Johnny's Prayer

"Praise Him, Praise Him, Jesus our Blessed Redeemer,

Praise Him, Praise Him, Ever in Joyful Song . . ..


I love you and thank you for this, another day. I pray that You would be praised and Glorified in each of our lives today. Keep us ever reminded that it is You that have made us, and not we ourselves. Lead us today in paths of righteousness and help us to spread peace and Love and compassion wherever we go. 

Lord Bless ALL of my family today, give them joy and fulfillment in their lives as they place their trust in You. 

Forgive me of my sins, and the sins of my family, and may you be glorified by our actions today.  

Help those today that are hungry and thirsty and who are walking in darkness. Encourage those who are discouraged, comfort those who are weary, and bring relief to those who are burdened down. 

Lord if there is any way I can help someone today, please let me be a vessel in your hands to do your will. 

Help me to live my life today in such a way hat someone might see Jesus in me.  Your will be done! ! !                              Amen.

Prayer from Reverend Johnny Lewis of Jesup, GA