Life Christian Center International

Albany, GA


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We have been blessed by Life Christian Center International for years, and Rod was healed of cancer there at this church.  We've had so many miracles and they have been right there with us and often involved.  

I want to tell you how important the work of this church and its pastor is, for your life and mine, but I don't know the words to express it.  Please bear with me.

Pastor Stan is not the ordinary minister.  For one thing, he preaches the truth as it's written in the Bible, and as Jesus intended for us to hear.  For centuries the power of the word was hidden and misunderstood by well meaning people, who wanted to have "church".

I have been going to church since I was a child, but I only found the real living presence, the physical presence of the Spirit of God at one church, and that was here at LCCI, when they were on Hwy 19 in Albany, in an old trucking warehouse that was converted into a place to hold meetings.

Stan has never stood on ceremony or his own abilities, he's quick to say he has no value himself apart from God.  His life was a mess before God showed up in it, but MAN!  What a great work God has manifested in Stan's life, and He will do it for you too, if you do what Stan did.

He cried out to God "If you're real, please show up!"  God delivered Stan from alcoholism and turned his finances and his relationships completely around and headed him in the other direction.  He will do that for you too!

God has been speaking His truth through Stan for several years and now they have a website where you can watch streaming video of the service from their archives.  You can see it on FOX 31 TV locally in Albany and in some towns in other places.  But the most exciting thing that has come out of LCCI is their FREE CD MINISTRY!  These are CDs you can play in your DVD player, or your computer or a CD player, and it's JUST information you NEED to know to receive the power of God in your life to change what mankind cannot change without God!!

YOU NEED to hear this message.  We're currently working to put the services or audios of the service on or some other free video watching site, so that everyone, everywhere can hear it and be transformed.

Have you ever wondered why in Jesus' day, they were healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons, and Jesus said we would do it too, but we're not?  Why are we not?  Today preachers usually just say, well that was back then and "they" had the power of the Holy Spirit come on them at Pentecost, so of course they could do these miracles.  

WE have the Holy Spirit too!  We are SUPPOSED to be doing the same works that Jesus did and greater, (His words) because He has gone to the Father and has empowered us with His Spirit and Word.

In these CDs, Stan will reveal to you why you haven't got the power, and how to get it and I can testify to you that it is real, you can have it and we have been blessed with it.

This church is on fire with passion and truth and God will change your life forever from being in association with it.  

Do you need money?  Get the CDs.  Do you need healing?  Get the CDs.

No matter what is out of whack in your life, God can fix it and He's waiting for you to hear His word so that you can give Him glory and do your assignment on earth!

Please check out their website or attend their services!  God bless you!

2008-2009 [Blessing Meadows Ministries]