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Good Morning My Friends!  I pray you are having a wonderful day, and that there is hope of good things in the future rising up inside of you, as it is in me!


Pastor Stan Glass said in one of his sermons this week that during his lifetime he has seen 4 major revelations come from God that swept over the world.  He said first it was an understanding of healing, then the charismatic movement, then the “word of faith” (which means believing word for word what God promised as true, not just metaphors), and now the latest is about Grace!


This concept of grace is SO important for all of us, and we MUST get it into the garden of our heart and let it grow there.  Grace means both undeserved favor and blessings and it is the POWER for everything we need in our lives.  It’s the vehicle that brings us what we need.


It also contains the revelation that when Jesus dealt with sin 2000 years ago, He did away with that whole issue.  For a believer who has accepted Christ as payment for his sins, there IS NO LONGER an issue of sin to deal with.


Churches have still been preaching the law, and warning people to repent, and every time that the law is preached, sin abounds.  Sin grows!  The more you confront a person with their faults, the larger the faults grow!


When you teach GRACE, and you present a person with the great gift of undeserved favor they have received from God, the sacrifice that restored us to righteousness and the fact that no matter what, NOTHING can take us out of God’s hands and home now…. Then people turn naturally away from their sins.  The power is then there to break addictions and change lives.


WE CANNOT do this on our own.  If you’ve been waiting to go to God or to church thinking you’ll do it when you can get your life under control and stop some of the things you feel guilty about, you’re never going to find that time to go.  You CAN’T do it yourself.  If you could have, God would never have sacrificed His Son Jesus.  It was done because we CANNOT ever do it for ourselves!


AND THE BEST THING IS GOD IS NOT MAD AT US!  He knows completely about our secret sins and tendencies and how miserably we fail, and it doesn’t matter one bit to Him now, because Jesus dealt with sin 100% on the cross.  Every tiny smidgeon of sin was destroyed for believers on that cross.  And because of that, every problem, burden, grief, pain, sickness and disease and failure was also defeated!  All of those horrible things are a result of the fall of man, and the fall of man was stopped on the cross.  All things were restored.


Let this thought sink in for a moment.  Imagine yourself walking now in God’s grace, in His kingdom, favored by God, blessed by God.  Imagine having an army of angels surrounding you everywhere you go, and that every need you will have tomorrow or next week, or while you’re asleep and unaware, - it’s already been provided for!


THIS IS OUR REALITY, but it’s not what we experience until we can “see” it and believe it!


We have EVERY promise in the Bible, and I would venture a guess that there are literally thousands of promises that God has made in there, that tell us for sure this is the truth.



Why is it so hard for man to accept the idea that we are now His children, kings with Christ and sons of God?


Because we have the enemy constantly whispering in our ear about our failures and how unlovable we are.  He can’t stand that God won, that Jesus rose from the dead, and that God’s creation is going to live on victorious and happily for eternity!


His purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.  He hates everything God loves and will try to destroy you!


What is your proper response?  To stay dressed in the armor of the word, faith and righteousness.  To be prepared all the time for attacks to come, to stay prayed up in advance and pray without ceasing.  (UGH that sounds hard!)


Ok, it would be hard unless you learn a secret from Psalm 91. 


1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty [Whose power no foe can withstand].


What does it mean, to dwell in the secret place of God?  How can you do that, where is it? 


The secret is to DELIGHT IN THE LORD, and all the WORDS He’s said.  To meditate on them, think about it and mutter His words, speaking them out loud on your lips day and night.  (That’s what meditate means, to mutter.) 


It means when you make spending time with God and praising Him, singing to Him and reading His word (out loud hopefully) A PRIORITY, then His Spirit and presence is with you, and you have His ear.  You have His attention.  You have the SHADOW of the Almighty hovering over you and you are then dwelling under His protection (of which it says no foe can withstand!)


A bubble of God’s kingdom and presence literally forms around you and you walk in the ways of God.


Let’s examine verse 2 of Psalm 91, it’s very important.


2 I will SAY of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I [confidently] trust!


Our mouths are going day and night, we’re constantly SAYING things and those things that pour OUT of the mouth of man are what defiles or justifies us.  What we say reveals what we truly believe.  I admit it, I’m guilty!  I talk very negative at times, my children remind me about it.


We do that because we have TAKEN IN more negative words of the world through television, written words and hearing people speak it, than we have of God’s word.  We can only put out what we’ve put in!  So if you’ve overloaded your heart’s garden with doom, you’ll get a crop of doom. 


If you’re planting good seed of God’s promises and stating out loud over and over that you believe what God said, you can tip the scales the other way and begin to put out the correct words.  The words that say you DO trust in God, you DO believe that only good things will come your way, and as you do this – it will manifest and come true.  It will BE evident in your life.  Because Jesus said we all get exactly what we believe and speak.


He said speak to the mountain and tell it to cast itself into the sea and whatsoever we SAY believing what we say, it shall come to pass.  We shall HAVE whatsoever we say!


Pastor Stan also revealed something about that mountain this week.  He said there are two mountains mentioned in the Word.  One was Mount Sinai where the law was given.  The other is Mount Zion where Grace is given.  They represent the two covenants, Old and New.


Jesus replaced the old imperfect covenant of death with His new covenant of forgiveness and life – Grace.


We have to on purpose uproot the old ideas of the law and of guilt and shame, and cast it into the sea.  Far away from us!  We look and head towards the Mount of Zion where Jesus is the King and on His throne!  Where Grace is passed out to us in abundance, a never ending supply, fresh every morning and just as powerful and able to save in the evening as it is in the morning!


Where you are loved and beloved daily, where nothing you do is criticized or laughed at.  Where every wish towards you is for success and happiness.


I am going to make a very bold statement right now and I believe it with all my heart.  I’m just beginning to grasp this myself, so help me by taking this statement into YOUR heart and teaching it back to me often! 


If you have a dream, or are given an idea of something you could do (whether it’s a career, a hobby or to build an organization to help others) you are allowed, encouraged and empowered to make a claim for that idea.  To state that it is yours, and GO FOR IT!  (No matter how large or small your idea or need.)


Whatsoever you want to do, God will back you up in it and provide EVERY item you need to make it come true.


Let me give you an example that I’ve seen work.  Besides Pastor Stan telling how it works for his church, where whatever they need that he’s claimed, comes true, I’ve seen it happening with a nephew in law.  I don’t know if he realized the principle or had stumbled on it accidentally.


This nephew had a ministry, and he had a dream of a huge church.  He had no job or credit line, in fact he was infamous for writing checks and believing God would cover them.  (I confess, I do that too, and God has always helped me!)


He came to town and found a building for sale for OVER A MILLION DOLLARS.  He went to the owner and asked if he could lease it until he had the money to buy it.  The owners agreed to roughly $1500 a month payments. 


Excuse me, but in my limited way of thinking, imagining upgrading my mortgage from $270 a month to $600 a month would be a huge deal.  Can you imagine where you’d get $1500 a month EVERY month with no job and no contacts?


Guess what?  This boy did it.  He paid that fee for several months from donations by people in town who heard of his dream and believed along with him.


Eventually he changed the dream and moved on, partly because he needed to refine his work to fit the talents and purpose God called him to do.  There were other issues, but the point is, God enabled him to do his dream, and supplied the money for it.  If we get in line with God and are receptive to His prompting and will, we’ll succeed.


It may be that you have a bill that you don’t know how you’re going to pay, or your job is coming to an end and you are struggling with thoughts of lack and fear.  Maybe you want to be doing something different, or to use a talent or gift God has given you.  Maybe you want to be home with your family instead of working 9 to 5.


I’m making a claim for you, that whatever it is you desire, if you will SAY of the Lord, that He is your provider, your refuge, your fortress, your protection and supply, He will get behind you and lift you up to a new level you’ve never seen before.


BEWARE!  Don’t step out in faith and then have second thoughts.  Remember Peter who walked on water, and then looked down and saw the winds and the waves and began to doubt.  He began to sink.  Instead, keep your eyes and heart focused on Jesus and the GRACE that is THE POWER to do all that you propose to do, asking God to show you His will.


MUTTER those promises of God to yourself all day, and keep the words of God close to your heart!  Praise Him and sing to Him, with a cheerful heart and a thankful heart.  Then you’ll be dwelling safely in that secret place of the Most High God, where His shadow will protect you and His angels move heaven and earth to make your way straight.


This message is first for me, because it’s what I need to be doing about my healing.  God is faithful and He has not failed!  He promised that I am healed, because of Jesus’ stripes.  I AM healed and the great God “I AM” has decreed it and said it was so.


The only thing in the way is lack of belief.  The only cure for lack of belief is to speak God’s word and do just what I’m telling you to do here.  Over and over, day and night and be of cheerful heart.  God has the problem covered.  It’s been defeated, long before you were born!


Can you grasp that?  That God PRE-ORDAINED you to be saved.  He called you from before the foundation of the world was set in place.  While the big bang was taking place and all the planets were swirling into hot balls and the earthquakes and lava was flowing here on earth, becoming good ground with fertile soil and soft grasses, YOUR RESCUE WAS SET IN PLACE!  Your need for today was ordained and granted to you!


The Bible says even before the earth was made, Jesus was sacrificed on the cross.  We just don’t understand how that can be, all I can say is time must NOT be solid and linear, relevant anywhere except in our experience here.


AND – THANK YOU Father, that you thought of EVERYTHING and DID everything necessary to save us from our destruction, and restore us to your side.


What a WONDERFUL God we serve!  How magnificent are all His words, His thoughts, His precepts and laws.  Not the law of Moses, but the laws of physics, gravity, kindness, life and forgiveness.  There are many laws operating all the time, but the highest and greatest of them all is the law of Life in Christ Jesus.


Praise God!


My friends, normally this is a time of stress and lack, shortening hours of daylight, shortened money in the paycheck and a feeling of despair around the holidays.  But I’m claiming to you and FOR you right now, that this is the beginning, the entrance to the time of plenty, the shaking of the earth and the heavens that God promised some 500 years before Christ, where the wealth of the wicked would be laid up for His people, and redistributed.  The money that is slipping through the fingers of the unrepentant is gathering in God’s storehouse and pouring out towards YOU.


The requirements that will enable you to receive it are to believe, to inquire of God for His will to be revealed to you, and a desire to walk in that will, submitting to God.


I’m not saying to get out your checkbooks and write bouncy checks, (although if you believe God will cover them, I’m pretty sure He will).  I’m saying to go ahead and grab your dream, believe God for the provision for it, and begin walking in the confidence you need to see that dream come true.


Like my nephew, you need to make contacts, talk to people, reach out and BECOME what you desire to be, but God moves the hearts of man to open the doors for your success. 


Always hold a high image of yourself and others, give people the benefit of the doubt, don’t belittle others or demean them in your thoughts or speech.  Treat everyone with love and respect, radiate joy and love everywhere you go and doors will fly open, people will flock to you to get the warmth and love of Christ that they will sense coming from you.


Every time a negative thought about yourself comes into your mind, counter it with a positive statement.  Something like, “you’re right devil, I WAS a nobody, until Jesus died for me, and now I’m God’s daughter and have power and authority.  ALL (EVERY ONE) of my sins has been forgiven, even the ones I might do tomorrow.  There is nothing I cannot do, nothing that can take me out of God’s provision and care.”


I am dead to sin and alive unto righteousness, because of Jesus.  Not because of anything I have done.  But I rejoice and am glad because God has chosen me and called me His beloved bride.  I am the beautiful, adorned bride of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 


When you get a new idea, a new revelation of God’s word, the enemy is going to come to steal it away quickly.  Be prepared.  As you consider what I have said, you may see a flurry of “needs” and problems develop, or come into your awareness, and despair may try to sneak in again.  Instead of getting overwhelmed, go back over what you know to be true, and speak out loud the claims of scripture, that God delights in the prosperity of His people, and that He wants us to lean on Him, to rely on Him, to take refuge under His wings!


Go to my website and get the faith confessions, get the scripture promises (my favorite scripture) and those in the healing articles.  Learn them, read them out loud, mutter them night and day.  www.blessingmeadowsministries.com


Your weapons of spiritual warfare are the Word of God spoken through your mouth.  The Lord’s Supper sacrament is also a tool and weapon, as well as a very powerful way to connect with God and let Him know you appreciate what He’s done.


Check out Psalm 91 again too!  Read it often because it contains all the promises in a nutshell and is so beautiful.  We think of it as the 911 of the Bible.  When in trouble, go to Psalm 91:1 and keep on reading!


God bless you and bring you joy today and a great holiday this week!  I hope you won’t let the busy work of giving your family a great dinner, ruin your sense of peace and joy in Christ.  Pace yourself and be realistic!  Remember that our family don’t always appreciate what we do, so don’t OVERDO it.  Moderation and humility, staying constant in prayer and praise, keeping thanks and honor where it is due – JESUS.


We need the unbreakable, unbendable kind of faith that moves mountains and raises the dead!   My ordinary, daily life is sometimes the stuff deep depression is made of, but we HAVE to on purpose lift ourselves up out of what we see with our earthly eyes and SEE what God has planned for us, what He wants to give us.



There is so much more, and NO it can't come in by our own doing, or by the way of the world, but HE can move the mountains, open the doors and re-arrange circumstances, so that we are blessed when we come in and blessed when we go out.  All of His promises to us are YES and AMEN!



It isn't our job to see HOW He'll do it.  We can't be concerned with that, because the miracle ALWAYS comes from directions we can't anticipate.



He doesn't WANT us to know where it's coming from, because then it wouldn't be operating on faith, and we'd grow to depend on that source rather than God.



So on purpose looking ahead and making bold claims of faith, we stand on the promise God made.  That He would bless the efforts and work of our hands.  That He'll teach us to prosper and that He will increase the borders of our tents!  He will pour us out a blessing so huge we can't currently contain it, but if we DARE to BELIEVE, He'll provide a storehouse bigger and better, where we CAN channel and move blessings to the world through us.  We'll benefit as it comes through our hands, but we will hoard nothing, needing nothing until the moment it's to be used.  Confident that at that very moment of our need, it will appear. 



We have had such a limited view of our existence, and small, stingy view of God's love for us.  We can accept without doubt that Jesus took away our sins and we're going to heaven one day, but we stumble over the thought that He might want us to be successful!



If we can grasp the idea that we are totally forgiven, established firmly as God's children, heirs of all that He has, called kings and sons of God, given creative power and authority, encouraged to move mountains and defy natural physical laws, - able to claim what we need, what we WANT to do, when given the kernel of an idea - authorized to proceed with confidence in God's ability and bank account.



Given those conditions, is there anything we COULDN'T do? 



So go think – what is it you need to be moving into?  What idea has God given you that will benefit your family, or take you into new areas where God’s light can shine to the world and many be saved?



Let me know, I’ll stand in agreement with you and be in prayer.  I ask for God to bless and heal you, to completely remove your obstacles and let you see with full clarity which path you should take.



Have a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas.  Write when you’re able, I love to hear from you.  Call if it’s easier.  I claim and declare that 2013 is going to be a year of moving forward, becoming free, stepping INTO the new shoes God has prepared for us to walk in, and expanding His kingdom into all the corners of the world where we have outreach.  We will move with confidence, act with boldness and receive all that we ask in His name!  And this is for HIS glory, not ours.






Romans 8:26     So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.


27 And He Who searches the hearts of men knows what is in the mind of the [Holy] Spirit [what His intent is], because the Spirit intercedes and pleads [before God] in behalf of the saints according to and in harmony with God’s will.


28 We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.


29 For those whom He foreknew [of whom He was aware and loved beforehand], He also destined from the beginning [foreordaining them] to be molded into the image of His Son [and share inwardly His likeness], that He might become the firstborn among many brethren.


30 And those whom He thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also glorified [raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition or state of being].



Lord Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit, I praise your Holy name and bless you and thank you for all that you’ve given to us! 


Even if you didn’t do anything for us Lord, we would owe you praise and glory, but because you loved us so much and gave so much to us already, we are so encouraged and uplifted, with the promises of things yet to come!


I have read your words of promise – for provision, for healing, for abundance, for well-being and safety, and for joy in our lives.  I have believed them Lord, and you have delivered them just as you promised with proof in my life that I want to share with my friends.


The message is your Grace, which is undeserved blessings, and it is poured out towards us without end.  The scripture says from grace to grace, glory to glory, Grace multiplied towards us who deserved death but because of Jesus, were given life, restoration of all things that were lost in the fall of mankind, and PEACE, which is the same word as Salvation.  It means everything that was promised to Abraham in the first covenant, but you said the second covenant was even better!  It sure is, Lord.  We are not just servants, but you’ve called us friends!


Although the world is talking about how bad things are getting and how much worse it will be, YOUR word has promised that we will only be spectators and watch the punishment of the wicked.  Your word says though a thousand fall on one side of us and ten thousand on our right side, no plague will come near us!


Your word says no weapon formed against us by the enemy, by the government, or by our own foolish mistakes, will be able to harm us.  Instead, you said that EVERY THING that comes into our experience daily will be turned around to be a blessing for us and to profit us in some area.  You said Lord that our perfection, the change that is needed in us, is YOUR job, and you are busy at work with it. 


We cannot change ourselves, we cannot support ourselves, we cannot save ourselves.  But you have a plan for each of us and NOTHING is going to stop your plan from coming to pass, because YOUR will shall be done!


There is a dividing line between those who experience your blessings and those who are empty.  That line is belief, trust, putting our complete confidence in you and your Word.  Jesus said whatsoever a man believes is what he will receive in this life.  If we believe our lives are horrible, it will feel horrible to us, even if everyone on earth got together to do things to make us happy.  If a man who has nothing believes he is rich because he is alive and well, he will experience the blessings of a good life and MORE will come to him, because of his good attitude.


Jesus said that to those who have, more will be given, but to him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. 


So our attitude and beliefs are crucial now, more so than in any other time in history.


Thank you Lord for revealing to us that your hand is outstretched to provide all our needs, to protect us from harm and to nurture us as we grow in knowledge and understanding of your will.


If we can “see” this truth and believe that it applies to us as well, we can walk in your kingdom on earth and live in love and peace.  Yes, there will be troubles, but you have already overcome and won the battle for us.  You have equipped us with armor and weapons, authority and power.  There is no reason for someone who loves you and follows you, to be destroyed.


Jesus I ask that you bless each person who reads this message, and that you secure their home, their lives, their jobs or income, and all those they love.  Draw them to you, make sure they are saved and a part of your kingdom.  Restore to them all that was lost and guide them in every step of the way.  Let us all please you Lord and use our faith.  Teach us how and where to be bold and to walk in the confidence of your provision and purpose.  Thank you Jesus, in your name we pray.  Please keep us from evil, keep the unclean spirits cast out from us and our homes, and guard us from attack.  We commit our lives and souls to you Jesus.  We believe you are our savior and that all is well because you rose from the dead and paid the price for our freedom.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen.



To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.

God bless you all.  

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Lisa Tyler 2012