Some Of Our Major Miracles So Far

Praise our Mighty God!!

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Chris is a miracle child with a pure faith.  Born with brain damage, he was blind in the left eye, paralyzed on the left side and was in a partial coma for nearly 2 years.

When we prayed for him, we were new Christians and took God's word exactly as it is written.  In 3 days, Chris' first miracle took place.

With each prayer we sent up, God answered - 

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  1. Living through the brain injuryl
  2. waking up from the partial coma, able to sit up, eat table foods and begin to crawl, in 3 days,
  3. restoring his eyesight in two months
  4. making his left leg have equal abilities as his right overnight, 
  5. restoring the brain tissue that had been completely destroyed from pressure inside his skull in just 3 months,
  6. received money for winter hats, in days from prayer about it,
  7. private concerning his father,
  8. Chris and Matt saved from a house fire,
  9. Rod's throat cancer healing, in 3 weeks!
  10. received money for supplies, the day it was needed, having been mailed days before!
  11. heel cord tendon healed day before surgery, prayer took a few weeks,
  12. teeth moved in his mouth out of danger, safe surgery, no broken jaw, time - a few weeks.
  13. released from spirit of fear and isolation, one week,
  14. my stomach and intestines healed, in one church visit

More happening everyday! (Keep watching the praise report page)

Today, Chris is 29 and has always loved the Lord and given us insight about angels and spiritual things.  He has revealed things to us that only God could have told him.  

This is just a partial list of miracles we've experienced, and more are happening all the time.  Remember as you read this, that God is not a respecter of persons and He WILL heal you too, if you ask in Jesus’ name, and believe that you will receive.  The way to believe is to increase your faith and you increase your faith by hearing – what you hear with your ears enters your heart as a seed.  The Word of God is a seed.  

One wonderful way to get your faith increased is by asking for the free CDs at our church, online.  Life Christian Center International in Albany, GA.  Contact them from their website or by phone here  These CDs and Pastor Stan's ministry has helped us SO much in our walk with God.  It will help you too!

I also want to say here, that over the years my other sons have had many miracles, and so did my first husband.  Mathew has settled down with his own family now.  Daniel remains at home and helps me with Chris.  Both boys are good counselors and give good advice.  Neither have been the typical “male” child.  Instead of rebellious behavior and getting into trouble, they have been stay-at-home-types, interested in the computer and self education.  They are my friends. 


1st Miracle  1981  Living through the brain injury

Chris was born Mark Christopher Tyler in St. Augustine Florida on February 22, 1980, our first son, and I was 23 years old.

At 3 months old, he entered the hospital when it became evident that his head was growing larger very quickly and he was not thriving.  In fact, he was crying with a monotone cry, (seizure activity), and his face was distorted in pain.  He kept his head to one side and rarely moved his left arm.

A month later, the doctors still couldn’t drain the fluid from his brain, so they installed a “VP shunt” which drains the fluid into the abdominal cavity.  This operation introduced bacterial meningitis and Chris went into a coma that lasted for almost 2 years.

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2nd Miracle  1981 Waking up

Chris came out of the hospital after a 5-month stay, having suffered intensive brain trauma, hydrocephalus (pressure from inside the brain from fluid), with subdural hematomas (sp?) (blood clots covered his brain choking off the air supply).  He was not able to hold up his head, or sit up in a chair.  At just over a year old, he was swollen to 34 pounds from the cortisone shots for his constant seizures.  We gave him injections at home every other day to try to get them under control.

He was blind in his left eye, his left arm and leg were paralyzed and he could not move them.

One Sunday night Chris couldn’t go to sleep, so I was sitting on the floor with him in front of the television.  A TV evangelist said, “If you have a retarded child, or a paralyzed child, or a blind child, put the baby up against the TV and pray with me.”  I did that, and immediately forgot about it.

Three days went by, and on Wednesday morning, while I had Chris sitting in his chair to eat his liquid cereal (he could not chew food), he woke up.  For the first time he looked at me and smiled, he moved his paralyzed arm and plopped it down into his cereal bowl. 

In the first few days, he learned to hold his head up, sit, crawl, eat table foods and play.  His left eye still didn’t work, and his left leg was paralyzed.

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3rd Miracle Eyesight restored

We lived 50 miles from the hospital and the 5 clinics he had to go to each month.  We also had no car.  I had to beg rides for each of those clinic visits.  At the eye clinic, they put a patch on his good eye and insisted he wear eyeglasses, trying to force his bad eye to see.  This went on for months with no improvements.  If any of you have ever tried to keep a patch or glasses on a small baby, you can imagine how difficult that was and why I cried out to the Lord to take this burden from me because I couldn’t bear it any longer.  We had our second baby by this time and I needed relief!

We prayed again, and the following clinic visit showed a change in his eyesight.  By the second month’s visit, he had equal vision in both eyes!!

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4th Miracle October 1981 Left leg restored

Chris was like all children in wanting to be held under the arms and walked around the room so he could pretend to walk.  As we struggled to walk “for” him by holding him up and moving his body over his legs, I felt a surge of pity for this large baby, and prayed again one Sunday night for his legs to be able to walk like normal.

The very next morning, again having forgotten the prayer, I began walking Chris around the room.  To my amazement, BOTH of his legs walked by themselves, so well that I couldn’t tell which leg had been paralyzed!!

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5th Miracle December 1981 Brain tissue restored

When Chris first went in the hospital at 3 months old, the CT scan of his brain showed that the brain tissue was a tiny, thin ring around the inside of his skull and the majority of his skull was fluid.  They said the blood clots on the outside combined with the pressure of the fluid from the inside had destroyed most of his brain and they assured me it wouldn’t grow back in.

Three months after our prayer and first big miracle with Chris, they repeated the CT scan of his brain, and it showed that his brain tissue had grown back in!  They said the opening in the middle where the fluid is, was irregularly shaped but that his tissue was there and he had something to work with!  Praise the Lord!

He learned to talk at 3 years old from listening to his brother Matt.  He learned to walk at 9 years old from watching his youngest brother Daniel, but it was only about a year after that we saw that his left foot was turning sideways causing him to walk on his leg bone.

In 1990, the Shriner’s hospital operated on the left ankle and he healed well.

Chris learned to read three letter words from the Nintendo game “Sesame Street”.

We lived in Georgia now and God blessed us with a third son, Daniel.  All of the   children were seeing the spirits in our house, good and bad, and telling me about them.  I saw the effects of these spirit forces, but I couldn’t see them.

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6th Miracle  Money for winter hats

Once when we were very broke, and cold weather was coming on, I needed hats and scarves for the children.  They were in school at that time, riding the bus and really had to be dressed warmly.  I had no idea where I would get the money from, but I added up the cost – it came to $13 for what I needed.

A few days after I realized we had a need, a check arrived in the mail unexpectedly for exactly $13.  (These money miracles happened ALL the time, I just include it here for an example.)

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7th Miracle May 1996  Private

Our next miracle concerned their father, who died in 1996, and I have decided to keep this one private, so next I’ll tell you of a wonderful rescue that took place when our house was hit by lightning and set on fire.

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8th Miracle  June 1996  Saved from fire

A carpenter working on our house was in the backyard one morning when lightning hit the house.  He knew Chris and Mathew were inside, and I was in town with the baby, so he came inside to check on the boys.  (Mathew was a teenager and Chris had more mobility and could take better care of himself in those days.)  The carpenter, named Rodney, found the house ceiling was on fire and the propane line in the attic had burst and was hissing gas out into the room a short distance from the ceiling fire, but hadn’t exploded yet.

The water system for our house was shut off because of the work being done to our kitchen, but he managed to find a pan of water in the utility room (where the fire was) and put it out.  He turned off the gas and climbed into the attic to make sure all the fire was put out.

Over the next 3 months, he ended up rescuing us from one situation after another, and finally we met by accident in town.  There was an immediate bonding between us and we just knew we were a couple.  I believe it was the next day or so that he asked me to marry him.  He's been helping God protect us ever since!

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9th Miracle  October 2000 Throat Cancer Healed

We’ve helped each other over many hurdles since then, and the miracles didn’t stop, they just increased, but included him as well, with a fantastic 3 week healing of throat cancer in 2000.  His name is John but we call him by his mother’s nickname for him – Rodney.

Rod was a Vietnam vet, and had been raised by a strong farming family.  He started working in the cotton fields at 3 yrs old and he has the kind of toughness and survival instincts we really needed.  Unfortunately, he drank and smoked and cursed like a sailor at times, certainly not the type of person you’d expect me to pick.  But I saw something sacred in him, the potential for so much more.  He was faithful, devoted and single minded.  He was strong in areas we were weak, and we needed that strength to draw upon.

One day he was forced to realize there was something wrong with his throat.  He couldn’t speak above a whisper and there was pain under his arms in the glands.  Before he went to the doctor, he decided we needed to go to the Lord.

We had just put the carpet in a new church building for the New Life Christian Center in Albany, GA, for Pastor Stan Glass.  (Now called Life Christian Center International –  Stan had told Rodney about his own past, how he had been an addict and drunk, and God had taken hold of him and changed his life.

So Rod felt comfortable calling Stan and asking for prayer.  Stan said come to the church, go down front and let them pray over him.

We arrived one Sunday morning at church, and Rod went down front, totally humbled and surrendered to whatever might happen next.  Stan reached out his hands to touch Rod for prayer, and God laid Rodney out on the floor gently.  I’m not sure what you call this phenomenon, but we call it Slain in the Spirit.

While he was lying there, he said he was awake and embarrassed, trying to get up but couldn’t.  He said his whole body was paralyzed and he felt electricity going up and down his body.

Pastor Stan chuckled and said to the congregation “God’s operating on John.”  When Rodney (John) got up off the floor about a half hour later, he could speak better, and the pain was gone from under his arms.  Stan told us that he needed to go on to the doctors and find out the name of the problem and he gave us a list of bible verses that had been turned into affirmations.  We began praying hard for him.  He also said that Rod was to do whatever his level of faith felt comfortable with.  Some people rely completely on God, others on doctors and sometimes a mixture of both.

So Rod first went to the VA hospital, and found out he had an advanced tumor on his larynx, they called it a T 3 or T 4.  The doctors said they would only agree to remove the larynx.  

Rodney refused that treatment and went to Phoebe Putney in Albany.  The Albany doctors sympathized with him, and agreed to try 6 weeks of radiation and chemo, but if at the half way point (3 weeks) when they did another scan of the tumor, if it hadn’t begun to shrink, they made him promise to let them remove it.

We prayed day and night for 3 weeks, left our church's website up on the computer with Stan's piano music playing in the house 24 hours a day and we used the bible verse affirmations.  Satan came against us in many forms and he stepped up his attack against us.  

One night a rattlesnake fell through the ceiling of Chris’ bedroom, right next to him as he sat on the floor.  I heard the sound of it rattling, (it sounded like an electronic buzzing to me), and I ran from room to room trying to find out who was being “electrocuted”. 

I managed to crush the snake’s head in the bedroom door to kill it, and no one was hurt, praise God!  During that month, snakes began appearing all over the house.  In the kitchen drawers, behind the TV, everywhere.

When the doctors checked the progress of the tumor at 3 weeks, they couldn’t find any cancer AT ALL!!  God had completely removed all sign of it and it hasn’t come back.

The biggest miracle in this story is not just the removal of the cancer.  Rodney had several burdens removed from him at that moment in church too.  The desire to smoke and drink was completely gone, and he hasn’t touched either since.  It’s been 9 years now.

The guilt and anxiety from Vietnam was also removed from his heart and Rodney was able to put the past truly behind him.

He has not stopped telling people his testimony.  He also began racing a little Volkswagen we call R2K at our local track.  That's quite a testimony of the change God can make in your life.

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10th Miracle  Money for supplies

Another time, we needed food and it was going to be a very long time before another check came in.  I remembered that my mother always said when she needed a miracle for groceries she would sit down and write out a grocery list, and God would provide it.

So I did that.  I didn’t worry or feel anxiety, I simply wrote what I needed and committed it to God.  I also had written beside each item exactly what it cost and totaled it.  It was $30.  A few minutes later I remembered that I needed another dollar item and wrote in the new total as $31.

That day in the mail I received an unexpected check from England due to a business venture on the Internet for exactly $31!!  How awesome is our God to arrange all of these things in advance and send it on its way early enough that it would arrive just in time!  (These kinds of blessings happen all the time at our house, God is good!!)

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11th Miracle  June 2002  Heel Cord Tendon Healed

At the beginning of 2002, the doctors told us that Chris’ left leg heel cord tendon was too tight and needed to be cut in half, split down the middle and the two halves sewn together end to end instead of side by side, so that it would lengthen the tendon.  One of his toes on the left foot was curled under too tightly too.

It was going to be a big deal, requiring a lot of time to heal and relearn how to walk.  We didn’t have a handicapped ramp yet on our house at the time, and Chris was a substantial sized adult child to try to get back into the house in a cast.  Just getting him home in the car was worrying me.

A few years back the doctors told us that somewhere near age 12, he would give up walking to conserve energy so he could still interact with people and talk etc.  He hadn’t done this yet, and I was really resisting letting their “prognosis” come true.  Everything else they had predicted was overruled by God and I intended for this to be the same.  This operation threatened to be the start of his mobility decline.  So, we prayed for several months for this to be healed instead of needing the surgery.

After about 6 months of putting off the surgery and still no healing, we visited several churches to ask for prayer.  At every church, I asked the pastors if it wasn’t true that the Bible said “Anything you ask in my name, believing, you will receive”, and “With His stripes ye are healed”?

The pastors wanted to agree with me, they said yes it was written, but they hadn't been prepared to put all their faith on the line.  Everyone hesitated and thought that perhaps there might be reasons why a healing doesn't happen. 

I am very happy to reassure you that there is NO instance given in the Bible that God doesn't heal or keep His promises!  If you are thinking of the apostle Paul’s thorn in the side, read that section again because it names a particular burden (I believe a spirit) not an illness as his thorn.  The only pre-requisite for healing is asking and believing!

I kept insisting that God’s word was true, I KNOW the scripture says “BY HIS STRIPES YE ARE HEALED”, and that anything we ask for in Jesus name we will receive if we don’t doubt.  ("Be it according to your faith.")

Then I heard someone say my problem might be that perhaps I had not surrendered my will to God.  Here was a possibility, because I was so frightened of the consequences of the surgery.  I was trying to choreograph our lives, determine all the outcomes and know exactly what would happen.  I wasn’t willing to even consider an operation, because I just “KNEW” I was right.

So I finally surrendered it all to Him and scheduled the surgery, trusting that somehow Chris would be all right.  At the same time, Rod’s mother loaned us the money to build a wheel chair ramp, and although it wasn’t completed yet as of the surgery date, I believed God would make a way to get Chris into the house.

We went for a last minute checkup on Friday, and the doctor said Chris still needed the surgery.  Monday morning we had Chris at the hospital in Albany and I was prepared with a big bag of books to read, since we were going to be spending the night.  They were going to cut the bottom of his foot to release the tendon on the toe that pointed down, and the back of his left leg to release the heel cord tendon.  They said the leg would be weak for months.

I had just sat down in the waiting room and opened a book, when the doctor came bouncing out and told me they were all done and we could go home.  I asked him why it was so fast, (like 15 minutes), and he said that when they had cut into the leg, they saw that he no longer needed the surgery.

It took longer to get Rodney back down to Albany to pick us back up than the whole surgery had taken, and God performed his wonderful miracle, but only AFTER I had surrendered my will to His.

Every miracle we have received has been in a different method and time frame as you will see.

My faith was not disappointed, He was still as good as His word, and all of the promises of the Bible are true!  But God will work out the solutions to our problems in His time and in His way.

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12th Miracle  April 2003  Teeth moved out of danger

Chris had been having tremendous toothaches for months through 2002, and we took him to dentists and sought one that would treat him.  He had gotten older and his gag reflex was still so bad, he needed to be put to sleep to be treated.  There was only one dentist in Georgia we knew of who would do that and one clinic, and both are in Augusta, GA.  We finally got an appointment at the clinic at the MCG dental college in Augusta and they did x-rays on Chris’ mouth and told us that he was in danger again.  

Four of the teeth on the bottom jaw that hadn’t ever come through, were laying sideways, stacked two high, and laying in the nerve channel to his bottom jaw, on the nerve.  He was continually getting infections in them and suffered pain as the teeth tried to move, but couldn’t work themselves free. 

There were also his wisdom teeth to remove now.  He had 8 teeth that had to be cut out of the jaw, and taking the bottom 4 out of the nerve channel was most likely going to damage the nerves to his face, and cause permanent, constant itching and crawling sensations on his chin. 

They said we had no choice but do the operation, or he would keep getting sick with infections and possibly die from them.  Another problem was that in taking those bottom teeth out, they were almost certain that they would accidentally break his jaw.  He would be wired shut for a month and have to drink from a straw.  The straw I had no problem with, but not being able to open his mouth was another matter!  

For 4 months we had been fighting a combination of strange problems that I knew were related, although the doctors never admitted it.  He began suddenly wetting the bed, and waking up in the night coughing and vomiting.  Several nights I sat up with him, and we prayed and struggled, not knowing what was causing it. 

Finally, we found out he had what they call reflux, or heartburn, and I told the dental surgeons that to keep his mouth shut and have him wake up vomiting, could cause him to die before I even woke up and got to him. 

They couldn’t promise us anything, but we went ahead and planned the surgery asking God to heal this problem and fix it for us without a need for their help. 

We prayed!  I mean we PRAYED.  We were prayed OVER, and UNDER and from a distance and we sang and rejoiced and we fought.  During that time of waiting for the surgery, Chris continued to be in excruciating pain.  He was on pain medication around the clock that was almost keeping him knocked out.  He asked me every day, why he had to feel that way, and what could we do about it. 

My heart was breaking.  I wanted so badly to help him.  I slept on the floor beside his bed, many nights, and in the chair beside his bed. 

Finally I felt in my spirit as we prayed once more, that something HAD to be done.  I got bold and told Chris that by morning when he got up, the pain would be gone.  By God’s grace, he got up and didn’t hurt for two days.  We were now about a week away from the surgery and I was certain God had removed those teeth.  I reasoned that it’s no more difficult to dissolve tooth matter than cancer, and we had certainly witnessed cancer disappearing! 

I looked at his teeth constantly and even saw that the teeth were moving in his mouth, and I took that as further proof of a healing. 

When the day came for the surgery, Rod, Chris and I went to the hospital.  I made the doctors do another x-ray, because I was so sure he was healed and we could go home. 

They reluctantly did the x-ray as they admitted him, and said that although the teeth were now NOT in the channel on the nerve, they were still there.  So we continued with the surgery plans.  At least the danger of nerve damage might be less.

When they took him in for the operation, Rod and I prayed.  We were told to go on to the little diner two blocks away for some breakfast, so we headed out in my son Mathew's new car we had borrowed.

We had only made it one block before a car speeding around a corner slammed into the driver’s door of our car hard enough that I was pretty certain Rodney was killed.  

In a flash of time, not knowing yet if we were alive or dying, so many thoughts went through my mind.  Thoughts like - my son’s new car was gone, we had no money to get back home, and Chris is stranded 4 hours from home in a life and death struggle of his own.  And these were only a few of the problems I was worried about!

I feel so strongly about God’s grace at this time, I can’t express to you what a miracle is was that although we couldn’t open the driver’s door, Rodney was alive and well, the car was still drivable and we were able to continue our trip.

Chris came out of the surgery WITHOUT having his jaw broken, and went home the same day.  He was back to eating soft foods in a week and has been pain free until just recently in 2007.

UPDATE:  We now know there are dentists in GA who can work with handicapped kids and sedate them if possible.  One is semi retired dentist Peter Cimino in Oglethorpe, GA, out of the office of Carl Williams.  He can sedate someone at the local hospital with arrangements.  I have also seen ads on TV of a dentist in Albany who sedates in his office.  I believe his name is Daughtry.

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13th Miracle  2003  Released from spirit of fear

That summer, Chris was plagued with an ingrown toenail.  The podiatrist removed part of it, and infection set in.  He suffered through 3 operations for it, and constant pain.  He lost muscle strength and the courage to walk as freely as he had been.  He could no longer go to the bathroom by himself, or stand up while removing his own clothing.  He became much more dependent on me and we both became more homebound. 

Fear set in, the fear of trying to keep good clothing and be seen in public.  We were dieting off and on, trying to help Danny with his fears and depression, and I think depression just settled down over all of us.

Even though we had problems, we were still working on our faith, still praying.  Our computer contacts increased and we were ministering to others online who had problems and we were praying for them.  Chris began making little bead necklaces and bracelets with my help, praying over them and sending them out the way Paul blessed his apron and sent it to those who needed healing.

We were blessed to be a part of God’s moving in the lives of people as far away as Canada.  (Today we minister to several women in the middle east and England as well.)

Our local pastor was here to visit and I asked him for prayer about our fears so that we could get back to church.  On the night of the next church service, we had no trouble getting out and attending.  It had been over a year since I had been able to do that, despite many prayers being said for us and by us.  I had tried all kinds of tricks and preparation, and "psyching" myself up to go do it.  I can only assume that God removed a spirit that was binding fear to us, and I give Him the credit for that!

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14th Miracle  August 2007  Stomach problem healed

I have been suffering from some digestion problems for several years.  I prayed and bought every remedy I could think of.  I went to 5 doctors and they gave me 5 diagnoses and nothing that helped.

Reminded of the woman in the Bible who had an issue of blood for 12 years, it says this woman had spent all of her money on doctors and cures and nothing had worked.  That was me in a nutshell!  Every magazine on the checkout aisle that promised relief, and every herbal supplement.  

I even sent money to India for 3 bottles of a common Ayurvedic medicine made from 3 fruits that is supposed to strengthen the walls of your intestines and aid digestion.

I was in constant racking pain and couldn’t sit or lay down, and near the end would just cry and want to give up living completely. 

But I kept saying that I knew if I could go back down to Life Christian Center International in Albany where Rodney got his cancer healing, that I knew I would be cured.  One problem after another prevented me from doing it, as well as the old familiar fear that had set in again about going off into public.

My stomach was a mess, everything in the world made me nervous and I couldn’t deal with any stress anymore.

Finally my niece Abbie and her husband Jay moved near me to help me with our ministry.  They are pastors and missionaries and they have been coming to help me clean my house because I couldn’t do it for myself anymore.  I thought I was old and worn out and life was pretty much over.

On a Wednesday night, August 29th, we got in my car and drove to LCCI church in Albany.  I wanted Abbie and Jay to see how wonderful it was there, and how God moved in their healing services.

Well, it was lovely, but it wasn’t a healing service.  I did not get prayed over and nothing special happened.  I went home thinking, “well, I’ll go back and try to hit it when they ARE having a healing service.” 

The next day I was on the phone with my sister Eileen.  I told her about church, and that I had always said if I could go there, I knew God was there and He would heal me.  She said “DUH!  You said if you went you would be cured, and you went.  THEREFORE, you ARE healed!!

When she said that, I "felt" around in my body with my mind, and realized there was no pain, no swelling.  No miseries.  My stomach was fine, and I was in peace.  I can now do my own housework, I can enjoy life.  I can rejoice.  My God is an AWESOME God who keeps His word!!

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You see, I believed that God would help us, I knew to go to Him for our rescues, but I didn't yet know the power of the Word and the promises we can rely on for help.  I had only touched on them.  

Today, October 2009, I'm listening to the free CDs from our church in Albany,  and I'm being TAUGHT the "WAY".  The first church didn't call themselves Christians, they called this lifestyle and walking in the Kingdom, The Way.  It IS a "Way", a much different way of being victorious and breezing through this life with joy and abundance, rather than poverty and fear.  

You can sign up for the CDs too, by going to the website  You can watch their services (which is what is put on the CDs) anytime.  They keep 3 episodes there at all times.  You can get their phone number and email address and get signed up to receive them in the mail.  Or if you live close by, you can watch their TV shows in the mornings on Fox 31 out of Albany.  

Faith is what moves the mountains of our illness, but we didn't understand what faith is.  We remember the Bible says it comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  So you must HEAR the Word spoken out loud so that it enters you as a seed and can grow into faith inside.  Faith is a spirit that does the work of whatever you speak out of your mouth!  All through the Bible God and Jesus tell us "Be it unto you according to your faith", "Be it unto you as you have spoken".

Get the free CDs and learn HOW to move the mountain blocking the good for your life!  For now, read the next sections out loud to plant the seed of faith by your own mouth.

Since then, we've had numerous healings, blessings of money and supplies and miraculous rescues!  Praise God!

He has promised us this:

If you seek Him and do His commandments, He will keep disease and poverty from your door.  If you are part of the Abrahamic covenant, you are covered in the blessings provided to Abraham and his descendents.  

This means YOU if you are a believer in Jesus being the final sacrifice for sin, and if you believe that He died for YOUR sins.  (Just ASK Him to save you, and receive what God has promised.)

You can read more about this covenant and what God guarantees you at   He is a wonderful teacher of the word and you’ll love his short essays that build faith in healing.  Especially look for the “7 steps to healing”.

Scripture says,

  • “By His stripes we are healed.”
  • “Whatsoever you ask in my name, believing, I will do.”
  • “Whatever two of you agree upon on earth, it will be done in heaven.”

And so many more verses that over and over again assure us that God has pleasure in His servant’s prosperity and WANTS us to be healed.  He is ON OUR SIDE!  Living in a defeated way, allowing Satan to Lord HIS power over our lives does NOT give God any glory.

If you’re living with defeat and depression, sickness, poverty and failure, then you need to understand that ALL of these things have been taken away from you. 

Before you were born, 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ took all of these problems and sins and nailed them to the cross with Him. 

He died, went into hell and took the keys to death and hell and rose victorious. 

He said all authority in heaven and earth was given to Him and He turned around and gave it to His followers, commanding us to go forth in His name. 

We are told to preach the good news, heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead and baptize people in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.  (One verse says specifically in the name of Jesus, one says in all three title names.  You may wish to say it both ways.)

Does being sick, poor, depressed or unsuccessful enable you to go forth and do any of those things that Jesus said to do?  Of course not!  You can’t do anything if you’re fighting for the next breath, or to stop the pain!  You can’t do anything for God if you’re worrying about your very life.

Satan wants to convince you that he has killed you in all areas of your life.  He wants you to be afraid that he has taken your family from you, or that you are hopelessly addicted to a substance.

Satan is a liar and God has declared you victorious!  He said the battle is HIS and it’s already been won, and we are to take back the things the enemy has stolen from God’s people.

Starting today, surrender to God, praise His name and find prayer partners to pray with you.  

Pastor Stan’s church is Life Christian Center International on Stuart Drive in Albany, you can find more information at .  You can even watch their church services online, it works well on dial up speed.

Write to me at chastityrose @ and I will pray with you.  

Jesus showed me in a dream that He was going to hang the vision of that dream at my front door and it would draw people to Him through me, so that He can give them gifts.

The dream was about my inheritance being taken from me and given to a bad man.  I was fighting for it in court, even though I was a woman, I begged the court to give me what my Father had intended for me.  The judge said, I’m sorry ma’am but the deed was sold to someone else.

I was traveling in a car with a gentle man who was my friend.  I was weeping and told him about the theft of my inheritance.  He pulled out the deed and said, “I bought it back for you!  I am your husband, and I want to show you what I am giving you.”

I still didn’t understand that this was Jesus.  We pulled up to a huge two-story building made of glass and steel, like a mall.  He got out and called to me to come see what was there.  I was feeling even worse, because I was so financially broken as well.  I said, “Please don’t make me look at all the beautiful things I can’t afford.  I don’t belong here.”  (Still thinking it was a store.)

He laughed gently and told me that He was my savior Jesus and that all of these wonderful things that He had stacked everywhere in there, He had picked out by hand for me.  He said this is my mansion, and all that it contains is mine.

Then we traveled through a tunnel and came out to my front porch.  We stood there with a spyglass type scope in His hand that we had just come through.  Inside the looking glass was this mansion and all the gifts and the knowledge of what He had restored for us.  He hung it on my porch ceiling, and it hung down and opened up into what looked like an umbrella upside down.

I didn’t understand the significance of that at the moment.  Now I think it may represent the “rain” of the Holy Spirit and being open to catch the blessings of God.

As we stood there, women came to my porch from all over.  They came up and He gave them the desires of their hearts.  To one woman he gave an organ (keyboard) to play music.

Some women were reluctant to come and wanted to hang back, so I called to them and pleaded to trust Jesus, that He was really giving them good things and He wouldn’t let us down.

This is my ministry.  It is for abused souls, weary spirits, those who feel unclean, those who are racked with pain and infirmities, burdened and weighed down by unclean spirits and the lies of the world.

The lies such as “There is not enough to go around”, and “You have to work hard to make it in this life”. 

These are LIES from hell and God is pouring out His blessings upon the earth to prove to you and me that He loves us with an undying love, an unconditional love, and that if we will just say “Yes, Lord”, He will remove all the pain and the shame, the guilt and the hungers for things that harm us. 

(He will also provide our every need, and fix our every problem.  It may not be instant, like magic, but he will unravel the tangled mess we’ve made of our lives.)

He understands our addictions and our failures.  He was there feeling everything we felt as we committed our sins and He knows why we did them. 

He was human too and felt every desire that we feel, was tempted with every substance and demon that we are tempted with.  He overcame only because He is God in the flesh.

The Bible says that if God had not shortened time, even the very ELECT of God’s people would not make it into Heaven.  No man or woman can withstand the enemy on their own.

No man or woman has to become “GOOD” to make it into heaven or to approach our God.  In fact, the WORSE you are, the more God’s glory shines and the more He is willing to forgive!!

Sounds impossible, but it’s true!

So there is no rational excuse why not to come to God and surrender completely.  All you will get on your own is just more failure and sicker, older and poorer.  “With God, ALL things are possible.”  You can renew your youth (I have seen this done), you can be healed of every infirmity and illness (even aids), and you can start your life over fresh as if you were just born.  Even if you’re old, or wore out, and made all the wrong choices, you can be fresh as a virgin again, with a clean spirit and a whole body.

Don’t take my word for it though.  Let God show you.  He will reveal Himself to you and amaze you with His love and mercy.

I hope Chris’ testimony has been a blessing to you, and that this has increased your faith.

God bless you!

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Chris' Testimony

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