wrong?  Hopefully you've matured to the stage where you accept each moment as it is, and ask what can be learned from this experience, how can I use it to help my fellowman?)

All illness and accidents are purposeful.  (Meaning they fulfill a purpose.  You may not be consciously aware of how your illness is serving you, but you alone are the one who will decide when you're tired of illness and ready to move into health.)

Illness is often an error in a thought process.  (All emotion draws in like kinds to you.  Whatever patterns of emotion you have, result in life or death.  Stress, anxiety, guilt or shame, self hate and self punishment, naturally are negative and draw death.  If you correct that error in your thoughts, be assured your body will correct it's condition.)

Illness is reversible. (Just as the body changed INTO illness, it can change back to HEALTH.  Your cells are aware and in communication with your soul every moment.  They are like mini brains all working in unison with your subconscious wishes and most heartfelt words.)

Denial does not cure illness. (You must take authority over your body and life.  Most likely you have been sick because you've been denying something your heart was trying to tell you, for too long.  It's easy to let life float by you without having to push an oar or steer your boat, but if that's all you're doing, don't be surprised if you're headed for the edge of a giant waterfall.)

Illness is often a signal from spirit that something is not working in one’s life. (Learn to listen to your body and heart, you are the best lie detector system on the planet!  Use this gauge:  Ask yourself if a certain decision will result in comfort and happiness for you and those around you.  If you FEEL a sense of comfort or happiness as you think about it, proceed.  You can also use this to ask your body what you need.  Always move towards your inner joy.) 

Think about each one of these.  Even if you can't imagine that you AREN'T a "victim" of your illness or disease, realizing that you HAD to participate in your illness, or at least take your hands off the "wheel" so to speak to allow it to get started, you might try to ask your inner wisdom to tell you what purpose might this illness accomplish?  What does it do for you, or prevent you from having to do? 

If the illness wasn't there, where would you be?  Or, what emotions and events in your past brought this about?  If there IS something wrong in your life that your body would want to bring your attention to, what would it be and what should you be doing to set things right? 

I believe that many illnesses and conditions are brought on by spirit attack, but some are clearly self-induced.  In the case of weight problems, people have been doing this to themselves for years.  Death by overeating!  Don't laugh, it exists! 

Anthony Robbins said that when we're eating most of us are not really IN the present.  We're in a trance state remembering previous good food and hoping to recreate the wonderful warm and cozy feelings from sometime in the past.   

You may notice that after you begin eating you suddenly wake up stuffed and sick, and the whole meal has gone by in a flash.  

So if you could bring myself to stay focused in the present tense as you eat, and speak to yourself before eating anything – giving yourself permission to eat this or that for the good of your body, you might be able to eat less. 

Remember that weight loss isn't usually the crucial thing to focus on.  It's what put you in that state to begin with that needs to be changed and when joy returns to you, freedom and'll naturally lose weight.

I have a friend who was contemplating suicide recently.  I stayed up through the night talking to him, trying to comfort him.  His girl friend had left him. 

It would be so wonderful if I could find a quick way to help people understand how amazing the gift of life is, so they wouldn't want to cut it short or bail out of here.  ESPECIALLY when a problem is something temporary. 

If you were a paraplegic trapped in a bed all your life, I could ALMOST say you'd be excused, go ahead and go.  But even that would be stupid.  Obviously God put you here for some reason.  If not for what you can do for others, then for what they need to do for you.  I'd start praying for someone to come along who would be a caregiver that would read to me, or give me interesting puzzles to keep my mind busy.  Let me grow in my mind then, and honey I sure would!  I'd want to study how to leave my body and experience the world in the spirit! 

But just because you're having trouble with a lover or mate is no reason to want to bail.  You've got 2 legs, WALK!  I know that's MUCH easier said than done.  

Life is short and we're given a whole world of opportunities.  The only restriction is what WE put on it.  You can do anything at all you want to do. 

Don't say that you can't because you're not smart, or educated, or free--- because you can learn any skill you need, if you're motivated enough, and you can change your circumstances to be free to do it. 

The problem mankind has is in vision, or a lack thereof.  If you would stop building little boxes around you, and look up to the sky and realize THAT is the height and depth and breadth of all your world, then move freely in it and GO places! 

We're our own worst enemy.  We don't even need the devil or a bad guy to thwart all our plans.  Man has gotten it all down to a science.  One step forward, 2 steps back.  Of course not all people, but many of us. 

After I thought my life was over, I became an ordained minister, and did many things that I wanted to do.  I've illustrated books, written some, even got to act in a play put on by President Carter's family here in Georgia.  I found out that life CAN be SO good! 

I have a handicapped son who reminds me to love and think of Jesus every day.  He has always wanted to be a preacher, and now we travel a bit locally to give our testimony.  I have 2 other sons, one has children of his own now, and the youngest is now in college.  Both of these sons are computer whiz's and amaze me with their knowledge.

It's hard to find time for everything so just do what is most important and try to enjoy life as you go along! 

Life.  It's a gift to you. It wasn't meant to make you cry or be unhappy, or imprison you in some situation that ties your hands so you can't do what you want to. 

This is my son Christopher's prayer beads site. 

This page contains the list of miracles we experienced up until a year or so ago. 

My art website is 

Our racecar has a website too at  There you can see Rodney and his proof that there IS life after cancer! 

I know I still have a lot of work to do on these websites, but I hope what is there will bless you!

I wish you well and pray for you.  Write to me if you'd like to talk.  Anything you write is strictly confidential, between us.

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