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How To Line Up Your Perspective With Truth To Receive Your Miracle







































I believe miracles happen when love is flowing in our hearts.  Sometimes people are so bitter, and so wounded, they can't believe that God is all good.  Many preachers teach about God's angry side, His judgments and punishments.  They speak of the law and try to frighten people into loving God.  It doesn't work that way, in fact, it does the opposite.


I'm going to try to show you that God is not the one doing ANYTHING bad to us.  It is a spiritual and physical impossibility to get evil out of one who is all good.  But I have to show you that He IS all good.  :)  Then your heart can open up and see the gifts He's placed around you and enjoy them.


All of the evil and harm comes from a combination of the enemy's actions against us because of his hate, and the natural consequences of choices made on the earth.


One of the truths of Christianity is that we get what we believe in, what we set ourselves up for.  Because God gave us free will and some people just don't WANT God in their lives.  So He's set up a system of blessings and "cursings" that operate in the earth, and we "operate" or "walk" in those systems ALL the time, regardless of knowing about it, or wanting to do it.  It just IS, like physics and science.  The sun rises and sets, because the earth turns.


On top of the laws of physics (and the blessings and curses that just ARE), (meaning the consequences of our behavior), there is God's Grace that works through faith.  It's a power that is above the natural order of the planet and in this power is where miracles happen, and where the burden is lightened.  It's Jesus telling us that His yoke is easy and His burden light.  When you accept Him as your payment for your sins, and really believe that God has taken them away, you gradually begin to understand that if you are NOT under sin anymore, you are free.


Freedom brings relief and kindness, rest (Shalom - Peace) and then the truths of what God said in His word begin to open up to you, as if they had been locked before and now you understand.


So the place you really have to start is going back to your own personal Salvation.  Let's look at what really happened, and why.


We have to start with seeing this all-powerful being, God the Father, and nothing else existing in our universe.  He is here, the Bible says, with His Spirit hovering over the deep.  He has a desire to create.  He wants to create good things, people, beautiful places and His own love fills everything!  There is nothing right now except His undeniable desire to bring us into existence.  It's not to be boss over us, because He has no concept of "boss".  There isn't such a thing; can you see what I mean?  He is ALL powerful.  There is none like Him.  No competition.  Nothing but "I AM".


He is expressing LOVE as He creates the worlds.  The Big Bang or however He did it, the planets forming and churning the orbits and everything being put in its place.  But He didn't do it randomly.  He tells us that before He ever made the foundation of the world, He carefully chose us and Jesus' sacrifice was settled back then before it ever started.  He knew the outcomes of everything He made, every choice we would make, etc., and He prepared for it.  He prepared rescues and help and guidance and every single thing we would EVER need.


I'm not saying that He did it all and is now inactive and sleeping.  Time is not linear.  It doesn't have the same structure off this planet, so it all happens in an instant to God.  His character and His desire to express love is happening all the time, all at once, HAS happened and WILL happen.  :)  Can you kind of grasp that?


So we are guaranteed help, guaranteed His love forever.  But what we SEE here on earth is the physical structure of time and distance here.  We see cause and effect.  We definitely see the consequences of the fall of man when evil and death entered the earth.


As God created it, the earth was perfect and man was meant to live with God forever.  Continually renewed by the tree of life.  BUT just as God foreknew everything, He also (I believe) wanted to help us develop into something more than just clay figures, or dolls, mechanically going about our business.  So He placed this tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.


This was a great risk for Him, but we can't understand that until we've grasped how much we mean to Him.  That He doesn't want to lose ONE of us.  But He had to give us the choice to obey and serve Him (or not), and even more than that, to develop a mind and personality that would be like Him.  His true offspring.


You just can't tell a child how to think, how to feel, how to perceive an event.  They have to experience it for themselves and then process that information and choose to act on it.  Compassion and understanding and depth of character come through experiences, some painful, so that we can share each other's grief and love, and when WE create (as He's made us in His image - Co-creators with Him) that we'll make the good choices, and create goodness and mercy rather than evil.


Where did evil come from?  I ask that sometimes.  I think of two possibilities.  One is that since we live in a world that is more than just one dimensional, there is a top side and a bottom side, a left and a right, a right and a wrong.  There is no understanding of good, unless bad was experienced at some time.


Or it might just have been the natural outcome of the angels having free will, and self-awareness, and with that self-awareness comes ego.  Ego making decisions that are not always beneficial for others.


So Lucifer, the most powerful and highest angel, looked at himself and at God and now there was competition for God.  He desired God's place, His power, His throne, the adoration of the other angels.


When God defeated him in heaven, he was humiliated and punished and he knows very well what his end will soon be.  So his wicked heart, instead of repenting, turned to hate and a desire to destroy everything God loves to try to hurt Him.


He came to the woman in the garden, knowing her to be intelligent, with a curious mind and placed just a tiny seed of a thought in her mind.  That God had lied.  That He didn't mean she would die, she would just become like God.  That God didn't want her to be like Him so He is keeping back the goodness of that tree's fruit and what it could produce in them.


:)  What a HUGE lie.  God DID want them to be just like Him but it had to be according to His design.  Perhaps He was going to teach them more and when they were ready, give them the fruit Himself.


The damage was now done, the people now understood sin.  Where there is no rule given, (don't eat this fruit) there is no sin.  If you do something you don't know is wrong, it's not sin.


They knew shame.  They knew their place, they became self-aware and in that act of believing Satan over God, they entered into a bizarre legal coup of the planet.  Satan had been thrown to the earth and God told him to be prince over the lower things if he wanted to be a ruler so bad.  So when the people chose to follow Satan, they actually gave up their birthright to God's kingdom.  It closed them off from fellowship with God.  It tied God's hands to some extent in their lives, because they had free will.  He couldn't intervene and help them unless they asked Him.


God still owns it all.  He made it and He can destroy it, but the souls of the people can never die.  What He made in us is forever.  The angels are forever beings too.  He had created hell to contain those angels who had fallen with Satan, but after the people ate the apple, they were included in hell as well.


Not by God's will, because He hates it so badly!  But because He gave them the gift of free will, and people had aligned their allegiance and belief to Satan and his lies.


It's very much a matter of BELIEF, because to win us back, that's exactly what He used.  Belief in Jesus' work on the cross.


Since God said "in the day that you eat of that fruit, you must die", God immediately killed two animals and wrapped their skins over the people to cover them with a sacrifice that kept them alive.  He taught them how to sacrifice animals and transfer their sins onto the animal, and it would cover them for a time, but it never completely removed their sins.  It didn't forgive them.


He told them He would send a Messiah, who would completely repair the damage Satan had done, and that if they believed this, and would follow His instructions, they would live and work the planet, and eventually be restored.


So here we are, with a world full of bad things happening to "good" people.  I put quotes on good because the Bible says no one is good except the Father, even Jesus claimed He was not good.  We all have our ideas of what is right and what is wrong, so we see people as nice and doing the right things, not hurting others, just minding their own business, and we think that should be enough to get them into heaven.  Especially if they sacrifice their time and money to do good for others, that SURELY should buy them a ticket into heaven, right?  No.


I hope I've shown you that because of what happened, and the ONE rescue that was planned and carried out by God's Son Jesus, we have to come in under the legal contract Jesus made by His death.  He had over 100 prophecies He had to fulfill to be qualified to be the lamb that would remove the people's sins completely.


There were other requirements too, but mostly that He was not in the direct bloodline of Adam.  The sins are carried in the male and passed down to the children through the fathers, so Jesus being born of a human mother and a supernatural father, meant He COULD be pure and sinless.  He had to on purpose with His will choose NOT to sin in His life too.  He had all the human temptations and struggles with His purpose here.  I don't think anyone knows how completely He was aware of who He was in heaven, when He was born, or if the full revelation came to Him in the wilderness in that 40 day fast.


I believe He willingly went out into the wilderness to sort out the conflict between his human nature and spiritual nature, and to choose the path He would follow.  He received supernatural help out there, and soon after, the infilling of the Holy Spirit at His baptism.  (Also He may have been prompted to go out there after the death of His earth daddy Joseph.  He may have been greatly grieved by the loss, but we aren't told that, it's just speculation.)


I don't think there was ever a time that He would NOT have gone to His death for us, because He knew that was His purpose, but it still had to have been hard to do.


God says Satan's goal is to rob, kill and destroy, especially anything that loves God or that God loves.  If you see any of these things (theft, killing and destruction) operating in a person, that is their unredeemed natural instinct that is following the result of sin in us.


We don't stop sinning automatically when we accept Jesus.  That nature is always with us, but we can on purpose rise above that nature and choose God's ways and thoughts, once we have the Holy Spirit in us.  When we accept Jesus, (believing with our hearts and then confessing with our lips to someone that we believe), instantly the Holy Spirit "quickens" or brings back to life the spiritual part of us that was dead since Adam's fall.


He is SEALED inside of that space, that vessel for God's Spirit near our physical heart in this body.  He cannot leave if you're really saved.  He then goes to work in your life, nudging you gently to make better choices, to know when you're about to do something you shouldn't, and keeping God on your mind, so that even if it's been a few years since you go to church or pray, there is a drawing - a coaxing that brings you back to Him.


When you are saved, in that one instant, ALL of your past, present AND future sins are forgiven.  They are wiped out on the cross that happened 2000 years ago.  God in effect chooses to look at you through the right standing of His Son, the RIGHTEOUSNESS that is His, that He gave us at the moment we chose Jesus.


Remember when God wrapped the animal skin around Adam and Eve to keep them alive?  Jesus at the cross, gave us His holy garment of righteousness to wear.  The Bible says we are the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ.  In another verse it says that Jesus imparted His righteousness to us at the moment of our belief.


There are also verses about the Bridal garment; nobody enters the wedding feast without being clothed in a proper garment.


So now God NEVER sees our sins.  When you do something bad today, it's not that He isn't aware of it, the Holy Spirit is in you and sees it, and deals with it.  (Remember the verse that says don't grieve the Holy Spirit with our bad behavior?)  But we CAN'T stop sinning even after we're saved, by our own efforts.  We have no power to do anything, apart from God.  The more you point out a person's sin, or accuse him of it, the more fully he sinks into that sin.  It makes sin grow.


In the Bible it says that when the law was given, then sin abounded.  I need to pull out all these verses for you, but it says that sin grows under the law, and righteousness grows under GRACE.


Grace is the undeserved favor and blessings of God.  It's also the POWER to become like God, to live without sin and act like one of God's children.


Grace comes through faith.  So the trick to becoming separate from the world and being able to do right, is to keep our eyes and minds focused on Jesus.  This is also part of the trick to receiving our miracles.  It's through Grace that they come, and that by our faith in God's word and in what Jesus did on the cross.  He took with Him into death all of our sins, and all of our sicknesses, griefs, burdens, sorrows and every illness known to man.


He "LEGALLY" defeated them, but we don't receive that victory in our personal lives until we each individually put our names into that New Testament contract that says "I (Lisa Tyler) believe that Jesus died for my sins on the cross and I choose to follow Him as my Savior."  Then your name is written in that book of life, and you are pardoned of all your sins, past present and future.  You are given a new birthright, and everything is restored.  You are now a child of the creator of all things, and it says we are also kings and priests with Jesus, joint heirs in God's kingdom to everything He owns.


This won't make much sense right now, but it refers to your having the authority to work supernatural miracles now, by using Jesus' name and your faith in His blood.  It also refers to the time coming when Jesus reigns on the earth for 1000 years while He cleans things up and destroys evil forever.


So, here you are today, wondering where your miracle is.  Why is God not showing up, why is He not answering you?


Are you sure you are saved?  If not, ask Him again, it's as simple as believing that He died on the cross 2000 years ago to purge the earth of sin and forgive those who choose to follow God through Him, and then to confess with your mouth to anyone else in public that you believe Jesus is the Messiah who did just that - for YOU personally.


It doesn't help to believe He is the Savior, all the demons and the devil know and believe that.  It must be your heart linking up to the idea that it's YOUR rescue and you are now forgiven.


Once you have that settled, go and be baptized, as a public confession of your faith.  It's not going to keep you out of heaven if you don't, but Jesus commanded it.  It may be that it is another form of legal evidence that quiets the enemy when he accuses you to God.  God can then shut their mouths and say you are not only written in the book of life, but you have obeyed unto baptism and you have risen unto a new life with Christ.


Now to make a miracle work.


The entire Bible is a collection of promises God made to man, and the historical record of His dealings with man throughout time.  It's also a book of "magic" words and symbols.  Not like witchcraft, but it is alive and powerful, with the authority and will of God at work in it.


The Words God spoke, (from the first - let there be light) all of His words have gone forth with power and He said CANNOT return to Him without accomplishing the purpose for which it was intended.  These words cannot be destroyed.  They are as much a permanent fixture as the sun that shines and the tree you park your car under.


The Bible says these Words became flesh and came to earth to save us, and were given the name of Jesus.  Now, this is a great mystery and I don't know all the answers here because Jesus and the Holy Spirit were with God when He created it all, so I don't know the order of things, but like I said, time is not linear to God.


I believe the Holy Spirit resides in the Word also, and enforces them.  So when you pick up a Bible that is just a thick mass of paper and ink, and dead until you open the pages and begin to read, when you read them out loud with understanding and intention, you set into motion the things you ask for.


God gave the promise of our healing.  He gave it hundreds of times throughout the Bible, and we can choose any of those verses to speak.  When we speak the verse out to the universe, with conviction in our heart that it is true, and that it applies to US, and WILL come to pass, then it becomes a legal and physical reality for us.


We are told not to waiver or doubt, because that weakens and fades the power that comes through us into the world to materialize things from God's reality (in Spirit in His kingdom) into our physical world here.


In our world today, not doubting is very hard.  Even back in Abraham's day, when the angels told him that Sara was going to have a son, and Sara laughed, it was very hard for her to believe that word.  She was nearly 100 years old and had been dried up and past childbearing age for years.


When we're born as babies, we are still aware of the spirit world where we came from.  You hear stories of children being able to see ghosts, demons and angels and tell of the angels helping them and keeping them company.  They can still see them.  As we grow older, our eyes adjust to the physical world, all that we hear, the constant negative stream of information we're given, that THIS is hot and will burn you, that THIS is a rock and if you hit your head on it, your head will break not the rock, etc.!  LOL


We are trained all of our years to ignore the whisper of the spirit world that is actually HERE with us, but we can't see it.


God says we have to use our imagination.  He gave us examples.  He said Abraham took His word about the baby and used his imagination to agree with God, believe that it was going to happen, and then he acted on it.  He "called upon those things that were not (in the physical sight) yet, as though they were."


This accelerated the manifestation, and helped him prepare for what was to come.


He changed his name from Abram to Abraham, meaning father of nations, although he had not one son yet to back up that promise.


This belief thing is the hard part, it's the WORK that Jesus said is for man in his stay on earth.  To develop the ability to believe.


Jesus said the whole work of man was to believe ON the One God sent.  Jesus.  The Savior.  The High Priest who makes intercession for us day and night before God.  The Lover of our Souls!


Sounds easy?  I wish it were so easy.  If we were still children and hadn't had so many failures under our belt to refer back to, it might be.


It takes our lifetime and our full attention to this to keep ourselves walking in the Spirit and in the Kingdom of God, protected and rising above our human nature.


That doesn't mean God's angels would not protect us if we aren't remembering to believe in protection.  They still do.  God tells them to watch over us and especially to help us when we speak His words.  But our own negativity and evil comes through and hinders us.


We get mad at people and our unforgiveness stops our prayers from being answered.


I wonder if I can describe this to you.


We believe that He forgave us and we are out from under the law of sin and death, and are operating at a higher level, under the law of Life in Christ Jesus.  That is the highest law on earth and the one where miracles happen in.


We have to understand this is a universal forgiveness for ALL who call upon Jesus to be their savior.  Even when they go back to doing wrong things or hurt us.  We also do wrong things still, but God has chosen to call our sins forgiven.  Theirs and ours.


When we hold something against another person, we are denying them the forgiveness of the cross.  We are trying to hold their sins to their body, and not let God dispose of it.


If Jesus' work on the cross is held back for one, it is held back for you too.


God wouldn't let your unwillingness to forgive someone stop His great work for the whole world, but in YOUR case, you won't see the blessings of that forgiveness because you've taken your BELIEF system and unhooked it from truth.  You are denying the work at the cross, and it becomes sin and death for you.


It goes back to your individual belief.


I deal with this daily as I hear people rant and yell about the guy in the car in front of them, or the foreigner family on the news that might be taking our country's health benefits and using it all up so we don't get them.  There are a million examples of this.


From not liking our president and harboring harmful thoughts in our hearts towards him, to building imaginary walls between us and the drunk on the street, where we call ourselves better than them.  These are all forms of unforgiveness that separate us from that first great expression of love God poured out into the darkness when He formed the worlds, and is still pouring out towards us today.


Our job is to get into that flow of love, and through it, receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which comes on us and is very tender and fragile.  You can stop that flow all too easily.  Hearing other people's words of anger and hate, or watching a TV show, are things that can stop the work of God in your life because every single thing you hear and see affects your belief system and becomes what you will experience in your life.


Our hearts are gardens of good soil and the things we are exposed to by our ears especially, and our eyes, are the seeds that are planted there.  They produce after their own kind.  If you plant much sickness (by viewing it or hearing of it), you will grow a crop of sickness.  If you plant harsh words and judgment against others, you will grow a crop of self-condemnation and judgment against others and yourself.  This is an anointing killer!


You have to protect the anointing and nurture it, by spending time in God's presence, reading His word, (out loud especially) and praising God.


There is a "place" or "function" of our brain, or way of thinking, (very difficult to describe), where we become still and reflect on God's goodness and His presence inside of us.


When we practice using that, we transfer the good things we ask God for in our prayers, into our heart’s belief system, so that they manifest in this world.  It’s almost like using your imagination but it is not false in any way.  It is establishing a "Peace" in our soul, a feeling of faith.


Psalm 91 describes a person stating that they depend totally on God and trust completely in Him, and then God tells him back what He will do in response.


This is the "standing in faith" we talk about.  Not "waiting" without evidence or hope.  It's using that part of your believer and finding the place in your soul where you can be at rest, at peace, knowing that God's promises are for you, that they will come true, that He cannot lie and you acknowledge and receive it from Him now.


Then go about your business and nurture the love and anointing of God as you go, through frequent praise and worship.  He will hover over you, hearing your praises and pouring out blessings on you.  But your eyes need to be willing to see them, to acknowledge them.  Don't live in bitterness, seeing everything as evidence that seems to say God wants us to suffer.  It's not from HIM!  He's done everything He can do to prepare a way for us to receive His blessings.  It's entirely up to our actions and attitude as to what we will receive.


You've heard the saying "Submit to God...resist the devil...and he will flee from you..."  Submit your heart to God, be willing to believe in His goodness and He will rush to show you His power and mercy.  He IS a good God.


I hope this helps you.  My advice is to go back to the basics, the first love you had for God and seek Him with all your heart.  Don't demand that He materialize and show Himself in person, or that He do signs and wonders to prove Himself to you.


Instead say, "Lord, I have heard that you are real.  Lisa says she's seen you, she's received many miracles from you, and others all over the planet are receiving.  Please open my eyes and heart and let me see you working in MY life, and let me honor and worship you.  I want to worship you Lord, and follow you all the days of my life, with joy and thanksgiving.  Please help me Jesus.  Thank you Father.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Holy Spirit.  Amen!"

To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  

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Lisa Tyler 2012