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The church is suffering the same things that the world is suffering and it shouldn’t be so.  Jesus came to bring us life and abundance.  We should be experiencing hope and joy.  We must be giving hope and joy to others and helping them out of their troubles as well.

The church is under attack with depression, oppression, despondency, sickness and every other kind of sin and despair and giving up and giving in that there can be.

People are crying out to God and begging Him for help, but they feel as if their prayers are falling on dead ears.  Why?  Because God has already done everything He is going to do and has rested from His labors.  He has written out the prescriptions and the rescue orders for every problem that you will face in your life, and those orders are the Word, and they await YOUR action to put them into your life.

Christ has already taken on the enemy and won, and His victory is complete, and all that is left is for us to walk in the path He showed us, with joy and thanksgiving.

(I don't mean that God is not actively participating in your life or answering your prayers, but I'm giving you encouragement that His answer is already YES in most cases.  He WANTS us to be confident in His willingness and ability to save us.)

Everyone on earth goes through troubles and heartache to some extent, and we will walk out our salvation, our healing and our rescue as we walk out our assignment on earth, if we are walking in obedience with joy in the Lord and His exceeding mercy and grace.

We KNOW the Bible says that our strength is in our Joy in the Lord.  If we don’t HAVE and on purpose USE joy, (activate it and pursue it and determine to walk in it), we aren’t going to know where it went and why we aren’t happy.  We won’t know why we’re weak or why our prayers aren’t being answered like we expect.

The Word of God has to be our standard.  It’s the measuring stick we hold everything else up against.  If we have problems, we run to the word and it tells us what God has said about things.   Then our job is to apply the word, to speak it back out just like God said it and return to joyful thanksgiving!  We hack away at the problem or demon with the Sword of the Word until it’s dead and we can move forward again.

If we are in error or close to it, we need to keep holding up our business practices and our daily lives to the standard of God’s word and if we’re not living up to what God said was a requirement, we’d better make an adjustment.

If we are not happy, or for whatever problem we have, we must ON PURPOSE, deliberately put on JOY and hold fast to whatever we’ve asked God (having taken into consideration what He said and promised us) knowing that God’s deliverance is coming.  It will come in its season, in its appointed time but it IS coming.

What is joy?  Joy is complete trust in God, the same as a newborn baby depends and trusts in his mother’s breast and arms. It does not anticipate failure or pain; instead it anticipates feeding and relief from pain.  That’s why when we get hurt we immediately seek to make it stop hurting.  We are just born knowing that pain is not normal, and hunger is not normal.  Complete joy and rest is our goal and our normal.

A child is so full of smiles and laughter because it hasn’t been filled up with anti-laughter yet.

We have holes in our head!  They are our ears and eyes and mouth etc.

Things come into our ears and into our eyes that pollute and corrupt the operating system of our brain.  Things come into our heads and start accumulating.  The brain works by association.  What it doesn’t know it reasons out by referencing against other things already heard, seen or experienced.

So when a child is exposed to angry words, unkind words, not being appreciated, not being understood, being told to shut up and being told in effect that he or she is not good enough, it begins a little pile of reference material in the head and every other experience after that looks back over that growing pile of ugliness and makes its next decisions based on “file junk” that was not even true to this child’s organism, but was only something it HEARD and grew belief in.  The first time a child is disappointed or yelled at, it knows that IT (the child) is right and beautiful and the person causing them pain is operating from error. 

We know this because all pain is error.  It’s not in the original operating system.  When that baby needs a diaper change or a feeding, it experiences something unpleasant and it very quickly lets you know something is WRONG!

So the young child has a growing file of anti-joy in its head and because of the volume of experiences, it puts more weight on the erroneous data it is gathering than the original file that said it was beautiful and worthy and perfect inside.  It has now got a snowdrift or mountain a mile high in its head and all the original joy has been pushed aside to make room for anti-joy.

No wonder children slowly stop smiling.  Less and less does the brain refer to fun and happy thoughts.  Less and less the child expects the opposite of pain.  It has become programmed to tolerate and hold onto the pain as if it were normal.

Of course that’s NOT normal, that is a warp in the character of the child which will affect every course of action he/she takes in the future. 

Joy is original healing and abundance.  Joy calls into being the gifts God has pronounced upon mankind.  Joy is the conduit or channel by which God’s mercy gets to us.

So when the Bible tells us to on purpose have joy, to have gladness, to pray without ceasing with all thanksgiving come boldly before the throne of God, the person that our child has become can’t relate to that.  We think it’s another burden!  “Great!  Now we have to put on an act and try to learn how to look happy when we’re dying inside.”

YES!  You ARE dying inside if you’ve got a head full of anti-joy and have denied the gifts God was trying to get to you all along.

Every command God gave to His people, all throughout the Bible and for you today as well, was not to make you perform and jump through hoops for Him!  It was because God is trying to get something to you and we’re so warped out of place, He has to coax us back into the place where He can feed us again and heal us.

Did you ever try to use a funnel or hose to pour with?  Did you ever try to hold a long hose in place and hold it still so you can get the liquid into the hose?

If that hose is hanging way out over there, you’ve got to take hold of it and bring it back into the place its supposed to be, to steady it and affix it to something solid, something unmoving, so that it can be filled and used and properly serve its purpose.

We have to affix ourselves to the Word of God, because it is unmovable.  It’s our standard and our flagpole, and our center post.

Some people think God’s word is crazy, or that He must not know what you’re going through.  How could He expect you to muster up praise and joy when you’re hurting so badly?

People, let me remind you, God is the builder.  You are His creation and He knows how to push your buttons.  He knows WHERE are your buttons.  He knows what will fix you when you are broken or sick and what you’re capable of!

So don’t question it, just DO it!  


There was a man who had cancer and he was ate up with it all over his body.  He didn’t know much about medicine or healing but he knew what felt good to him.  While he was being tended by his doctors, he on purpose every day, went home and turned on the Three Stooges on TV.  He filled his head holes with laughter, giggles and joy.  He didn’t go get all religious or spend his days begging God for mercy, for just another few years to live.

He did what a small child would do.  He sought joy and balance.  He filled his head holes with laughter and joy stuff and he was quickly healed.

Seek pleasure and ease.  The comfort that comes from play is joy.  Laughter is joy.  Doing what you love to do is joy.

Remember when you went outside as a kid and ran around your yard as fast and hard as you could, without any real purpose, but just because you felt like it?  Remember how good it felt to tire your muscles out and somewhere in your heart you felt like you’d won a race!  You were so happy you KNEW that you had done something big and important.  For that moment.  And then you quickly moved onto the next thing that you wanted to do.

Maybe it was to scream.  I used to love to practice my screaming and from where I live now I’m sure every kid loves to do that!  I have to check out my window all the time to see who’s being murdered in the street as the kids ride their bikes and chase their dogs up and down it.

My son Matt has 4 daughters and they live in an apartment complex where they have a small playground.  It has two sets of swings, those big galvanized pipe things like your school had.  Almost every time I go visit him he wants to show me how high he can climb those pipes, and once he made it across one section by holding onto the top bar with his hands and “walking” by hand to the other poles.

It might look real juvenile to the other folks living at the apartments, but my son is activating his joy and probably counteracting a lot of that cigarette smoke in his lungs that might be causing him problems otherwise.

Joy is Medicine.  The Bible says so.  Proverbs 17:22 says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine but a heavy heart drieth the bones.

Good grief!  Who wants dry, brittle bones?  I know, they have a medicine for that, and another that’s supposed to work for this and that, and half the medicines on the market cause something else to warp out of place.

My son Daniel has a car that is losing its youth.  The glue they had put on the door seals back in 1994 has since dried up in the heat of the sun and those seals are a constant source of comedy material, (if we’d stop cussing at them whenever they wriggle out of place.)

When the seal comes off and hangs down in our face as we try to get out of the car, we just make a fist and pop that rubbery, wriggly thing back on.  Then we follow down the entire length of the seal and around the opening and on top etc., and try to get the whole thing back on its track.  There’s only one problem.  SOMEWHERE along that track the manufacturer decided to make the seal jump to another track.

We get started popping it back onto the metal car in one groove and when we turn the corner at the far top, it doesn’t go there anymore!  So you pop one section in and another pops off.  You push that section back in and the first section pops off again!

That’s a little like what we’re doing when we try to fix our emerging health problems with a pill.

The body was perfectly designed to be self contained, self-medicating and self-replicating.  In other words, you were originally designed to live forever.  God then put a “governor” on your massively powerful engine and said, “no, you’ll only live 120 years.”

So ok, you’ve only got 120 years to live.  What are you going to DO with them?

Remember the story of the talents?  Jesus said a servant was given 5 talents and another servant was given 2 or 3 and finally a third servant was given one.

We speculate about what significant other meanings the word “talent” had, but we know it was one of the names of a denomination of money back then.  Its interesting that it could also mean skills, talents and gifts, or it could also mean the measure of faith that each person is given and expected to increase.

Anyway, the man who had the most talents invested them and got back a nice profit.  He showed it to the master and was told he did well, and he was allowed to keep the interest for himself.

The next man who had gotten a few talents invested his and got back a nice profit. He took it to the master and was told he also did well and was allowed to keep what he had earned.

The last servant was called in and asked what he did with his talent.  The fearful man said, “nothing, master, because I knew you were a hard man who reaped where you haven’t sown and who demands much of your servants.  I buried the talent in the ground so I could give it back to you just as I was given it.  Here it is.”

The master was very angry and said, “so you knew I was a hard master, yet you didn’t invest at all and give me back something to show for your time?  At least you could have put it in the bank and made me simple interest.  Take what this servant has and give it to the one who has the most (and who made the most profit).

Look at this story carefully.  The Bible says every man is given a certain measure of faith.  Faith is an actual substance that causes things to happen.  It is the magic stuff that answers your prayers when combined with the Word of God.

Every man is given a time period to live on earth.  Some of us get right to work doing and experiencing and helping where we can.  Some become great leaders and make change upon the earth.  Some get stuck and sit for years in the same situation or condition and believe me, NOTHING stands and remains the same in the natural world.  Without the Word of God and Faith applied to matter, it decays and dies.  That is how God set up the earth to cleanse itself.  The default position is decay.

So if you’re not moving forward IN FAITH, stepping out to get an increase for the master, you’re in the default position of death.

Life doesn’t wait for anyone.  We get old.  The earth’s crust changes.  Niagara Falls continually cuts into the earth and erodes a certain number of feet of earth every year and no two days are exactly alike in the life of that river!

You ask yourself what is God talking about here?  Does He want us all to make money?  Does He want us to play the stock market?  Does He expect us to use the talents He’s given us such as a gift for playing music or working with animals?

God doesn’t need money.  He can create more anytime He wants or uncover gold and diamonds all over the place, but the Bible does say He is the one who causes us and teaches us to prosper.  So it is in His interest that we do well, and He’s said many times that He WANTS His people to be wealthy and healthy so they can shine on earth and He can show us off to the enemy.

But God is not a respecter of persons and He doesn’t favor one man over another.  Money is only useful here on earth and our earth life at best is only 120 years out of a whole ETERNITY of existence we are going to experience.

So whether we have money or not, we all have something in common that we CAN invest towards something that will profit us for eternity.  That’s our faith and our time.  We can increase our faith but we can’t increase our time on earth.  We CAN determine how we shall spend it and that will give us a quality to our years that brings us into a better place when we leave here.

All that we gain spiritually here will be the wealth or tools we can use in heaven in eternity.

Our ability to forgive, our ability to get close to God, the years we’ve invested as God’s friend and learning of Him, and the time we’ve invested in praising the Lord.  The result of these things is the reward we get to keep and take on with us to the next life.

All that we learn here we get to keep.  All the material possessions we choose to let GO of here (especially to the poor) build riches in heaven.

Psalm 9:9 says God is a refuge for the oppressed and a help in times of trouble and that for those who know God’s name we will always find provision in Him.

These things are dependent on verse 9:1 – I will on purpose praise you with my whole heart  - both before His provision comes into view and despite whatever circumstances I’m facing.

Psalm 8:2 says out of the mouth of babes God has ordained strength that we might destroy the works of the enemy. It says God has perfected praise!

Jesus later refers to the attitude of a newborn suckling baby, as the praise that God has perfected in complete trust.

Isaiah 61:1 – 3 is the first message that Jesus preached when He began His ministry.  It says “the Spirit of the Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from the darkness for the prisoners, 

to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God,

to comfort all who mourn, and provide those who grieve in Zion –

to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. 

They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor. 

In other words, He was sent to restore Joy.  To return the people to our original operating system and innocence.  To unwarp our beliefs about ourselves and each other, to take the crust off our hearts from those things we’ve seen and heard that don’t line up with God’s will.  To feed and provide for us, and to defeat every work that the enemy has done in our lives.


Doesn’t a prisoner set free experience joy?  Doesn’t the brokenhearted and those who mourn become happy when the sorrow is taken away?


Why will we be called oaks of righteousness planted by God for displaying His splendor?  Because we will learn to become solid and affixed to the unmovable Word that always accomplishes what we need, based on faith which is counted to us as righteousness.  Because God is the one who allows this and calls us, and the result of all of His work is to show His good works and splendor, the Glory of God.


We must on purpose call upon joy, rejoicing and praying without ceasing, giving thanks for every single thing we have and see, and enjoy this life we were given.  Get close to God, be in constant unbroken communication with Him.  If you see you’re out of line, the natural man’s urge will be to get further AWAY from God, but every day, several times a day, pull yourself back to God before you get so far away you start experiencing the evil of this world again – the default position.


Use the offices of the church, the elders to pray over you and pray for you, to instruct and advise you in Godly wisdom, and to use the gathering yourselves together for more joy and playtime, after your worship to God has been fully complete.


If you are under attack, speak the Words God has spoken that promise you relief, peace and victory.  Then go to JOY.  Rejoice, be thankful, praise His name and you’ll drive the demons out of your life and the devil will flee from you.  Your body will restore its healing in its time, and money will arrive for your rescue.  Whatever it is you need will be provided, and in fact, is already there and has been sent to you since before the earth was made, for just the right moment!


Dance, sing, play, rejoice and pray always.  Let God share in your joy and your life.  He will come and dwell with you and you with Him.  This is life more abundant and the duty of man.  To believe on the one that God has sent, and to cease from worry.  Worry is faith in all the things you DON’T want to happen.


To God be the praise and glory!  In Jesus’ name I send out this teaching and ask that the Word bless and heal all who read or hear it.


God bless you all!  

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Write to me here:  chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


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