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Controlling Fear

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Last night I had episodes of chest pain, very light niggling fears that kept my mind tossing and turning.  I prayed and slept and left it to God.  This morning I went straight to God and really talked with Him.  I had to face my faith, and I realized that I could build another wall of China out of my fears and doubts if I let them solidify into bricks.  


Most of my fears are about health, having enough money and being able to support my children.  Sound familiar?  Iím going to be 53 this year and somewhere in my mind there is a voice whispering that 53 is pretty old!  (HA!)  I remind myself that Moses when 80 when God called him to do a great work.  Age is nothing to God, and He promises us very long life.


So this morning, I took hold of myself and readjusted my beliefs, putting blinders on my thoughts and heart.  I have the worldís biggest imagination and all kinds of scenarios cross my mind.  When I was a young mother, I worked at bringing up every vision of what might happen to my family ďin caseĒ it happened.  I thought it would help me to cope with it then.


Wrong!  I was feeding a huge tank of fear inside of me, and the enemy uses that reservoir to bring fear up into my face daily.


The opposite of entertaining all those thoughts in my ďimaginerĒ is to imagine the Word of God played out in my life and learn how to cope with success and greatness, and walk into the image in time.  I wish I had been doing that all those years, because that would have profited me!


Letís face it we CAN'T support ourselves.  We CAN'T heal ourselves.  We can't prevent bad government or the supposed destruction of earth in 2012.  


We can't even prevent our children from getting a toothache.  The best insurance in the world can't guarantee that if my heart gives out, I'll live on with a replacement.  Going to college to get a big paying job wonít save me.  I could spend the next 4 years trying to obtain a degree and if I die before I have finished, I STILL havenít provided for my kids.  Even if I graduated, would a job be security?  Look at all those who have lost jobs in the last 2 years.


Working at something, taking care of our bodies and trying to use our talents for the betterment of mankind is a great thing, but itís still empty without the reassurance from God that Heís with us and will do what He says.


So here is mankind, straddling a huge canyon, one foot on each side.  One side is what you see and hear, using all your senses and all your combined years of the wisdom of what youíve learned on earth.  Most of us cling to that pretty tightly, so we donít slip.  We add to our knowledge base nightly, by watching the news of how other people are either doing it, or failing.


The other side of the canyon is a beautiful but strange place.  Itís made up of the promises and the words of God.  There are glimpses and short experiences weíve had with God, but we havenít put much time in over here on this side, so weíre a bit unsure of the cliff.


This side seems to be mostly in our minds and spirits, and we havenít got something we can hold in our hands that proves this place is real and not just a great idea or fantasy.


And that is about as far as most people are willing to go, ďItís a nice idea, but I have to have something solid to rely on.Ē


I John 2:16   God said we canít rely on our own assurance of life, because it comes from the world not the Father.  If we try to do it ourselves, we displease God and the love of the Father is not in us.


You see, the Kingdom of God is backwards, a total 180 degrees from the kingdom of the world.  Imagine a coin with an inscription written all the way around the coin.  No matter which way you turn it, you can read a phrase ďat the topĒ and its meaning is opposite to what you read when you turn it around again.  Half of that coin represents the world and half represents Godís Word.


We think the things we see and feel, can touch and taste, the paycheck we earn, the ambulance we can call for help when weíre in trouble, we think these things are real and solid and we can lean on them.


Unfortunately, thatís not the truth.  Of course we call the ambulance, but it doesnít guarantee us anything.  We canít be sure that even with their best and most sincere help that we will live on.


We canít be sure that our paycheck will continue, or that we can reach a good age without Alzheimerís or death.


Only God can deliver those things, they are in HIS realm, not the system of the world.  How many times have you been let down by the promises of family, employers, neighbors and even government?  How many times have you needed help and where did you get it from?


The things we can see and touch are constantly changing and are not permanent or trustworthy.  Only Godís Word is permanent and trustworthy.


We say we know this, but do we ďKNOWĒ this?  In every part of our being?  Enough to stake a claim on it and walk completely on Godís side of the canyon?  We MUST, if weíre going to survive!


Saying that I believe Godís word is not enough.  I have to exclude the possibility of everything else and live it boldly, even if it appears that Iím walking out into thin air.


The enemy whispered into my head, ďWhat if there really IS no God and youíve wasted all your life?Ē


ďWhoa!  Hold on one cotton pickiní moment,Ē I replied.  I KNOW God.  I have known Him.  I have known Him in the dark and quiet of hundreds of nights and Iíve received supernatural healing from a beam of light that came through my roof!  I have seen the sparkling cloud of His presence settling down over my head and actually met Christ as He walked up to me to say hello and minister to me at church.


I have been rescued over and over in ways that are not possible except that they were arranged and administered by Godís own hands.


So I prayed this morning and rebuked the fears and decided I will not entertain any thoughts of ďwhat ifĒ or any thoughts and possibilities for failure, sickness, poverty or death.


Iím putting invisible blinders on my thoughts and my heart, so that I donít wander out of the range of Godís promises. 


These promises say that if I get hungry, God will feed me.  If I get sick, He will heal me.  If I get old, God will renew my youth.  I will live a long life and my family will live in safety, provided for, and weíll have an eternity with our Father and Savior to love and be loved.


Theyíre not new promises, but they are tested and true.  Iíve enjoyed them all my life and they work. 


We have to take hold of every word that God has spoken, and by His grace, take hold of the mind and will of God and on purpose take them as our own.  Claim them as your strength, your certainty and your future portion or inheritance.


There is no security in anything else.  This is something you will have to work out on your own.  You canít be healed because your mom believes in healing, and you canít be saved because I believe in the works of the cross.  It has to be YOUR determination to fight for what God is offering.  Stretch, reach and climb for it!  Donít let the enemy snatch it from your hand because you were fearful or too accustomed to the 9 to 5 scenario youíve always played out.


When the enemy whispers in your head that youíre doomed, that youíve made the wrong decision, youíve got to come back at him quick and solid, and know what youíre going to say.


You say, ďGet thee behind me Satan, for it is written!!Ē  Then you name what it is that God said about your situation, and you stand on it.  First you claim it out loud firmly and you hold your position until your heart picks up the Sword and stands with you.  Finally God Himself will arrive behind you and as you step out of the way, He leads the victory and brings your deliverance to in front of your eyes in the manifested world.  (Find what God promises here in the faith confessions and pick out what youíll say the next time Satan whispers.  http://www.blessingmeadowsministries.com/faith_confessions.htm)


Begin your new walk with God by praising His name.  Look up the ways you can praise and the names that He is known by.  Here are some great words that apply to God.


Regal, magnificent and splendid, phenomenal, unparalleled, grand, breathtaking, tremendous, remarkable, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, overwhelming, humbling, splendid, excellent, terrific, brilliant, great, immense, vast, lofty, exalted, stately, elevated, majestic, royal, regal, magnificent, superb, major, significant, extraordinary, fine, impressive, fabulous, glorious, superlative, bravura, celebrated, exciting, imposing, dazzling, exceptional, incredible, awesome, mighty, alluring and stunning, outstanding, admirable, special, incomparable, incomprehensible, first-rate, fantastic, stupendous, superior, amazing, good, blessed, mighty.


Next, exclude EVERY single thing that is NOT Godís word and will in your life.  How?  When youíre doing it, enjoying it or allowing it, does it give God glory and strengthen your life, or does it make you embarrassed and weak?


Exclude every person, thing and thought that denies Godís power and authority, and that whispers defeat into your ears.


You will have to guard your beliefs and that may mean shutting off your TV, stop the newspaper and back out of clubs you go to where the people may have opposing views.  You mustnít let your heart be contaminated with the world and with any other brand of belief while youíre standing on Godís promises.  To do so is to weaken and undermine your success.


Then enjoy your life.  Fill your life with love and good acts of faith.  Donít accumulate possessions, accumulate victories!


Here is my prayer, use it for yourself, speak it out loud.  Speak out loud the faith confessions and Rejoice in the Lord Always!  God bless you.  Feel free to write to me.



Lord, I take hold with both hands and even my toes, of the Word of God as my assurance, my faith, my legal document for success.  Legal and binding and full and beneficial and sure, because Lord YOU have said you would do these things without fail, and I believe you.


You said because I have believed on Jesus, you would keep me well, and you would provide what I need.  You said all that I will need comes from you.  You said that if I follow you, and love you and love others that you will feed me and my family, keep us safe, and guard us against the enemy and anything he can come against us with.

My fears have been health and money related.  My striving has been to provide for my sons.  Of course as you can see, I have not been able to do those things without you.


I desire great health, yet symptoms and shadows frighten me all the time if I let them.  They pop up and sneak into my mind, and whisper doom and failure.  But I shall not fail!


I shall not die, but live and declare the works of God.  I shall declare your marvelous works to the world and beg them, plead with them, to choose to obey you and honor you before it is too late.


All of my needs and my supply shall be provided by my God, because thatís what your word says Lord.


You said no plague will come near us, and that you have taken away all sicknesses from us.


You said you are the God that heals us!  I celebrate that and believe it and rejoice in it!


I rejoice in all your word Lord.  You are the ultimate authority and I choose to anchor my faith, my belief and my future to you.  I will take the portion that you choose to give me and I will be glad for it.  I will let my heart and my soul be filled with thanksgiving and be content with whatever you choose to give me.


I will be much more than content with my portion in the Lord, because you have all the good things and you are good, and just being there in your presence is worth obedience.


The world will try to deceive me and may deceive many in the world.  But I have known you.  And you have known me, since before I was born.  You have locked me into your hands, and no enemy, no man, no heart attack, no end of the world, no anti Christ and no poverty or disease or fear whatsoever, shall take me from your hand, or from your will or from your heart.


I know that I have a place there in your heart, and that you think of me.  I know this, because I think of you, and I believe you prompt me and guide me and have set me apart for your service.


I give myself willingly to you Lord.  I give my heart and body and my lifetime to do your will, and to kneel at your feet and praise you daily!


I will not forget you Lord.  I will always be in your presence and if I fail temporarily I know that you forgive me.  I will no longer allow the doubts of this world and this enemy to cloud my perception or my activities.  I will no longer allow myself to be buffeted by indecision or fear!


I will go forth in strength and in surety and in your Spirit and with your Spirit, to do what is right to do.


I choose to pay off my debts and to honor God and be upright in all my dealings with man.


I choose to honor my children by first doing what is right for me and I will listen for your urging Lord to tell me how to deal with my children.


I will do what is right in your sight and Lord I depend on your word reaching me and telling me what direction to turn.  Lord, let me be led to the straight path and if you would have me go to the right, lead me to the right and to the left, lead me to the left.  Let me walk in your light and in power and authority based on my choice to serve you and you only!


Lord I adore you and I seek you and I long to see you more, to know you more, to be more aware of you and more sure of you, and sure of what to do in your name!

In Jesusí holy name, and by his love and blood and by your Word, I rededicate my life to you.


I will no longer speculate on the what ifs.  What IF is a function of the enemy to cause fear and doubt.  There is NO what if, because I know the Ifs.  I know they all belong to God.


If I have hunger you will feed me.  If I have any physical need or pain, you will heal me.  If I have a job to do, you will strengthen me and enable me to do it.  If someone has a need, you will fill it because we will come to you and ask you for it Lord.


If our house or car or something we are working with, needs repair, you will make sure it is repaired, and enable us to do all that WE should do and bring others to help us beyond our abilities.  If there is no one who can do these things for us, then you will supply the fix by your own angels or your own hand.


I believe Lord.


I know this is true.  I know that your word is sure and you have never lied.  You have never dealt treacherously with man, or spirit or being.  You are the creator and your thoughts are above treachery and deceit.  You are as you said, full of light, with no shadow of turning.  You are not two sided, two faced, or indecisive.


You see all.  You know all.  You have the power to accomplish all.


Your earth is set to do its job and it will do what you have told it to do until Jesus comes again and we will be set again in a good place, a good home and a great eternity.


Your creations will continue to do what they have been commanded to do and there is no what if that I need be worried about.


So I choose and declare myself free from watching and hearing all the what ifs.  No more disaster and calamity movies or shows on TV!  No more fear and speculation, no more conspiracy theories. 


Instead, I will fill my mind with what mankind needs to do to serve the Lord and be saved.


In Jesusí name I pray, Amen!


God bless you!  Keep looking back here for more updates and more words.  Visit www.lcci.us (our home church in Albany, GA) to watch services online anytime.

Write to me here:  chastityrose (at) yahoo.com


© Lisa Tyler 2010