A Visualization for Abundance

by Lisa Tyler © 2007


Good Wednesday morning to every reader, and may God heap HUGE blessings upon your head, into your purse and over your entire household.  May you know peace and joy, and all of your problems be removed before the sun goes down today. 

Of course, if they are not all gone by sunset, remember that some of the problems we experience have to be walked out, as much as worked out.  We seem to generate so many of our own discords and shortages that we have to get to a place where our spirits are aligned right - so the blessings can flow in.  This is my prayer for you today, that you will be drawn by God’s Spirit to an uplifting opening of your soul, and allow Him to fill all your needs with the exact thing that is right in each situation. 

Some of us feel lack and a pinched off supply, others are wounded and have closed ourselves off in an effort to stop the hurt.  Others of us are striving for “things” that fill our empty places inside, although the “things” we choose are rarely what gives us what we need. 

In almost every life, though, we all experience way too much hurry, confusion, chaos and struggle to DO, when often all that is needed is to stop and acknowledge God.  “Be still, and know that I am God.” 

I once heard that the tools of the devil are hurry, noise and crowds.  I can imagine that.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to build a little garden at your house?  The kind with bubbling water, lush plants and a little footbridge over a stream with fat goldfish swimming around. 

One of those Japanese gardens with a place to sit, quiet to think and simple lines and natural materials.  It’s a shame we don’t insist that our houses be built with sense and with things that really meet our needs. 

Why can’t all homes create their own energy?  Why aren’t they all designed for air flow and relaxation? 

The good news is that even though you may not have those things in your home today, and you may not be able to afford to have them built today, you CAN experience them in the magic of the mind – today.  And thinking on these things, will do the same thing for you as if you were sitting there in that garden, surrounded by peace and listening to sweet bird songs. 

Your soul knows how to create what you envision, in the secret place where you hide yourself.  Try it!  Make a short list of what you’d like to experience, and then close your eyes and imagine what you’d smell or hear in this place.  What would you see, and what would you feel?  Use all of your senses as if you were really there, and let it sink into your heart. 

Once you’ve begun to do this, your blood pressure will go down a bit, your heart rate go down, your glands and endocrine systems will receive a boost of energy and your entire health rate will go up! 

If you’ve been suffering from muscle aches and joint pain, you will feel relief after a few minutes of this, and from getting in the habit of doing this each day. 

Now that you know how to visualize what you’d like to do right now, how about creating a vision of what you’d like to see yourself doing next year?  How about next week?  Next month? 

Aaah…you’re having a hard time, aren’t you.  It’s easy to imagine a little garden, and to feel and see it, because we’ve seen one before, or heard about them in a book. 

It’s harder to imagine yourself getting a great job or having a better relationship, because it actually involves what we believe about ourselves. 

There are ways to do this, programs you can buy or join to help you, and coaches who can walk you through it to strengthen your belief. 

But it’s not hard to do at all, for free, today.  In the same way that you asked yourself what would you smell or see, or hear, in this place you’d like to be,…ask yourself – what would you be wearing if your situation was better.  What would your house look like if you had control of things and had all your work caught up?  What would it sound like, or what would you say if you were in complete control? 

See it in your mind, hear it in your head, smell and taste all the things related, and imagine your fingers moving over this dream reality.  If it involves an office, touch your desk there.  If it involves a clean house, with shiny surfaces, or money in your hands, use your sense of touch inwardly and FEEL all of these things. 

Then hold onto that dream and think of it over and over again, until it feels comfortable for you to do.  If the little enemy voice in your mind says YOU can’t have these things, it’s stupid, it won’t work – tell it “All right. That may be true, but I CAN imagine it in my mind.  No one will know and I can play with this thought all I want to, and it’s perfectly all right for me.” 

So go ahead, play with it, and do it daily, as often through the day, every day as you can cut out time to do. 

You already know what this will do, don’t you?  I don’t even have to say it.  If you get nothing more than joy and a few minutes of improved health.  If you get nothing more than a brief respite from the harrowing days you must endure.  If you get nothing more than a playtime and a chance to be a child again in your mind…let it be. 

Let it be.  Three little words as important as “be still…”.  

I spend a great deal of my time, taking prayer requests, hearing about calamities and people’s needs.  This may not be your experience, but certainly you spend a little time each day thinking about situations that you want changed, or that happened and you want to do something about. 

My sister Eileen introduced me to a little statement she heard that I can pull out whenever things get monstrous.  “Everything is as it should be.”  In other words, LET IT BE.  Be STILL and let God be in control of our lives. 

I’m always trying to fill the gap for people and to fix their problems, or DO something about everything that happens, and I have to resist that urge.  It’s my goal in 2008 to stop being the plug in the leaky bucket and to stop trying to be the surrogate for God’s miracles. As long as I rush to fill in a space, God cannot fit there. 

So to help those I love, I must step back and let them grow.  Sometimes those painful things that happen are there to give you depth of character.  If you have to reach a little further and a little higher, you will gain the confidence in the creator, that one day YOU might walk with Him like Enoch and Elijah, and simply “be found no more”… 

Not that any of us want to disappear, but don’t we all wish we were His true friends, and close enough that we’d lose all sense of time as we communed with Him, learned of Him and all that He’s done. 

It’s hard to hear what God is saying when we can’t stop begging for help.  It’s hard to know what His will is in our life, when we are too afraid to stop reminding Him of what ‘he must do’ for us. 

My “job” is to remind my friends and my readers that God is able.  God promised.  God created and set in motion principles that will DO what is right and necessary and all that He requires of us, is the right attitude in our hearts.  

He gave us the creative power alongside of Him to call into being many of the things we want.  To do that we have to make statements of belief and walk out what we’ve stated we believe in.  We must visualize them to walk them out.  We have to re-learn what PLAY is, so we can play-act the part that we need to fill. 

With play is joy, and the Bible says our strength exists in our Joy in the Lord.  Everything fits neatly into another and creates a chain of blessings for us. 

Another principle you must know is that of blessing.  Every thought, word and emotion is a double tipped arrow, with a sharp point on each end.  As you sling one, it hits you and the target equally. 

If you shoot an arrow of hate or some mean emotion, guess what?  It’s recorded in your soul, and body.  YOU will be responsible for that thought or wish, and it will give exactly what you thought or wished back to YOU. 

The reason is, you have to experience it so you’ll know if it’s a good thing for others or not.  If you’ve criticized someone, soon you’ll find yourself going through the same situation, and have an opportunity to be on the other end of the criticism.  It hurts, but you learn.  I would advise against doing this more than necessary. 

The same thing applies when you bless someone or pray for someone.  That blessing you wished, is visited upon you as well, and God grants you all that you wish for. 

We are all connected as one fabric, cut from the same cloth, but not really cut out at all.  Beyond this body, where we all reside, we’re not even perforated.  We share pain and pleasure, purpose and promise.  What happens to one, happens to all.  That’s how ideas and situations travel so quickly. 

The entire world of so many different cultures, races and lifestyles, are not very different at all. 

I made a friend online who is in England.  I was telling him about a TV show where I saw a kitchen somewhere in England, and I couldn’t find the refrigerator.  I asked him if they had refrigerators over there.  I even explained what refrigerators do, in detail in case their word for it was different than ours.  (Yes, I’m naïve.) 

That was years ago and we still laugh about that question.  I really had no idea if they would have the same things in their houses that we do.  Then I saw New Zealand on TV just a week ago.  Can you believe it!  Their houses are square too, and they use real estate agents to sell them. 

How did these same ideas get started everywhere?  You may laugh, but think about that.  Even in Africa where they build mud huts they’re getting electricity and computers.  Isn’t it strange that nobody came up with anything different?  Why aren’t there people using a different energy source, perhaps of a kind that powers UFO’s or towns that don’t need cash or money? 

Because we’re one species, one life form, one spirit.  We share ideas and emotions with the speed of light.  

I want to do an experiment.  I want to get a group of volunteers to touch hands, (like a long handshake) and record their thoughts and feelings.  I believe we pass information in ways besides body language and pheromones.  

Call it ESP or telepathy, or call it a spiritual handshake.  I believe there is a lot to be learned about what we share, and a lot to be learned about respecting each other. 

We have allowed big business and government to dictate to us who we can love and who we can hate.  We’ve allowed a man hundreds of miles away to order us to kill people we’ve never met, and to all support such hatred. 

You may say they hated us first, or it’s because we must protect ourselves.  Their leader tells them that we’ve hurt them first, or we’re a threat, or God only knows what other nonsense. 

The truth is, we’re all responsible before God for our behavior, and that includes who we love and who we hate.  WHY we love and why we hate.  And whether we’re carrying out the commands of God on this planet. 

Today, instead of hating others or even ourselves, let’s build lovely footbridges in our minds, over rivers of abundance, and let’s visualize the kind of world we WANT to live in.  It is in our power to create it, and it only requires an attitude, a mindset, a vision.  It is possible to lay down our grievances and forgive with the heart of a child, but we all need to catch the vision of joy. 

I’m thinking of you today, and sharing my garden vision with you.  Write to me and tell me your vision, and I’ll help you pray for it. 

God bless you always, and always He will, of course!  

Lisa Tyler

[email protected]