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Current Prayer List

This page goes back to May 2010

Please send in your requests to:  [email protected]

Please put "prayer request" in subject line


Thank You Lord For Always Caring About Us! 



The prayer list is back up and running, current and waiting for your requests.  God bless you!

Today's Special Prayer Needs

Lord, We are Confident that today every person who calls upon you for help will receive it and KNOW that you are God and that you are GOOD!

October 2012

Pam – needs help with rent

Mellisa – young mother, misdiagnosed, gall bladder taken out, still problems

Melissa – help with getting divorce

Katrina – disabled woman wants work, something she can do at home.

Clay - had surgery Oct 8 again now has pneumonia.

Norma - surgery Wednesday Oct 10 for breast cancer, pray no chemo needed and quick recovery.

Rod – lump in throat, going to doctor Thursday

Sy– problems with his throat too

Bethany - friendship and direction in her life

Tammi – depression and loneliness

Jessika and family – emotional strength and all needs met, healthy baby

Sister Rachel, Joe, Lonnie, Johnnie and Jessie

Joel – asking for healing for his brain, and ability to memorize for his job

Maisie - 2 yr old in UK brain damage

Raiden - 3 yr old in coma, possible brain damage from accident

Pascal and his sister - need food and school supplies

Carol – foot and elbow pain

Laura– multiple health problems, pain, fainting and seizures




Jimm – back injury and pain

Lulu – loss of limb, health issues

Multiple people on my FB list with severe health issues

Jerry – emotional issues, demons, deafness

Ruth and family

Tierra and her father (he has multiple health problems, lives far away)

Sarah - breast cancer

Robin - breast cancer

Sara – cyst

Julie – cysts

Clara – pain and various health problems, knees too

Kristine – peace

Angela – strength, clarity

Roberta – her children

My sisters and family – Angela, Mary and Eileen – all needs met




Clay – handicapped boy, shunt malfunction and infections, spina bifida

Pam – not feeling well lately

Lisa – meth addiction, asks for help and healing

Sister Inaiker (name unknown) epilepsy, panic attacks, deafness

Other no name given prayer requests

Dr. Anna – pain, fatigue, financial needs


            General prayers for God’s workers

Mary – good prayer partner and writer

Mary – faithful and writing to help others




Dr. Anna

Tomarra – pastor’s wife

Bernie – desires to learn of God, needs study material

Pastor Stan

Pastor Prince

Pastor Creflo

Pastor Joyce

(many more)


            Overseas ministries

Francis Ondara

John Namavarapu

Tobias Ayugi

Apostle Al Anyona

Evangelist Abel

Pastor Ravi Daniel

(many more)

July 2012

Harold - struck by lightning, needs healing
Clay - handicapped child, emergency surgery to replace shunt
Tony - had heart attack and surgery recently, back in hospital having trouble breathing
Jeffrey - soldier severely injured in war overseas, pray for his survival and healing
Abbie - to get the job she wants, help with rent
William - relief and healing from back pain
Nathalee - had heart attack, bypass surgery.  Pray for healing and help.
Sarah - breast and lung cancer, marriage, complete healing
Sara - throat and lung cancer, addictions
Laura - healing for her body and all her needs met
Penney and family - healing of emotional wounds
Pascal and his family - to get food and a way to support themselves
Frannie - healing for her body, restoration of health
Jennifer - healing for mind and soul, restoration
Johnny and family - peace, strength and support
Malcolm - peace, joy in Christ and strength
Sue - complete healing of mind and body
Sue - also needs healing
Mary - healing and special requests
Rod - help with special needs
Angie - help with marriage, children's health and their family uplifted
Debi - freedom from addictions, healing for body
Ed - help with special needs and seeking Jesus first
Lidia - help with finances, seeking Jesus and peace in her home
Joshua and Christopher - peace, finding and accepting Jesus, help with all needs
Maggie - freedom from addictions, being loved and filled with joy, purpose and a family
Evelin - eyesight restored, mind strengthened and faith built up
Chris - for his throat to be healed, body strengthened and ability to walk
Daniel - for relief of back pain
Matt - increased income, being able to share his love for Jesus at home, living a happier life and all his family sharing in that and being saved.
Karen - physical and emotional healing, mental clarity and strength, help for her family who are caring for her.  Guide the doctors hands as they operate and treat her.
My grandbabies - that they all learn about and accept Jesus as their savior and are saved, and their mother too.
Lisa - continued healing from all health problems
Special love and help for everyone on our prayer list, for all that I know and correspond with.  Jesus, please heal them all, help them all and bring them into a close relationship of joy with you!  Thank you Lord.

February 4, 2012

Rose – widow needs house and income

Ginger – needs healing, knots at back of neck, needs rent money, income or a job.  Mother just died.

Jarod’s mom – cancer, stroke, in hospital

Sue – needs healing, nerves in leg, fell.

Tony and family – emotional and spiritual healing, physical healing

Rowena – miracle physical healing for paralyzed woman

Robbie – emotional healing, needs job and home

Karen – still needs prayers to heal after second surgery

Ryan – needs freedom from spiritual bondage and salvation

Debbie – please pray for salvation and understanding

Jenny – emotional healing, home and job

Texanne – hand and legs, needs healing

Sonya and her children - strength, wisdom and whatever God sees that they need

Roger – healing, possible stroke

Ed. – injury, faith in God under attack.

Edison and Eve and their children, healing and spiritual support

Jan – mother just died

Evelin – wisdom, physical support and to be able to see again

January 24, 2012

James Varner – stomach blockage, surgery, concern over death

Jennifer – past memories and conflict within family

Sue – terrible yeast overgrowth and near death with it

Evelin – depressed over blindness and her life

Texanne – hurt her leg and is in hospital

Annette – radiation for cancer

Lauren – child having multiple intestinal surgeries, fear and pain

Katherine’s sister – unknown request

January 18, 2012

Mathew and family - need to find house to move to quickly, and security of income.

Michael – eye problem, pain

Sue – life threatening yeast taken over her body, can’t eat, can’t eliminate, pain

Joseph – feels pain and pressure in face/eyes, feels a demonic spirit has attached to him.

Harold – elderly man with cancer having surgery for an aneurism behind his heart, pray for his safety and well being.

“The Lost” – each of us have family and neighbors, friends etc. who are not yet saved, pray that God will give us each the words to say and have the Holy Spirit draw these people to Christ!

Good News!

C and L are healed

R’s jobs are holding steady

D has started school and is doing well

God is blessing us daily and supplying all of our needs

M – has received her student loan

M – the decision on his disability has been put off for further info and he should receive this year’s tax return check

January 11, 2012

Lynne and her son Allan and their family.  Allan is autistic and they are praying for his healing.

Pastor Sudhakar asks for food and help.

Jerry – man who seeks to know how to pray more effectively, fighting addictions.

Lauren – 4 yr. old girl fighting intestinal tumors and many surgeries to go.  Pray that she will not have any more tumors and that she won’t have to go through any more surgeries!

Mathew and family - need to find house to move to quickly, and security of income.

Pastor Nyabuto and his church in Kenya – physical needs met and spiritual strength.

Gail – woman just moved to new town, had house robbed already and someone tried to kick in her door while she was home.  Pray for her protection and for no more attacks against her.

Amy – woman working for branch related to Habitat, had equipment stolen from site and is looking for it to be returned.  Please pray for her success and safety.

Raymond – man who was falsely accused on his job, fighting for his job back and to prove his innocence.

Kristy – pray for guidance and God’s presence to be evident in her life.

Faith  and her family – pray that they get over their sinus infections and nothing more serious develops.

Johnny and Penney and family members in conflict.

Nicholas - continued healing and help for his family after motorcycle accident.

Nancy – a great job and God’s direction for her life.

Faith, her husband and daughter, and her grandson – to be healed from sickness and Jade’s pregnancy and birth go well.

Robert - handicapped man was in ICU, bladder infection, kidney stones?  

Jan’s granddaughter in hospital, very sick.

Chris – COPD, fibrosis, suicidal, angry since wife died, needs God.

Phyllis - strength and confidence in new year, and continued improvement of health.

Jenny - increased business prosperity and healing for her stomach.

Brother Eric and the pastor’s conference in Ruwanda

Pastor Sudhakar – asked for us to please help him.

Oakes Signz and Grafix - New business for 2 couples with small children, pray for prosperity and protection.

Victoria – diagnosed with MS, pray that God will make that diagnosis null and void!!

Jan  –  just had surgery, pray for quick and complete healing.

December 20, 2011

Amy – terminal cancer prognosis, going to Mexico to seek treatment.

Family of Tiffany – Tiffany was killed in a car wreck.

Francis and his church and family overseas.

Kankipati –  needs food and material help.

Anita – pray for her daughter and grandchildren, they were beaten/abused and have many issues to overcome.

Billy – young man in prison.

Renee  –  diagnosed with MS.

Karen – in ICU, stomach/intestinal problems and infections.

Brother Thomas - had a severe injury from a fall.

A brother from Brother Francis' church has material needs, food etc. in his home.

Kristine - needs her husband to return home quickly and for some local Christians to come forward and comfort her and keep her company while he is gone.


Robin and Bonnie are out of surgery and on the mend, praise the Lord!

Kristine's husband has decided to return to her after his visit to his parents.

Daniel, Chris and John are feeling better!

Lisa has gotten stronger and improved!  Praise the Lord for all the results that are happening!

December 14, 2011

Dennis – in critical condition at St. Joes

Dianne – Severe food allergies and body needs to be restored to health.

Jason – robbed but ok

Robin – having surgery Monday to remove part of liver, she has breast cancer.

Kristine – husband leaving her, she wants him to stay.

Annette – cancer surgery, lymph nodes out, radiation and chemo

Bonnie – Just had stomach surgery Wednesday

Robert  – Kidney problems and total body healing (handicapped man)

Daniel – Cold, back problems, cancer surgery (all gone!), leg and stomach pain, need money to have wisdom teeth removed, and tooth pains gone.

Chris – Sore throat, reflux, sinus drainage, handicapped person, teeth needs.

John – cold, finances and taxes, continued strength against winter weather and hard work.

Susan  - (and her mother Peggy) arthritis and bone deterioration, pain and weakness.

Susan's family – help with finances and guidance with relationships.

Texanne – help getting her disability, restoration of her hand that was injured at work.  Financial help and strength for her body.

Debbie – severe back pain, several surgeries, help with finances and getting the pain to go away.  Her husband Malcolm, for emotional strength and for protection for him and their daughter also as they travel.

Evelin – for her eyesight to be restored and her diabetes to leave!  Her husband Joe – for him to accept the Lord and be saved.

Jan – pancreas problems, and her mom, having surgery on Dec. 21st,  multiple lumps found in breasts, gall bladder surgery

Penney’s brother Jim – needs the Lord and relief from his suffering.

Michael – things on his mind, long week ahead, much to do.  Must have victory in the disability situation so they don’t take his income tax check.

Tina – Father diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

Robbie - 4 year old boy, can't keep potassium or magnesium in his body, his gall bladder was removed and his kidneys and bladder damaged by the meds

Lisa – complete manifestation of the healing of all internal organs and heart rhythm problems gone.

Eileen – guidance for where to move, what job to have

Angela – help with marriage and freedom to live as she chooses in the Lord

Kevin Jr. – freedom from his pain and need for pain meds, healing of Crohn’s and joint pain.

Kevin Sr. – joy in life, healing from diabetes and high blood pressure, healing of joints and relief from pain.

Mary – help with family issues, income and healing of chronic lung problems.

Lidia – relief from chronic back pain from injury, help for her family and finances.

Miguel – job and home, help with relationships

Rachel and her family – the children’s freedom from addictions and suicidal attempts.


August 10, 2010

Traci Lynn, a 2 yr old baby has been diagnosed with ALS, luekemia.

Woman with breast cancer, still receiving chemo and is being made ill by the medicine.

Lisa, (me) for the irregular heart beat.

Continue praying for the others on the last date, because their problems may not have ended yet.


July 25, 2010

A new baby was born in our family this month, please pray for this little son's future and that he will be raised to follow Jesus.

Two young men with depression, different households, both saved but burdened with this oppression.  Please pray that Satan's hold on them be removed, and that they rise up and take authority over their spirits, their lives and commit to God and stay so close to Him the enemy can't get back in.     

Man with loss of feeling in lower leg, as if it were asleep.  Please pray that God will completely heal this man and take away all evidence of this problem.  

Man with anger and oppressive spirit, abusive and chaotic spirit.  Please pray that the enemy's hold on him will be broken and this man will commit himself completely to God.  He has small children in the home and a wife who is stressed to the breaking point.  Please pray for them as well.  Pray that Jesus will be the center post in their lives and all will be saved.  

Please pray for direction for our church, whether we should remain a traveling church or have a building to meet in.  Whatever God's will is, that it be revealed to us.

For our members, that they are blessed and their burdens lifted, provided for and healed, in Jesus' name.

Man with prostate cancer, also having a legal battle over his land, please pray that God will heal both situations.  Pray that this man will surrender all in his heart to our Lord and that Jesus will become the most important thing to him.  He has a wife and children.  Please pray that their home situation will be repaired and any abusive spirit in the home kicked out.  Pray for the family as well.

Woman with diabetes, blindness and other health problems.  She is in rehab facility now where she can get what she needs, but still needs prayer to be healed.

Woman with two children, needs income and stability, and Jesus in their lives.

Man with back problems, kind spirit who helped us when we were broken down.  Please pray that he is healed and that his elderly mother is healed as well.  Please pray that their needs and desires be met and he be rewarded for his help to the saints.

Man with pinched nerve in back, shrapnel from war, often in terrible pain.  Please pray that he be healed and the metal fragments that are inoperable be removed by God!  He certainly CAN do that, and I have seen God move teeth and repair all kinds of things!  Please pray for his relief and joy.

Woman with back pain, please pray that her back is healed and all pain removed.


June 24, 2010

Young man with severe health problems has a new spot of MRSA underneath an arm.  He also needs money badly today to pay his light bill before the lights are shut off, and his truck payment, as well as getting some money coming in to live on.  Please pray for God to intervene in his life and get him in the position where God wants him to be.  You can now donate to any of these people through us, and receive a tax deductible receipt.

Breast cancer survivor, woman who is taking care of her grandchildren and helping many in her community is in need financially.  Please pray she can get her rent paid and will not have to move.  Please also pray for her husband to overcome his problems, and that the Holy Spirit come into their home to stay.  Praise Jesus!

A woman with three children's birthdays this week is praying God will help her find something she can give them or do for them that is inexpensive.

Young couple out of work needs their essential utility bills paid and their truck payment.  They do odd jobs and anything they can find to do and are also going to school.  There are 2 small children in the home, please pray that God shows Himself strong on their behalf and that they are saved.

Woman who just lost her husband suddenly this month now has breast cancer.  She has 2 children to care for and her husband's death to sort out.  Please pray God helps her in every way and comforts her heart, strengthens her courage and her faith!

Older man with bleeding ulcers and pain.  Please pray for his healing and relief!

Three very bad accidents near here this week.  Several people involved.  Lord please heal and save all of them, and meet their needs.  Help them get through this and get back into peace and joy.

Young man with stomach problems having frequent flare ups.  No insurance, no money to go to a doctor to find out what is wrong.  Please pray that God will completely heal him!  Yes our God CAN.  Thank you Jesus!

Man who is addicted to playing the lottery and spends all of his paycheck on scratch off tickets and getting loans from his boss to make up the losses, needs God to intervene.  Please pray for his salvation and for his family to be taken care of.  If there is a demon involved (or more than one) please pray that they leave him and the family now.

Young man whose unemployment is running out and hasn't found another job.  Please pray for his support and for his attitude and to find the best job for him!  Something close by home and easily done!

Mother and two children living on small social security income has need for a refrigerator or the old one to be repaired.  It is no longer working.  Lord Jesus please work a miracle for her and for all the people on this list!!

Young couple with 4 children have car that only holds 5 people.  They desperately need a larger vehicle and one that is in good running condition.  Father is also in need of a job.  The current jobs he was doing are not giving enough hours now to support them.  Please help Abba Father!

Young couple long to have children.  She's prayed and believes strongly and we KNOW God doesn't lie.  Whatsoever we ask in Jesus' name, believing, will be done for us.  Lord Jesus we thank you in advance for all of her beautiful children that you've got coming her way.

June 23, 2010

Young boy who was beaten by a group of people at a local swimming spot this week in our area.  He was taken by Life Flight helicopter to Macon but is not expected to live.  He is unconscious.  Don't know if he's saved or not.

Young mother having second child any day needs a place to live, a man to take care of her, protection for the children.  She is very young.  

Young woman with diabetes, blindness from the diabetes, MRSA infections, developmentally challenged, not much supervision needs a good place to live, someone to help manage her money who won't steal it. Please pray that her eyesight and health will be restored.  Please also pray for her husband, also developmentally challenged, and their finances and place to live.

Young family with 4 girls, please pray for their finances, health and to put Jesus in the house.

Young mother with two sons, injured at work, in pain and needs help with her children and finances.  Please ask for the Lord to send rescue, to put Jesus in the house, and to help the children with their emotions and futures.   

Developmentally challenged young man, injured arm, trying to do farm work.  Needs help with finances and a home, salvation.  

Young boy working when he can, needs the Lord and to stay out of trouble.  

Elderly couple in bad health living away from town and having too much work to do around their home.  No AC, very little food, needs car and help for them and their daughter who is in another town, also struggling to find a job and send money home.  Please pray for the husband and wife to be healed and their pain taken away.

Three sisters and their family members.  The sisters are doing benevolence work and giving all that they can.  Please pray for guidance and protection for them, provision for their families and all they try to help.  Please also pray for their children and grandchildren.  There are SO many urgent needs, health problems and many of them are not saved.  Some of the children are in danger.

Man who has prostate cancer.  Please pray for his healing and his salvation, and to have huge improvement in his marriage life.

Elderly woman and her husband in bad health.  Woman is dying, sent home with hospice.  I don't know if they are saved, please pray for them to accept Jesus and be safe as well as for the family to deal with their loss.

Young man with mysterious health problem.  Severe stomach pain and nausea.  He has lost a lot of weight and strength, but so far they can't find out why.  He has 2 small sons, a broken home and is trying to make a new start.  He takes care of his children and loves them.  Please pray for his salvation and God's will in their lives.

Older man with nerve problem in back that is showing up as leg pain.  Please pray that God completely removes this pain and problem.  God is our master physician so He surely can heal this problem!  He is SO good to us!

Another 3 men and one lady with similar back pain going through so much. Please pray that God will heal them all and give them relief right now!  I have seen how desperate people are when they are in this kind of pain.  It's not like a headache or even a toothache.  It's the kind that causes people to take immediate action to end their lives if relief isn't gotten quickly.  This should not be happening!  We cry out, JESUS!!

Young woman with 2 children needs a home and income, mostly they need Jesus in their lives.

Young woman who left her husband for another man, finds herself pregnant and all relationships are uncertain.  Please pray that God can reach and save these people.  Protect the child.  

Older woman serving a period of time in prison for a "minor" crime has breast cancer and other tumors have shown up here and there in her body.  She is lonely and isolated and frightened.  She's had radiation and chemo and is going through more rounds of it.  She does know the Lord, and we trust that He can make things right for her.  Thank you Jesus!

Older man who had colon cancer and has come through part of his ordeal and doing better.  Please pray that God will not let the cancer come back or any complications arise.  Please help him handle the chemo well and thrive!  God has already been showing His hand strong in his life and I believe he will be well.

Young man in prison for life, lonely and worried about his mother and family.  He was sent to prison for life for his involvement in an attack on someone when he was very young.  The other two men who were with him, had lawyers and went free or got lesser sentences.  This man had no money and got life.  Nobody died and he was not the attacker.  I met him when he was younger and he was a nice young boy.  Please pray for the Lord's will to be done and him and his family all helped.  He's hoping to one day get the money to appeal his case.  I think he's served about 18 years so far.  

Please ask Jesus to infuse all prisons and all prisoners with His Holy Spirit and make them places of hope and not hopelessness!

Woman who has had breast cancer and COPD (trouble breathing), struggling to raise her grown children and their kids.  They live in an impoverished area and really need the Lord in the house.  The woman is saved, unsure about the children and grandchildren.

Young couple with children struggling to have what they need, unkindness to one of the children and much stress in their lives.  Please pray that the Lord will intervene and make the situation give Him glory.  

Woman under attack over her faith.  Also having problems with husband and struggling to feed the family.  Please pray that she be supported and loved, that her marriage is healed and strengthened or that the husband move on, so the stress can stop.  The children are under stress too. 

Older man with pinched nerve in back, leg pain, metal in his body from Vietnam.  Needs help urgently and a complete healing and the Lord.  

Woman with diabetes, swollen legs and knees, very bad health.  Possible congestive heart failure, degenerative arthritis and lots of pain.  She is saved.

Young woman who injured her hand at work, had paint sprayed into her body.  Nerve damage and nausea, lingering effects.

Elderly woman having surgery on the 24th for reflux (G.E.R.D.), and worried about dying on the table.

Developmentally challenged man who has health problems, anger and addiction problems, but is trying hard.  He's living alone and needs help and the Lord.

Man with disk problems in his back, pain and damage.

Woman with back injury and several operations, in constant pain.

Christian woman who is caring for an adult daughter addicted to drugs.  She also has a son who needs prayers and help, and a handicapped daughter living elsewhere, possibly a nursing home. This mother works although she's older in years and guides her family the best she can, but there is danger from the daughter's acquaintances and the area of town they live in.

Another woman who is taking care of 2 mentally handicapped adult ladies.  I don't know if they are her daughters.  One of the ladies has a brain tumor.  Please pray for the girl's healing and for this woman to get help and friendship.  Also for them all to be saved.  

Woman with three mostly grown daughters, lost her job and rented home, breaking up the family as they search for a place they can go.  The mother has no special job skills and the area is very tough to get work in.  Please pray God will make sure they are all saved, and provide all their needs including comforting them.  One of her teenage daughters is rebelling badly and needs much love and help.

Young, mentally handicapped couple sharing an apartment together.  They sometimes stay at the foster home where they were raised.  Please pray for them to be saved and their needs met.  Only Jesus knows how to REALLY help us!

Young girl with very frail health ran off from home with her first real boyfriend and got pregnant.  She is staying at her boyfriend's house and they are living in poverty and turmoil.  There is anger and fighting with the family.  Please pray that God brings them peace, safety and provision.  

Christian man who is having trouble with his wife.  She left for a time, and is now back, but they are not happy and really need reconciliation.

An old friend of mine from high school with a daughter and two grandchildren.  They need the Lord and guidance and love.

Muslim man who has been a great father and son in law here in our country, getting older and having health problems.  Please pray that God will draw him in to be saved and reveal Jesus to him.  Also for his children and entire family to be saved.

Two older women who are at odds with each other, in poor health and depressed.  Spirit of oppression seems to be on them.  I believe they are saved but need to be set free from this attack.

Mentally handicapped man who is a good Christian, hard worker and loves his family, but is lonely and wants to find someone to marry.  

Man who recently lost one leg, also just lost his wife and child (they left) but he still has his son every other week.  He is hoping for a prosthetic leg soon, and to get back to living.  He's also lonely, wants to remarry.

Two older sisters living together, at least one is saved.  Please pray that they will have what they need and have joy in the Lord.

Older woman, swollen legs, possible congestive heart failure or diabetes, degenerative arthritis and lots of pain.

Godly woman who is saved, widow, raising her daughters alone.  One of the daughters suffered some kind of abuse and there is trouble between them.  Please pray that this girl comes back to the Lord and to her mother, and they have peace in their home.

Woman who has multiple physical and emotional problems.  Her life is in extreme need of stability and God's intervention and abundance.  She believes she is saved.

Elderly couple raising a handicapped son by themselves.  All of them have bad health problems.  Husband has a bad heart.  Son is in a wheelchair and can't do much, and as far as I know only sees his parents to talk to.  Woman works every hour she can get at our local Walmart but is struggling to be able to do it.

Young man in a wheelchair with severe physical and mental problems.  He can't eat anymore, he's fed by a tube.  He needs 24 hour care, and God to let him know that He is there with him for comfort..

Young man with wife and two sons.  The wife has been living with another man for a couple of years and he's been wanting her back.  Now she has moved into his house and life with her seems very "dark".  Suspicious, hateful, I don't know all I'd say but she needs the Lord.  This husband is a Christian and attends church regularly.  He's kind and gentle.  The two sons are constantly in trouble and causing trouble for their father.

Christian couple in the ministry with a baby.  Need help with their new church and for the Lord to work in their lives and straighten out all the rough edges, and for them to hear God's voice and do what God wants. 

Young man who has had stomach problems all of his life, is in pain again.  At times it's very severe.  He also suffers from depression.  Please pray that his pain goes away, there is nothing seriously wrong with him and that all spirits go away.  All depression go away and that he be in perfect health, with Jesus in his life.

Lady using crack in our local Walmart bathroom.  Please pray that God will rescue her, save her and free her from her addiction.

Elderly woman taking care of her mentally handicapped son.  Works daily, and seems to do well. Please pray that both are saved.

Two men who were shot at their job by robbers.  One has atrophied left arm and other man's progress unknown.  Please pray that both are saved.

Let anointing of excellence be upon all of our lives.


Texanne - hand injury, in hospital.

Johnny - back problems and pain

Clara - back pain

Beth - God knows what she needs

Chad - healing for hand

Chris, Lisa, Daniel - healing

Fran - broken hip and ribs.

Nick - stomach problems, vomiting, weakness and fainting - unknown problem.

Tami - to receive a clear answer on a prayer

Rod - guidance and assistance

Matt - guidance with job, help to support his family

Daniel - healing for stomach, back pain, sinus or allergy problems, depression, and to stay close to God.

Willie - healing for back pain, joy and fellowship with God.

Amber, Tom and children - Salvation, all needs met.

Phyllis - continued healing for body, mind and soul.

Evelin - stroke, diabetes, blindness, congestive heart failure, on dialysis.

Amanda - First baby born, many difficult challenges. 

Tristy, Amber, Kyrii and Ashley - healing, guidance and salvation.  (children)

Shona's 5 yr. old son - has severe brain damage, hydrocephalus, physical and mental impairments.  Shona is praying for her son to be healed and asks us to join in with her.  My own son Chris was healed of these same things and I know God can do it.  God is good, let us agree in Jesus' name that her son will recover completely and live for God's glory.


Evelin - stroke, diabetes, blindness, congestive heart failure, on dialysis.  Please pray that God will heal her and guide her and her husband Joe.  Please pray that they are both saved.

Amanda - First baby born, many difficult challenges.  Needs much prayer and support.  Please pray that they are all saved.

Kristine - guidance, healing and support.

Mandy - second child about to be born, Salvation.  They need a home and provision.

Tami and her family - victims of a robbery, everything of value taken.

For every person or family that is in need today.  Those who are in accidents or have special trauma going on, special burdens.  Please Lord, cover and heal and bind up the wounds of everyone who is in misery and especially those who know you and look to you for their help and salvation.  For everyone else who doesn't know you, I pray that they be shown your mercy and that they are drawn to you and saved by your great gift at the cross.  Thank you Lord!

April - salvation, peace, life decisions

Michael - salvation, dedication to God, peace

Tammy, Megan and Brandon - salvation, healing, protection from evil.

Jennifer - God to perfect all that still needs doing in her life, provide her children and perfect her into His image.

Johnny - back pain/injury

Matt - provision and which job should he take, and that God would be his main resource always.

Josh - blindness, spiritual attacks, psychological disorders, Salvation

Chris and Lisa - mouth ulcers healing

Rod - jobs and debts

Anita and her family - all that they need and Salvation (which is all that we need!)  :)

Shona's 5 yr. old son - has severe brain damage, hydrocephalus, physical and mental impairments.  Shona is praying for her son to be healed and asks us to join in with her.  My own son Chris was healed of these same things and I know God can do it.  God is good, let us agree in Jesus' name that her son will recover completely and live for God's glory.

Chad - broken hand, touch his heart with forgiveness.  Help his family members to forgive and love one another again.

Rachel, daughters Johnnie and Jessica and son - peace in their home, healing for their bodies.  

Thelma and family - healing for Thelma's finger, healing for her handicapped son, help and healing for her husband and for every need to be met.

Tristy, Amber, Kyrii and Ashley - healing, guidance and salvation.  (children)

JJ and mother Gerry - strength and rest, help getting needed operations.

Daniel - healing for stomach, back pain, sinus or allergy problems, depression, and to stay close to God.

Willie - healing for back pain, joy and fellowship with God.

Amber, Tom and children - Salvation, all needs met.

Rod - protect, restore and finish the good work started, Lord.

Matt - Guidance, a great job, to be drawn closer to God, and to be kind, loving and a good father.

Clay - handicapped boy needs complete healing, love and mercy from God.

Christopher - teen who has been abused, grown up in a home without love, and now is in trouble with the law.  Please pray that God will have mercy on this child and turn him around, and show him what love is.  To show him his value and redeem him.

Scott and his 2 young sons - Restoration, healing and forgiveness, and all needs met.

Betty - Salvation, healing and love.

Michael Jr. - help from abusive relatives and a loving, stable family.  Please pray for help for this child in whatever way is best.

Jennifer - young wife who is struggling to turn her home into a Godly atmosphere for having children one day, and being a joy to the Lord.  Please pray that God will run interference for her to keep out the endless streams of evil that are trying to infiltrate their home, and give her wisdom and courage to do right.

Donna - mother who is watching out for her son and grandsons, while they go through a difficult time of their lives.  Please pray that God bless her home and keep her an anchor of love and God's Spirit at all times.

Robin - woman with cancer who is separated from her family and very lonely.  Please ask that God lift her up and heal her completely and give her purpose and make sure she's saved.

Johnny - man who is struggling physically and financially to care for his father and bring the family together.  Please ask God to bless and heal him, direct him in the way that God chooses.

Julie - woman who needs a job and home.  Please pray for help for her, and guidance from the Holy Spirit as well as salvation.

Teresa - woman who is weak with many physical ailments.  Please pray that God will touch her and give her strength, rebuild her and set her feet on Holy Ground!

Kevin - man who has lost his joy in living, with many physical ailments.  Please pray that God will infuse life into him and give him back health, physically and mentally!

Mary - woman who is burdened with the needs and turmoil of a large family.  Please pray that God will insulate her and set her free, and that she won't be affected by what the rest of her household does.

Tina - salvation, burdens removed, yokes destroyed, healing

Annya - burdens removed, yokes destroyed, help for place to live, stability in her life, healing for her body

Kevin and family - new purpose in life, deep experience with God, love of life to return

Clara - healing for her back, bills paid, happiness in her home, deep experience and joy with God.

Brian - young man who needs freedom and support, love and hope, needs to know the real touch of a real God, named Jesus.

Virginia Pearl - cancer, health issues, needs Jesus

Monroe - healing for mind, deep experience with God, joy and friendship

Paulette - healing for body and all needs met, protection

Joyce - healing for knees after surgery

Harold - healing for knees after surgery, protection

Beverly - healing for sugar and blood pressure and help for old age.

Bruce and family - healing for his daughters, salvation, meeting God, help in other ways

Teresa - needs healing in body, intestines and heart, several illnesses

Nick - salvation, deep experience with God

Jay and family - help with family needs and my own request for him 

The poor and those suffering from natural disasters, the orphans, those without knowledge of the One True God.

Charlie - taking chemo for cancer, burdens destroyed, yokes broken

Family who recently lost their small son to brain tumor - parents and 5 children who can't seem to get past the grief and attachment to their son, burdens destroyed and yokes removed, the Almighty Hand of God to touch them unmistakably with joy and healing!

Jack - health problems, needs Jesus

Ann and Clay - help with mother with dementia, burdens destroyed, yokes removed

Heather and her family (to be healed, to be drawn to God and find all that they need with Him.  To have transportation to town, supply and peace)

David and Mary - burdens destroyed, yokes broken, income increased

Michael and Rebecca - burdens destroyed, yokes broken, marriage repaired, forgiveness

Destiny - child had accident on 4 wheeler, 

Miguel - a home of his own and God's hand in his life, forgiveness and salvation

John - handicapped man, recovering with health issues

Liz - help raising her family, burdens destroyed and yokes removed, salvation, deep personal experience with God.

Rocker (healing, getting through his upcoming surgery, help and strength)

Angie (help in dealing with her husband, for him to be drawn to God and for them to find peace together or in separation, for God to do the moving so she'll know it's His will)

Cindy (a very strong healing needed, release and strengthening, to find God as a personal ever present source)

Phyllis (healing after a stroke, strength, joy and purpose, peace in Christ)

Tom (healing of cancer and help with his family, to be drawn to God, to find peace and abundance)

Bob (to be healed from cancer and anything else that is attacking him, long life and joy)

Ward (a child, a very strong healing and long life, to be saved, joy and happiness)

Ann (help during this time she's going through, wisdom to know how to best serve those she loves)

Jim (healing from cancer, help to recover from the treatments, joy in his life, to be drawn to God and for any demons that have tormented him to let go.  Peace in his life and with his wife!)

Charlie (very strong healing needed, long life, to be drawn to God and to know he is saved.  To receive all that God has for Him.)

Gwen (healing and help with her life, a home, peace and joy in Christ as her life transitions)

Dan and Clairie (peace in their home, restoration of their vows, their needs met, food and all necessities multiplied in their hands, spilling over to their daughter and causing joy and abundance to be evident!  For them to allow God to truly reign on the throne in their home, with wisdom and contentment)

Butch (healing for his body, relief from COPD, a real renewal of his love for God, and peace through salvation in Christ)

William (guidance and wisdom for the problems he faces, release from his burdens, steady income and all his needs met, and to honor God with everything he does)

Margaret and her family (strength, healing, long life and release from their burdens and for those members who struggle with depression.  A real relationship with Jesus and joy in being in His presence)

Liz and family (jobs and steady income that lasts, their needs met, and for God to move into their home and set up strong residence there.  Let the Lord be King in their hearts and real abundance to begin)

Alexis (a child, to find self esteem and love, to find and accept Jesus, and for his total needs to be met.  For his heart and life to be filled with joy and abundance)

Christopher (a child, release from his burdens and anger, to find self esteem and love, to forgive his family, to find and accept Jesus and his total needs to be met.  To have love and right understanding about who he is and how he counts in God's eyes, and a good life ahead.  For his heart and life to be filled with joy and abundance, and for it to apply to his entire family)

Joshua (a child, release from his burdens, to have love and right understanding about who he is and how he counts in God's eyes, to find and accept Jesus and have his needs met, his heart filled with happiness and a good life ahead)

Chris (to receive complete healing of his body, his legs and ability to walk, balance and take care of himself, to have relief from tooth pain and to be able to live up to the fullest of his assignment on earth)

Please pray for the homeless and for the animals who are suffering 

Please pray for our government and leaders who make the decisions we will follow this year.  Burdens destroyed and yokes removed from all of us!!

Churches and charity organizations, places that feed and help the poor - please pray that God will replenish their supplies supernaturally and that nobody will go without.!

The University of Georgia extension department is facing budget cuts that would eliminate 4 H and county extension offices, as well as some agricultural research stations.  We really need this service, please pray that God will intervene and not let any cuts be made in their department.

For the families who are really struggling, who need food stamps or medical help and can't get it.  For families who can't pay their essential bills, and are facing cold, hunger and homelessness.  Lord there have been children living on the streets for years in big cities, but there has not been a time of suffering like this since the 1930's.  Please intervene Lord and bring help to those in need and the knowledge of you - getting close to you, having faith in your word, so that people will not die but live and declare the glory of God!!

Please ask God to bless those who helped my family this week and give them special help for all their needs.  Thanks!

Anyone else I've forgotten or overlooked, please cover all and heal and help all, dear Lord!  We praise and bless you and rejoice over the gifts you've given us and the help always.

Thank you for praying, and God bless you!

© Lisa Tyler 2010

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