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Look What God Has Done!

It is SO important to build our faith, and to acknowledge God for everything He does for us.  His people kept a Book of Remembrance and when they were scared or in danger, they read the wonderful things that God had done for them, so they would be encouraged and strengthened, and not fear.

Write down your blessings quickly, or they'll become so numerous you'll have trouble going back later to do it!



Read down to the bottom and be sure to see the miracle of the pears and the cigarettes.


August 7, 2012

The husband of my friend in India was having migraine headaches.  She spoke the battle prayer (7 steps to healing) over him and on the 4th time of casting the sickness out, it left and he is well!  Praise God!  Also we thank God for Pastor Jay Snell's amazing ministry that taught and encouraged us to pray.


August 6, 2012

Donations came in that bought the school supplies and clothing for two little girls who needed it just in time.  They also got their food stamps and the family were able to buy food!  God is so good, and always in time!

A house is being made available right next door to my sister for her sonís family, so they wonít be so cramped for long. 


Praise Reports for July 2012  (Names of the people usually are omitted for privacy.)

July or early August

The son of a friend in India was having a high fever and they took him to the hospital on and off, but didnít know what was causing it.  She and her husband anointed him with oil and prayed over him, and the fever went away immediately.  He is well!


July 24, 2012

My sisterís TV had stopped working several days ago.  She tried it several times and it was still broken.  Today it began working again.  Now her stove burners are acting broken.  Weíre going to just keep on praising God and wait for them to work again too.

July 22, 2012

My oven had stopped working; the thermostat seemed out of order.  I had it set to 450 and it was actually 600 and climbing in there.  We went to look at stoves and checked into the cost of fixing this one, and even had a lady offer to give me a used one.  But we hadnít moved on any decision yet.  I decided to use the stove one night briefly and just keep turning it off every few minutes.  The first time I used it, it registered just slightly off of what it should be.  (By the thermometer we have hung inside.)  The next time I used it, it was just about dead on the correct setting!  Thank you Jesus for keeping my oven useable and not costing us money!

Daniel's back was hurting badly but itís eased off and heís doing ok, as long as we donít ask him to lift cars!  Thank you Jesus.  He's also kept a 4.0 grade average in college for 2 semesters now!

I had just come through another really sick period of time, and suddenly Iím feeling very well.  Itís GREAT to have my stomach NOT hurt, praise God!  I feel so good I didnít even realize Iím not in pain!  Thank you my Lord Jesus! 

Report of much needed work coming available, odd jobs etc.  Always in time and always the amount of money needed!  Praise Jesus!

July 13, 2012

A girl was cut a check for damage to her car.  It had been broken down away from her house for weeks.  She filed a claim for an accident her mother had in the car before it tore up and the insurance man came out that day and gave her the money!  Now she can get it fixed and home, and have enough to feed her animals too.

Maryís car transmission began working again.  It had been stuck unable to go past 2nd gear.

She was able to go to pick up a lady and go to Arabi and back to town with the gas light on without running out!  That was quite a long journey, maybe 30 miles or more.

Report of a man getting enough money to pay his truck payment so it wasnít taken.

Another report of someone in need to get food stamps soon.

Earlier in July

A family member's food stamps came in several days early, and was really needed.  They were struggling to make his pay go around to pay all the bills and hadnít anything extra to buy more food with.  God is good!

Matt needed a microwave but didnít have any money saved up to get one yet.  His landlord sold him one for $10 and delivered it.

We went to Wal-Mart to buy a bird cage that was a bit larger than what the boy cockatiel we have lives in.  When we walked into the aisle where the little tiny cages were, a couple was standing there asking us if weíd like 3 cockatiels and a huge cage for free.  We went to get them today.  The cage is probably worth $300 dollars to buy; itís nearly 5 ft. tall.  We have people interested in taking the extra birds so we wonít be in worse shape than before.  Praise God!

On the way home from getting the birds we had to stop at a gas station.  Rod bought a lottery ticket and won an extra $10 than he had spent.  

One morning my van had a flat tire.  We looked inside but couldnít find a spare.  Rod took the tire off the van and to his brother, who patched it in about 5 minutes and sent it back home with us.  Praise God!  Later Rod told me we do have a spare but it's under the back of the van and I wouldn't be able to get to it on my own.  That's ok.  I don't plan on changing tires.  God is my crew chief and sponsor, my AAA trip planner and my "get out of jail free" card.   (grin)  Jesus is my everything!

Mary went with her school group to Texas for the competition and became very sick while out there.  She was so ill they had to put her in a wheelchair to get her back into the plane to come home.  God is good!  She got some medicine and is on her way to recovery!

Rod is giving his testimony about his cancer healing.  He has been faithful about going to church and reading his bible daily.  He provided help to a young lady who was out of gas in a bad section of town in the middle of the night.  This is a praise report because we were able to receive the phone call for help and had the gas money to go to town and help her.

I am doing much better and have been able to do without so much pain medicine.  In fact, I'm almost completely off of it!  Praise God!  I've also discovered that singing praises to God and worshipping Him is more immediate and more effective than the pain pills.  Once I start singing and praising, the pain lifts and the weakness goes.

I am also stronger and able to do more housework, take care of Chris more and get out and around more.  I have been focusing more on Jesus and less on my problems and God has been faithful, taking more and more of the illness away from me.  I know I am healed in Jesus' name!

I had a terrible experience with a bill collector, and even though I've never missed a payment, he was calling me up to 3 times a day and harrassing me.  This made my illness much worse and I can't afford that!  So I made a police report about him and was going through the courts to stop the phone calls, when I found out that this man is being transferred to another state and should be gone by this weekend!  Praise God.

Daniel's car has needed a lot of work done on it, and God provided the means to pay for it.  Thank you Jesus!

The repairs on an uncle's house that they so desperately need were put on hold (have been in the works for 2 years now) and it looks like they are finally moving forward and will get done.  His health is holding and his outlook is better, more cheerful and getting things done.  Praise God.

Angie's husband has found work in town and has been keeping busy.

We had severe storms go thru town this week, and although we lost power for a few hours, it was back on and we suffered no damages.

Praise reports for June 2012


June 24, 2012

Abbie wanted bunk beds for Nickís kids, but the set she wanted was over $1500.  They were driving along the road this week and found that exact set of bunkbeds put out along the road for garbage pickup.  They asked the homeowners if they could have it and they said yes.  She has to buy a small mattress for the top bunk, but the frame and bottom mattress is all there.  Praise God!  

June 21, 2012

Nicholas Adam Cobb:  God works in wonderful ways for two years I have been dealing with erosive esophagitis and I ran out of my pills and didnít have money to get more so two weeks ago in church the pastor asked if anybody needed prayer and I went up and he prayed for me I never told him what was wrong but god knew and immediately all my stomach pain was gone and I felt better than I have in years and I thank god every day for that.

June 20, 2012

Matt had extra needs.  First he was able to buy what he needed with his change.  Then he discovered there was an extra week to this month so he should have enough to pay his bills.  Then he received more money in his paycheck this week than expected.

Also, a friend from work brought him home today and said his father has a car lot and they have a car they paid $500 for and might be willing to sell him for even less than the 500. 

We praise God for these things and continue to trust in Him for all of our needs to be met.  Thank you Jesus in advance, for getting Matt the car and the insurance and tag in a way he can afford, or even for free.

God is good!

Multiple entries of God providing for our needs again in supernatural /natural ways.

Rod drove Banksí racing truck in the race Saturday night and won $40.

June 16, 2012

Mary needed money for going to Texas for food, and we were worrying about how to get it.  Her needs have been provided for in several ways, money coming in from different directions.

June 12

Evelin had her second eye surgery and says she can see a small bit more, a bit of outline to objects in good light.  We claim restoration of her sight in Jesus' name!  Thank you Lord.

We found a van for sale in our little town, and was able to buy it on an existing loan without a down payment, at a price we can afford!  I have been without transportation for so many months I've lost track.  We were using my son's car and trying to share it, while it needed many repairs.  Thank you Jesus!  I had been praying for a van for about 3 years and the one we got is in perfect condition, although it's 9 years old.  It's so clean it still had the new car smell, and was already decorated with a Jesus sticker on the back!


Praise Reports for April 2012


The costs for insurance and a tag for the VW were both less than quoted, and we obtained them fairly easily.

Multiple entries of God providing our food and medicine needs by unexpected means.  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you to you who have helped us, and continue to help!  I pray God blesses you incredibly!

As I help Chris play his Wheel of Fortune puzzle game, God has been giving me the letters to use as a small voice just popping them into my head.  4/18/12

Although the car lift in our garage fell over, nothing and nobody were hurt.  Itís been reinstalled.

Rodís race car is coming together, even with out much income.

People are praising Daniel and giving him credit for his goodness and wisdom.  Heís helping people a lot both in school and out.

The neighbors called and asked us to help with their computers, even though Daniel wasnít able to fix it (modem problem) he helped freely.  They want to give us a musical organ.  They gave us several blouses that I was able to fit, and really needed!

Michael is still working and making good money, about to move into his own place.  He had Crohn's also, but is doing well.

Mary placed 3rd in the state competition of PBL at school and is going to San Antonio.  She asked me to make her 50 craft decorator spoons to sell at a yard sale to raise money for the upcoming trip.  I thought I didnít have the materials and wouldnít feel up to making it, but I found 13 spoons and several garden gates I had already made and sent them to her.

I found the drawing Anna needs me to redo, and can get that done for her.

I was taken off antibiotics for a few days and knew it was a mistake.  I got sicker and was very sick, but God kept me alive.  I was able to get a doctor by phone and he approved me going on antibiotics I had at home and it helped.  The money for those needs was provided to us, and Daniel picked the meds and food up for me.  I am feeling better each day. 

I was asked by Pastor Yeye in Kenya what I would like to add to say to his government leaders at a conference he was asked to speak at on the subject of peace.  It was an honor to be asked if I had anything to add.  God gave me good things to answer today, and even though I lost some of what I was writing by hitting the wrong button, I know Iíll rewrite it again.  It was a summary of what Iíve been learning deep in my soul about us being complete in God and Him in us.  We are as He is now in Heaven.

Evelinís first eye surgery to restore her vision went well and she is looking forward to another that may restore sight in one eye.  

I was able to send $20 to Tristie in a card for her birthday and speak to the girls a few times lately on the phone.  I also sent them some money for Easter with Easter cards.  They are doing well.

Eileen heard the still small voice tell her something the other day that helped her.  She needed to find a book at work, everyone was looking for days and couldnít find it.  She asked God where it was and the small voice said ďIn the windowsillĒ.  She found it there!

Kevin had health problems, but they were corrected, caught in time and his tests revealed he was basically all right, no holes in his intestines etc.

Kevin Junior is waiting on his disability decision and it looks so far like it will go through.  His son was injured in a fall recently, but he is ok.


June 26, 2011

I want to record that this week Jesus brought us out of poverty, and we paid Alex, the Flint River Grocery Store check was picked up, and we got groceries and my hair cut, which were all things I had asked for and really desired.  He also healed my body, and gave me several days where I was able to forget that I had been sick.  I feel good and I know Iím on the way to being totally healed.  I submit to God and surrender to His ways. 

2010  More updates coming as quickly as I can record them.


I went to the hospital the last week of July for a fluttering and racing heart.  It went on for hours, despite all the meds they could give me.  Finally they put me to sleep and shocked my heart back into rhythm.  I was very afraid to have it done, but it worked, and because I was asleep I didn't have the trauma of such a thing happening!  God is good!  The medicine they put me on first, called Betapace, helped my stomach, and my IBS symptoms were gone while I was on it.  The medicine made my heart beat too slowly, though, so we discontinued it.  I'm still being seen by the doctor and more tests are to follow, but I know God is with me and nothing will really be wrong or that can't easily be fixed, because His word says I am healed and that I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.

When I had to go to the cardiologist's office as a follow up, he waived the fee so I could go for free!  Praise God.

Again more people were in danger of losing their electricity, but the money came in and the bills were paid.

Angie's husband went through his procedure at the hospital with flying colors and her trip to Florida to be with him went well too.  She's safely home and he's beginning radiation treatments.  



We had a bad virus this month and were near death's door, but God saved us and we are healed!  We needed to go to the doctor, and money was provided to pay our way in to be seen and treated.  Praise the Lord!

Two family members who were in bad financial straits faced losing their electricity this month, but both received enough money from family, friends and work to keep them paid.

God provided an extra job for my son Matt and he is also in school now, finishing up a degree started 7 years ago.



Blessing Meadows Ministries is now a legally operating and recognized church without having to incorporate or be subordinate to another person, agency or authority other than God to decide what we preach.  We can take donations and give tax deductible receipts!  We can continue to perform weddings, do funerals, baptisms and hold services, teaching the New Testament Church Gospel!  God is good!

A young boy we were praying for who was badly beaten at a local swimming spot by a gang of other young people, had been taken unconscious by helicopter to a Macon hospital where his family were told he would not survive.  He was on total life support  for two days until suddenly Wednesday morning his body recovered and he was taken off of life support and gotten ready to be sent home.  Word is he is doing well.  Praise God!!  Thank you Jesus for answering prayer!

Rod had a sudden attack with what we believe to be a pinched nerve in his back.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital (because he couldn't sit or stand up and was in agony).  They didn't find anything wrong with his leg bones (where the pain actually was).  We had been praying as intensely as we could for several hours, and Rod was hurting so badly I knew he would either try to cut the leg off or end his life if they sent us home in that pain (which they intended to do.).  Rod talked with the Lord and made a promise (personal), and shortly afterwards a nurse came in with another shot that seemed to work after a half hour or so more.  So he got up and we came home.  He's been mostly pain free since then, and keeping his promise to the Lord.  The Lord has been keeping HIS promise too, and we are SO thankful!! 

This situation may also result in an increase in income for us and may have been to bring about a needed change.  We are confident that God's will shall be done and His will is always for our good!  

Family member who is tithing regularly and following the Lord received extra income in her husband's retirement money and a whole extra check in the month they hadn't expected!!  God is good!! Praise His name!

Niece with diabetes had to have surgery to move the port for dialysis because it is too far into her heart, but while in the hospital she stopped breathing and apparently died several times.  She is back home now and doing ok.  Please continue to pray for her, as she is still blind and needs so much help in every way.  I believe God is fully capable of healing her totally!!  It's coming if she prays and believes!

There are many more praise reports I need to list but I have to find them from other places I had written them down.  More to come!  And God is constantly blessing us with more to tell about!!



Family members:

Car paid off, money increased and all is well despite retirement of one member in family.

Evelin, who has lost her sight and needs dialysis three times a week, is living in a camper with her husband.  Their AC unit broke down and it was very hot inside.  Praise God, an AC unit was given to them by her brother in law, and installed and is working good.

The baby who had a staph infection on her face (Ashley) is healed!  Praise God!

Daniel passed the test for his learner's permit and is learning to drive, getting outside more and getting more exercise!  Thank you Lord!  (This is a blessing to me, as it was on my "to do" list for a long time.)  We were able to find time with Rod sitting with Chris to get in town to do it and to practice now.

While taking Daniel out to practice driving, I got stuck crosswise of a dirt road in soft sand, at dusk in a place I had never been.  Didn't know where we were, or what the name of the road was to call for help.  We had no shovel and Rod was taking care of Chris for me so he couldn't leave him to come to help us.  After much prayer, digging in the sand behind our tires with our shoes and Daniel pushing very hard, the car was turned around and we got home safely.  God blessed us GREATLY with that rescue and keeping Daniel from having a heart attack or injury.  Thank you Jesus!  I was so scared I was shaking but God was there for us in every minute!

Most of the bills for the month were paid quickly, and the others are being taken care of one by one, as God always does for us.  He brings us help out of nowhere and influences stores and people to lend to us or help in other ways.  God is so good!

One of our relatives has retired and God is blessing the family financially, keeping them steady and paying off their debts despite the decreased wages!  Praise the Lord!

All of our needs are being met and more provision is on the way for us!  God is teaching us the way we should go and perfecting us into His image!  I bless and praise our mighty God and agree with His judgments.  

The old cars in our yard were sold, and the debts paid on them.  The yard and house are looking better.  We were able to go get the old church pews Mary had saved for us and they look very nice on our porch.



A job came in that paid several bills.  

God is still blessing us with that unspoken resolution from 13 years ago.  We are strengthened and praising God for His help.

My tummy is doing much better and I feel good!  Praise God.

I was able to stay home today and my sister worked with Rod in my place.  Thank you Lord!

He has given us insight into His Word, and blessed us with safety and peace in our home.

Daniel's car is running well and we have transportation now for emergencies.  We still need a bigger car that all of us can fit in.

There was a job to do, but had no helper.  God helped him do the work by himself in half the time!  God is good!

We have a new AC for the kitchen so we can keep the house cool!  I was able to pay off a bill.



Names are being left out for the privacy of the individuals


*There is a private praise report I can't tell you about, but I CAN say it has been in the works and prayed about for 13 years.  God is good and His mercy endures forever!

*A job came in and we received groceries.  Thank you Jesus!

*Chris' sunglasses were broken last week, and when we went to go outside for a walk, he asked for them.  I told him I was sorry, we didn't have them anymore.  As we went walking downtown, a car was coming so we had to move over into the grass of the playground, where I would not normally try to push his wheelchair.  There in the grass was a perfect pair of sunglasses, just waiting for us.  Nobody else around.  They were there in the exact place God arranged, and the car came along at exactly the right moment and we were positioned at exactly the right spot on the road for all of this to come about.  Chris has a lovely new pair of sunglasses, thank you Jesus!!

*About the vehicle we were considering and the owner who was willing to take payments.  The loan company wouldn't loan money on it because of the mileage and age, it wasn't a good deal without proof that the engine had indeed been changed and it was a new engine.  We decided to let that situation alone and concentrate on paying our bills instead.

*I had two vehicles sitting here in the yard that need repair that we can't do.  I owe money on them, just a small amount.  I decided to sell them and pay off the man.  Already one car is spoken for and due to be sold on Thursday.  


*God sent us financial help from two unexpected directions this week.  It was so timely and appreciated!  God please bless those who helped us!

*We needed to go to a doctor but didn't have the money for it.  We went anyway and were going to spend some of the kid's birthday money to get antibiotics.  The clinic agreed to take a small payment up front and bill us for the rest.  When the pharmacist heard we were using the birthday money and only going to get the prescriptions that were most important, she wrote no charge on the bill for me, so we didn't have to touch the birthday money!  God please bless her and all who have helped us!  Thank you Lord for making it possible to get medicine!

*Rod's truck broke down but we had just gotten in some money, so he was able to buy the part and his brother put it on for him.  Thank you Lord for arranging the timing of everything so we can continue on, and please bless Rod's brother for his help!

*We had been trying to get a vehicle that we can all fit in, and although the loan company said they couldn't loan money on it (age and mileage), the owner has decided to take payments.  We don't know yet if we will be getting it or not, but we're listening closely to God's urging and cautions.  We are confident that Jesus will keep us safe from mistakes, and provide all of our needs!  Thank you Lord!

*The computer I use is making a loud grinding sound, probably a fan going out.  Daniel was able to do a backup today of all my files, so we can relax no matter what happens.  Thank you Lord!

*My sister's Pell check came in and she also got a job with the census.  Thank you Lord for providing so richly for all of us!

*Chris and I have been pretty sick.  Nearly to the point of death I think, but every time we prayed, the sickness lifted up off us a little more and antibiotics along with the prayer seem to be helping a great deal too.  God is good, and I hope we increase our faith enough to be able to cast out every ailment immediately!


*Chris' teeth have not been hurting for a couple of months now.  God is GOOD and has healed him from the pain!  He is finally able to get back to living and trying to exercise.

*Daniel's car broke down right here in our neighborhood, and we're now getting it fixed for just the cost of the part!  Praise the Lord!!

*Jobs were created, and everyone in our church group is being provided for.

*Rod has been able to fix many things at home that were in need of repair. 

*Amazing rescues with money again!  He gives us everything we need right on time, even though it looks sometimes like it's not coming.

*Elderly couple who had their phone break down one week and their water well stop working the next, got both repaired quickly (within a day or two of the problem starting) without money to pay for the servicemen who came. 



*Young family struggling with several young children, and a job that doesn't pay the bills:  food stamps did not come in, were several days late.  We prayed and let God take over, and believed He'd make it right.  They did come, about 4 or 5 days late!  God is good and provides for anyone who is seeking Him!  Thank you Jesus!!

*Lights shut off unexpectedly for a family - bill had not arrived and family had been busy with a birth.  The timing and miracle of this is that the state tax refund check came just a few days before this and the father was able to immediately go to the light company, get the power back on (they depend on electricity for heat in their home), and without extra fees for reconnection.  Another miracle is that although he only had about $100, (and electricity bills in SW Ga have been as high this year as $900 a month for some people), their bill turned out to only be in the $70's range.  They had not known the amount of the bill or if they could get power back on for just $100.   Thank you Lord for knowing about this need in advance and planning everything so that family would not suffer!

*Even though our income has been less and the outgo more at times, God has provided food for our table and power for our house.  He has given our house a peace and distance from the troubles around us that we pray about for others.  God is more than good!

*The Georgia snow this week did not take out our power lines!  My entire family (several households) were protected, no accidents!  My grandchildren in Crisp County had to go to school that day, but they made it home on the bus just as the ice was coming down, and snow was beginning.  God is good!!

*Rod's jobs had died off again, but a job came in for next week, although small.  God always brings him something to do when he needs it to pay his loan payments.  Our God is good!!

*My tummy has been settling down lately, praise God!!  He's been giving me inner revelations about the workings of marriage relationships and the meaning.  Also about what God's way of marriage would look like in our society.  I'm not saying that our marriage ceremonies are wrong, I'm talking about the attitude of the hearts of most couples today, needing to work together, pray and live in unison so that they can accomplish more and honor each other more.  God has a plan and if we'd walk in it, we'd have peace!  More on the marriage issues as I get it written down for you.

*Mary has gone back to college and is getting very good grades.  Despite all the responsibilities of running her home, providing transportation for a large family, and caring for grandchildren, she is keeping up with classes and homework.  She is even learning how to use a computer!  Thank you God for protecting her and surrounding her with your goodness!

more praise reports coming!


January 31

I am well!  Praise God for my healing!  Praise God for my feeling of youth and ability!

Daniel's car is on the road, working!  Rod's truck was broke down again and he was able to buy the parts and get it fixed quickly.  It happened in between needs for work.

We were able to give out several CDs to several people to share the gospel and teach them to use God's Word.

Mathew and Tina's marriage, a long awaited event, is soon to happen.  Praise God and Lord please be with them.

God continues to bring in jobs and support us, and we thank Him!!

Chris is still pain free and healthy!  Praise God!

Baby Ashley was born safely and is doing well!

January 5

Chris' teeth are no longer hurting!  Praise God, since December 28th 2009!

Many praise reports about rescues in my family, that I won't put up here.

God has been continually aiding us and keeping our household steady and protected.  No sicknesses come near us, no calamity, no loss.  Praise God!

More to tell you about soon.


Late December

My son had taken his family to a doctor in Macon, the drive was over an hour.  There was thick fog so he was late and they stopped to call the office, then were told the appt had been missed and they had to reschedule.  Because they turned around and came home immediately, they arrived in time to find their electricity had been turned off, and were able to get it reconnected that day.  (He had forgotten to pay it, and still had the money to pay it.)  God is so good!

Late December

Woman being screamed at by husband, who was being unreasonable and demanding.  She was given the words to speak to him supernaturally from God and it calmed her husband and made him respect her more.

Late December

2 Nieces, a nephew and a sister have lost their jobs, but God blessed them with an increase from what they made before.  Three of them were given unemployment while they pursue college, a fourth moved to a better town and got a better job.

December 17

For each of us who began studying the Word on the LCCI CDs, (taking it seriously), we have had a huge increase in income, and our personal family problems are working themselves out.  God meant what He said, and He WILL take care of everyone who honors Him.

One of my niece's had a break in at her house through the night while they slept.  Praise God that nothing was stolen and no one was hurt!!

I burned up a pan in my kitchen the other day, loading the house with thick smoke, and drew a lot of it into my lungs.  Praise God we got the smoke out of the house without damage and it out of my lungs as well, without causing any illness or pneumonia!

I had a couple of days of really bad health, weakness, nearly fainting and pressure in my head.  It came at the same time as a broad spiritual attack on all our family members.  Praise God it lifted after two days, same as the attacks on the others.  "I am strong in the Lord, and my body rejects the curse, because in Jesus, by His stripes we are healed!"

December 3

In one of my sister's houses, 3 of them lost their jobs and had no money coming in.  They had taken in a homeless family besides some of their own and today they have found places to move to that they can afford.  My sister was blessing the Lord all morning and praising Him as she worked, and He has been blessing her whole family.  An extra check came today for them, and God gave them an overabundance of pecans.  As they worked to pick them up the family began to laugh together and play, and tensions relaxed.  Then this afternoon the enemy tried to bring disaster to them, but we're standing firm on God's promises that our Father will continue to show Himself strong on their behalf.  We know God will make everything right for them.

They also found two more, cheaper places for the extended families living there to move into.

Another sister found out her son and family are able to move out from her home and into their own place mid month.

Theses are all answers to our prayers and groaning on taking care of our adult children and taking on too much.

Today I found and bought a good printer, cheap at Wal-Mart.  It came with ink and the USB cable.  Now I can print out the faith confessions and make sure everyone in my family has a copy.


December 2

The storms that were supposed to be so bad, have gone around us again, missing our home, praise the Lord!  And the rainfall has not caused as much roof leakage as one might think.  I have a man standing by to patch the roof as soon as it dries again.  Yeay!

December 1

God is really moving in my sister Mary's life.  One of her sons and the homeless family she took in have found another place to live and are planning to move out mid December!  This is direct answer to prayer.  She also got a phone call to come in for a job interview tomorrow!  Besides these great news, her bills are being covered, and she registered in time for classes at the local college.

Chris went to the dentist today, and although he didn't get anything repaired (only cleaned), his teeth didn't hurt all day until about 7 pm after he ate.  We've been having more and longer periods of time that it doesn't hurt him.

My niece's home was broken into last night while they slept, but the robbers didn't harm or disturb them, and appear not to have taken anything.  Praise God they were safe!

Another sister has been seeing the hand of God at work in her finances as she has been tithing and working towards getting the Word of God out to the world.  She had enough from her paycheck this week to cover what she had done for tithes and offerings, and not have to ask her husband for any of his money.  

This is a recurring theme for us this year.  God is proving Himself VERY strong in the finances department when we do what we know to do.  There is enough at the grocery store each time we stand in line.  There is enough to meet every need!

November 28

God provided richly for us this week, despite the enemy trying to take provision out of our hands. 

It was supposed to be close to freezing last night and I was dreading the cold in the house.  We prayed for God to intervene with the weather.  Last evening something in the atmosphere changed here and the terrible cold that was supposed to come, didn't.  We were comfortable in the house.  Praise the Lord!

Chris is now having longer periods in between pain meds.  I think we've hit the breakthrough, where we get our total miracle!  Thank you Jesus!

November 24

I noticed that Chris had an infected toe about 2 weeks ago.  We prayed about it, put some antibiotic ointment on the spot and then tried to leave it alone.  I checked on it every 3 or 4 days.  He had also been having a problem with his jaw or teeth, or ear (the toothache) that was intermittent but had been pretty steady lately.  Every 4 hours he needed medication.

I checked on his toe one night before bed, and the place that had been white with red angry tissue around it, had broken like a blister and revealed only healthy skin under and around it.  Praise God!

The next morning Chris got up and went all day without needing any pain medication, until about 10:30 that night.  Praise the Lord!

We have Chris' first video up on Youtube.com!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx0eXKuRTJU

November 20

God has provided again!  There is peace in my house, praise God!

This month we were given a video camera to record Chris' testimony on video, and this week we were given a money donation to make the CDs of God's word and assist others in need.  We have made around 50 CDs and mailed them or delivered them so far.  We are planting seed!  Praise God!

November 16

My son's 4 yr old daughter had pneumonia and had to stay home from school.  She overcame it within a week and is in good health, praise God!

November 16

My sister had made too much food for supper, so she took part of it to her neighbor's house.  Within a day or two, food began coming to her house.  An old boss of her husband, who now lived in another state, came twice, bringing a whole (prepared and processed) deer, and then a box of pecans.  A different neighbor brought her a bottle of wine they had extra, and another neighbor brought a huge box of donuts.

God said however we treat others, we'll be treated.  When you cast your "bread" upon the waters it will come back to you multiplied!  So if you SOW food, you'll reap food in due season.

November 10

Hurricane Ida approached the gulf coast (and was coming near us).  In fact it was coming over top of us.  Before it came to the US, it suddenly downgraded to a tropical storm and the effects were greatly minimized.  God didn't stop there, however.  As the heavy rains neared my house, the clouds parted again and passed to the side of us.  We got no wind, minimal rain and no damage.  Even the leaky roof barely dripped!  Praise God!!  He is good!

November 9

God is laying out provision for us in front of our eyes!  Thank you Jesus!

November 4

Chris was experiencing tooth and severe throat pain.  He had gotten antibiotics from the dentist, and some of our family members have strep throat.  No matter what it is called, we know to pray and rebuke the sickness and speak "By His stripes we are healed"  (By His stripes "I" am healed!)

The pain woke him early, about 6 am and I gave him his medication and we prayed.  I tried to rest while he played on the computer.  As soon as I acknowledged that I was tired and my mind noticed that my neck hurt and I had a headache, the "shadow of the sickness" that Chris had seemed to be sitting on me.  Sometimes when you're tired and really feeling unwell it's hard to pray for yourself.  (Probably why we're told to go to the elders of the church.)  I prayed for myself but some tiny part of me deep inside, must have still been in agreement with the sickness, because it was holding on.

I opened an email from my friend Pam and she had written out a prayer for us in there.  I read it and then turned towards Chris to agree with him again that he was healed (our routine over and over - as he speaks his healing), and as I turned my head, I felt and "saw" a black shadow lift off of me.  The sick feeling and weight of pain and tiredness lifted and disappeared.

Praise God!!  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Pam for your prayer.  

P.S.  Today, November 5th, we are both feeling great and happy and still studying God's word as if it were bread and we were starved men!

November 4

A family my sister Mary has taken into her home has a teenaged daughter who didn't have a coat.  We put out the word with a couple of churches and within a few hours a coat was found for her.  Thank you Jesus!

November 3

Angie's van has been having problems, the no battery light would come on once it was started.  Today it wouldn't start for hours, but finally did and it's been running well all over town without the battery light being on!!  Praise God, the van cranked up and is running well!

November 3

Chris had toothaches, needed to go to dentist.  We arranged a ride to dentist and there was a cancellation for next day, so we had appt.  On morning of dentist appt, the lady found her car had vanished from her yard.  It was repossessed.  The good news of this is 1) she didn't have her belongings in the car, and without having to make those payments, she can afford more food. 2) the dentist called in antibiotics for Chris and we discovered later that day that he may have strep throat instead of a toothache, so it's very good we got the antibiotics and we didn't mess with his tooth until we're sure that's what is wrong.  God is good and I know He will heal Chris, no matter whether we go to the dentist or not.

End of October 09

Angie was picking up pecans and moved to a spot of weeds that were full of pecans.  Unfortunately it was also full of poison ivy there.  She was going to avoid the spot, but determined in her heart that she NEEDED those pecans and her God was stronger than any poison ivy and she WOULD NOT be bothered by it.  She was not!!  And she really raked her hands repeatedly through the stuff.

The next time she went out, she was picking up pecans near poison ivy again.  This time she was very careful and avoided touching the ivy plants but picked up near them.  She immediately began breaking out in blisters.  She stopped, rebuked the poison ivy and claimed Jesus was stronger than any toxin!  Within minutes the blisters dried up and they no longer itched!!  Praise God!

October 29

Lady needed nearly $800 in one weekend to pay 3 major bills.  It seemed impossible, and she began picking up pecans to earn the money, even though she was sick.  God brought the money she needed from several sources and everything was paid in time.

October 16, 2009

Last night Chris had headache for hours, I noticed an imprint in his forehead, like a thumb or finger print.  We prayed and cast out demons and the imprint left immediately, and his headache left soon after with a bit more prayer.

We both got tummy problems at same time.  We had tornadoes and storms come within about 2 miles of our house but they missed us.  Praise God.  Matt and everyone we know was ok, too.

Chris told me that he sees Jesus in his room whenever he's singing to the Lord.  (He plays his recorded praise music constantly and sings along.)  He's been telling me this, but I assumed he meant something else.  Chris says no, he SEES Him in the room, and he pointed to his eyes.

Then he told me that his eyes were healed and he no longer needed glasses.  He took them off and they're now in the case.  He loves telling people that his legs and eyes are healed!

We're now praying for his teeth and gums to be healed.  According to God's Word, He IS healed ("By His stripes we are healed" and "whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, it shall be done for you.")  Thank you Jesus!!

October 09

A family member lost their home and had to find somewhere else to live.  It was a very traumatic loss, because it had been in the family.  God helped this family find a much better place to live, close to work and next to their church.  The house they can rent now for half their old mortgage payments is on 200 acres of land with hunting rights, and all their friends and family gathered to paint and restore the beauty of this old 1917 farm house so they'll be happy there.  The stress is off and life is good again for them!  Praise God!

October 2009

Two relatives both had their phones shut off.  Both of them went to have them turned back on, (at separate times) and pay the bill.  The bill was wiped out, they didn't have to pay any money and they even got extra features for a lower monthly fee!!  The phones were turned on immediately and we know this was God's blessings on us, for paying attention to His Word and studying each day!!

October 09

One of Daniel's computer's fans was making a bad noise.  This is a fan that is glued to a part of the mother board (which has been discontinued now.)  So if he had to replace it , he'd have to change out several expensive parts of the computer so they would all be compatible.  Naturally we were very concerned about it.  We said a prayer and just left it in the hands of the Lord.  As soon as he was done doing his backup, the noise stopped and hasn't been back!  Praise God!

Aug - Sept 09

We were able to get physical and occupational therapists to come to our house for 5 weeks and work with Chris, with no charge!!

At the time they began coming, Chris' ability to walk and his condition had deteriorated to not being able to step into the shower even with 3 adults holding him up.

On the first visit of the therapists, we renewed our prayer faith and God granted Chris another healing.  This was both for his left arm and for his legs.  

His left arm began helping more, and the occupational therapist said as far as she was concerned its condition today was a miracle because muscles that are not used and not worked atrophy quickly.

At the same time, Chris became able to stand and walk without holding on!  We're so thankful for this healing, and we're now praying for other things.

Sept 09

Received money anonymously to share with my sisters and care for abandoned animals.

August 25 09

Relative needed money for her bills and we just couldn't see where it was coming from.  That night she called back and said her husband had won a good amount of $ in the lottery.  (We don't buy lottery tickets hardly ever, because we don't think that's a good use of money, but these folks believe it's fine, so it's fine with us.)  (Jesus said - according to your belief be it unto you.)

Relative was stranded in another state, trouble with his work vehicle.  God helped us get a loan to send him to get home with.



There was no promise of grocery money, or even to pay our crucial bills at this time, and Christmas right here too. Last month Rod made $30 in two or three weeks, so I just prayed on it and waited to see what God was going to do.  He made enough in his paycheck this week to pay the crucial bills and buy us food.  God is so good and always right on time!  Thank you Jesus!

Matt and family

They needed a loan and were able to get it within a day of applying.  Praise God!

Back in the fall, Matt's car had broken down, wouldn't start, so we towed it home and let him use ours.  After a few days, Rod had time to check it out.  He climbed in the car and tried the key, and it started right up!  Praise God.  Nothing wrong with the car that we can see at this time.

Jennifer and Drew report:

Jennifer had been unable to conceive, prayed extensively and was then lead to have a simple outpatient procedure that cleared a blockage and she is now waiting on her first child.

She also reports that money had gotten very tight, and they were unable to pay their bills last week.  She remembered our testimony about getting unexpected checks and believed God for a miracle to cover their needs.  She paid their tithes and went looking in the mailbox.  It wasn't there.  She went to her neighbor's to clean house (he was already a customer), and found a check there for next month's cleaning bill in advance.  God DID provide everything they needed!

Kendrick, small child with brain cancer

After being dizzy for a few days, doctors determined that it was caused by a brain tumor that very fast growing, and in a place that was very bad to try to do surgery to remove.

The family were given no choice but to try the surgery anyway, and when the operation began, doctors saw that the kind of cancer the little boy had was not malignant and was in a place easy to remove.  They removed everything they could find of it and think it will stay gone.

He's still having some other issues, so he continues to be under attack but with prayer, God will bring this child and his family into total victory!  Thank you Jesus!

October 17, 2008

Alex is doing much better.  He's gaining weight, at home with his family and a happy child.

My son and his wife separated for a week, sending them close to a total meltdown or suicide, but God immediately intervened and proved Himself present by guiding my son in what to say and do.  Their attitude changed completely and they are in the process of putting their lives back together with joy.

(many more praise reports to come)

July 19, 2008

Alex, the little boy with brain cancer is doing better.  He's gone through another surgery successfully and is on his last round of chemo.  We're believing for a complete healing!

Chris and I are doing much better with our health, and Rod's jobs are going well.  Daniel and Matt are also doing ok.  Praise the Lord!

Melissa has moved into a place with her children and new husband.  They now have a car to use and are looking for work.  Thank you Lord for arranging all things.

Rod's truck broke down a few days ago and he was very upset.  He worked hard to fix it but it still wouldn't start.  We had it towed home, and the tow driver gave him a discount and hired him to do more work for him.  His brother came by and got the truck started for him again in a day or so.

Lucy has been very sick with a sore throat and high fever.  She has cancer and has been taking chemo for 2 years, so a cold is a big deal.  She is doing better and has survived into the second week.  Her daughter is staying with her some days to make sure she eats well.

May 21, 2008

Again God turned the bad storms and they split, never coming near our dwelling.  All is well at my house and we have what we need.  God always provides exactly what we are in need of.  I am grateful!

In the last few weeks, the burden of helping Rod with jobs and mechanic things has shifted off of me, and I'm thankful.

Money blessings.

April 29, 2008

Chris and I prayed about our mouth problems.  

Before I knew he had the mouth problems, that day at the store my eyes were led to the benzocaine.  As Iíd start to walk away, I kept thinking of it again, gently but urgently.  I bought it.

He had a gum infection, and I had an abscess on my gums just below the nose.  We prayed and I went to bed.  That night the pain was so bad for me I had to take ibuprofen.  It had been so bad for Chris, we were brushing his teeth and doctoring him with peroxide 2 or 3 times a day, plus using pain reliever and benzocaine.

The next day  I woke up and didnít hurt at least much.  I didnít press on my face or move my lips and tongue around for fear Iíd get it stirred up again, so I was being careful.  All day went by and finally by evening I was bold enough to check for the lump and see if it was really better.  THE LUMP WAS GONE!!!  It had been gone all day I believe, or on itís way out.

My teeth had been loose and it was pressing on a nerve in my face so I couldnít smile on the right side the same as the left side.  For it to go away overnight completely, is a miracle!  I believe it was in direct response to prayer, and I thank God heartily for this relief!  I want to remember this gift Heís given me, forever.

Also, for Chris, his gums looked much better, they were not as red and angry looking. Also we only treated his gums and brushed his teeth once, and gave him pain reliever just once.

The Lord DOES answer prayers, and He DOES heal!  He does exactly what He promises He will do and I thank Him so much on Chrisí behalf too.  I thank Him so much for his relief!

Every day I pray for Rod to be safe and prosperous, and God have been doing that too.  Praise God!  He has kept him safe and calm, things are going better for him, and the money has increased that heís earning.

He has been helping us all to live in abundance, and I believe God is going to do much more!

I thank God also for our family's new happiness and for me being in good spirits and not depressed. 

Every day in every way God is blessing me before I even ask, and preparing the way for my feet.  I know I am blessed and I am very thankful!

Yesterday, I got a package from my dear friend with blouses that she bought for me, and one of her books that has been published.  I have needed clothes but didnít mention it to her. 

Thank you Lord!

April 17, 2008

Money came for a certain need, enough that overflowed to other needs.

April 6, 2008 (posted date)

Our router for the computer was broken, the next morning it worked.  Daniel had worked on it and reconfigured everything, did all the hard resets and leaving it unplugged for awhile, etc.  He finally concluded that we would have to call tech support and probably replace the dsl router.  The next morning he plugged it in to try again, and it worked.  Praise God!

Severe weather came through our area, knocking down trees and even breaking off train crossing bars, but crossed over our house and every one of our family memberís houses with not even a whimper, only two peals of thunder and a trickle of rain.  This has happened so many times now that it is building my confidence that God has us protected in His hands.  Praise God!

Mathew went to work Friday evening when the storm was just coming in.  (Pizza delivery.)  He went into the building as it was beginning to sprinkle, and each time he would enter the building it would begin raining hard, and each time he had to go out for a delivery, the rain would stop.  Praise God!

We had another crisis for money, similar to the one at the end of January, and somehow God made the money stretch for our family and Mattís needs, and provided us with food and help too.  This was a large need that God covered as effortlessly as spreading butter on bread.  Praise God!

March 28, 2008

Two blessings for Rod - concerning the truck he's been wanting so badly.  It's finally his. 

March 28, 2008

Matt's needs were met.  At work he prayed that God would give him lots of deliveries and money, but that also heíd be given energy and strength to work that night.  He was tired and his feet hurt.  He was praying while on a delivery.  At the end of the delivery when he got back to the store, he felt a burst of energy and his feet were no longer hurting!

March 21, 2008

A money blessing. (A money blessing is not necessarily a gift of money, but listed here means that God helped with our finances.)

March 16, 2008

I was able to get out of a job that would take me away from Chris who needed me for his toenail problems.

15th  Rod

Today was first race of season.  Rodís car remained safe, although his two friend's cars were wrecked. 

Today severe storms ripped through our state, but as they did yesterday, they avoided our area.

15th  Lisa

The last 3 daysí events show me again that God will provide daily for our needs.  I had been praying heavily over what He wanted us to do, and what I needed to tell people about how to live.  Should man be concerned with their job and work, or should they be concerned with learning about God and worshipping Him, and let God provide.

I found $10 on the front porch, tucked up against the stack of tools and potting soil on the porch, as if the wind blew it there.

I found in John 6:26 - 29

26Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill.

27Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. On him God the Father has placed his seal of approval."

28Then they asked him, "What must we do to do the works God requires?"

29Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent."

So definitely, learning to trust in God is more important than working to earn something.  Thinking we provide our food and livelihood by the work of our hands is not accurate.  All supply comes from God, one way or another.

14th  Lisa

A money blessing.

March 13, 2008 Lisa

A money blessing. 

March 5, 2008

4:40 am Ė Chris got me up to help him use the toilet and afterwards we prayed together.  I noticed as I took his hand to pray, that it was hot, and I thought to feel his forehead.  It was hot, he had a significant fever going on.

I began rebuking the fever and any tummy distress he was having.  I cast them each out in the name of Jesus, taking about 2 minutes for the prayer IF that long from when I felt for the fever.

I immediately felt for it again, starting with his hand.  It was normal.  I felt his forehead, his forehead was completely cool and normal!!  God has removed that fever and diarrhea THAT FAST!!!  Praise God!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!


I also want to thank God for making my heart feel good and my health ok, as I lay down through the night.

When I laid down, I felt a nagging, unspecified problem, a pain-ish feeling in my heart and breathing, a heaviness in my chest.  I prayed that God would remove the problem and fix it, giving me perfect health and long life with my children, longer life.  I went to sleep fairly quickly, and when I woke up with Chris later, no longer feel the problem!!  Thank you Jesus!!  You are the saver of my life as well as the lover of my soul!

March 4, 2008

Storm coming, I had prayed with the idea of the story about Jesus in the boat when the big storm came.  He criticized the apostles saying they had little faith because they were worried.  So I prayed for protection and went to sleep, believing God would deal with it for me.  He DID!  We got a few sprinkles of rain and not even one rumble of thunder, although the radar was all orange and red, and this storm split and passed by all my family and we were all saved.


Our money

I gave liberally with tithes and gifts to those in need, and God arranged our bills so that we had plenty.

Then I found I had made a mistake, I had not written in one of the checks, but instead of being in big trouble, I had enough money to put back in the bank to cover it all, and STILL give Chris his bowling money.

March 4, 2008

Money blessing.


This month as I paid tithes, I set aside my money, using it for the needs of those who told me they had a problem.  I gave without worrying what I had budgeted for tithes, yet God blessed us with enough money to pay our first half of the month bills and get us out of overdrafts at the bank.

God is SOOO Good, and He rewards those who believe and who give!!

The miracle of the pears and the cigarettes


At the beginning of the 2007 Ė 2008 winter season, Eileen had 10% of propane in a 100 gallon tank and theyíve lived all year long on that amount and it has not run out!!

February 08 (last week of month)

She was out of cigarettes and smoking her last one as she was praying.  She had the money but not the time to stop at the store before work to buy more.  

She was saying to God that she knew He could make some be laying on the ground that a contractor may have left behind or somewhere in the complex.  She even looked in the jeep to see if she had some in the car console.  

So she was out making rounds, closing the gates.  She had already closed the front gate, and was walking back and saw a man inside the gate waiting to be let out, who was a contractor.  He had been mudding plasterboard, working alone.  He wanted to go to the gas station and then come back and work another hour.  

She was able to get him to pick up what she needed for her at the store as well.  God provided the means!  

(Note:  I do not criticize anyone for smoking or drinking or for whatever they do in their lives.  This is up to the Holy Spirit.  When God decides you shouldn't do something, HE convicts a heart of that.  It is not our place to apply condemnation on someone else without the authority to do so.)


When Eileen was first working at that job, she didnít have money for supper one night, and hadnít brought any food to work with her.  She was praying that God would provide her with something to eat.

She had already walked all over the grounds in her rounds each hour, but suddenly on the next pass around (inside a locked gate), there were pears scattered all over the parking lot!  She ate her fill of the pears and tried to take some home to put in the freezer, but they quickly spoiled.  (The manna in the Bible would not last for the next day, if the Hebrews gathered more than they needed at the moment.)

When God blesses you abundantly, pass it on quickly, donít hoard when God blesses you.  She said weíre not meant to horde anything.

In reality blessings lay all around us all the time.


The $20 for the school pictures.

When Angieís step children were very little and she had no money, it was school pictures time.  The pictures would be $20 and she was sad and irritated that she didnít have the money for them.  She went walking with the kids and on the ground was a twenty dollar bill.  God provided her with the money she desired and needed.

Mattís tips:

He needed $101.10 for an important bill and he made $101 in tips that night.  

Another money blessing for him.

Posted February 27, 2008

From Armetta:

"I had surgery done on both knees on January 14, 2008.  I am during just fine.  I did not have any pain with my surgery.  I have been walking since January 15, 2008.  I told the Lord before surgery that I did not want any pain and I wanted to be walking in 2 days. OH! did He answer my prayer. Even the doctor and my physical therapist called it a miracle.  I know God answered my prayer.

Thank you Jesus!

"I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth." (Psalm 34:1) 

God wants me to live a life of praise.  He wanted me to praise Him while I am driving or whatever I am doing - praise Him.  He wants me to praise Him in good times and bad.  Anytime, All the time.  The word "fruit" caught my attention.  I remembered how Jesus had said, "Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit." (John 15:8)  There are many ways in which we may bear fruits as Christians, here is one sure way: by "the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name."  

Lisa, every time we give thanks and praise to the Lord, we are bearing fruit. The more we praise him the more fruit we bear. The more fruit we bear, the more the Father is glorified!  And the more the Father is glorified, the more His power is unleashed.  I just want to live my life for him.
Praise God from all whom blessings flow."

From Lisa:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I got a phone call from a nearby hospital, asking for "Suzie".  I told the lady that my name was Lisa and our family name, and she was very confused.  She said she had searched for Pastor Stan Glass on her work computer and my phone number popped up, so she assumed I must be his wife.  I said "He's a pastor of a church in Albany!"  (The same one where Rod was healed of throat cancer.)

She had been having a problem with her throat and feared it was cancer, had scheduled a barium swallow for Monday coming up and wanted to call her pastor before going.  Somehow God diverted her phone call to my house!  I immediately said, "God must want me to give you our testimony!"  So I did.  We talked and then emailed and then talked for hours that night.  

When we talked later that night, she called me and I didn't recognize her voice.  Earlier in the day it had been raspy, typical of throat problems, or cancer.  Now her voice was clear and different!  She said a few minutes after we talked in the afternoon, she couldn't find the lump in her throat anymore.  It felt fine and she felt fine too!  Praise the Lord!!

We are both standing in agreement that her problem is healed and she is healed.  I told her to go ahead and call her pastor and do whatever her heart told her to do, according to her level of faith.  Jesus said "Be it unto you according to your faith."

Thank you Jesus, for a new friend, a boost to both of our faith, and for an opportunity to give you glory!


Monday Feb 18th, Rod sawed one of his fingers down the middle with a table saw.  We went to the ER and waited, then was sent to the clinic and we waited.  Finally we left, without medication or stitches.  We went to a store and bought some clean gauze and betadine, and bandaged it ourselves.  

He did not have any pain, and did not take even one tylenol for this injury.  It never swelled, it did not get infected, and it never hurt.  He went right back to work that day, and in less than 1 week, the injury was almost healed!!  Praise God!  Rod said he asked God to heal his finger, a simple request by a man of simple words, and God honors our hearts!


Same week - I was taking pictures of an old house and stepped up to the side of the road to cross it.  I wasn't looking and didn't know a car was on my left, about to hit me.  Rod saw it and hollered to me.  I stopped and turned to holler back at him a bit annoyed that he was trying to talk to me from a distance (one of my pet peeves), and in that moment's hesitation, my life was saved.  God was watching out for me and used him to save me.  This is important to know, that rescues come in all kinds of ways.

Rod left home to go to his brother's shop about 15 miles away, at about 8 or 9 pm one night this last week.  (After his injury.)   It was raining lightly and very dark outside.  The kind of night where sounds and lights are blanketed by the darkness and the storm.  He called right away from his cell phone and said that he was broke down on our busy 4 lane highway and needed me to come push him with my car.

I had just been writing that day that I knew nothing would ever happen to me outside of God's will and protection, but as Rod commanded me to come help him, I was beginning to freak.  I was afraid of trying to do something like that and I knew he was in a bad mood and it would be extra difficult to convince him to call a tow truck or someone else for help.

I began praying as hard as I could, my mind awash with fears instead of faith.  There is no pull off space at the side of the road, only curb and if you break down, you can't get out of the line of traffic.

When I got there, there was a policeman behind him with his blue lights on.  That was a blessing!  The traffic was coming from both directions and just in front of us was a blind curve.  The people coming head on couldn't see the police lights and Rod only had his flashers on.

I got in behind him and (according to his commands) tried to push his truck with my car, against my better judgment, and with each attempt to go forward his truck would move away from me and I'd have to rush to catch up again.  So I was ramming his vehicle, bang, bang, bang and getting more upset as we went.  I couldn't see which lane we were in, or where we were going.  No street lights in that area, everything pitch black and no way to see which lanes the traffic coming at us was in.

I stopped and jumped out of my car and said I cannot do this, call your brother!  He called them for help and his nephew came with a chain.  He pulled Rod's truck all the way to the shop, and I followed slowly behind.  During that long ride, I continued to pray frantically until my spirit settled down.  God then used that time to reveal to me the answers about some puzzling scripture.

When we got to the shop, Rod's truck started up with nothing wrong with it at all.  I asked God why had this happened?  Why would he allow a problem like that?

The only answer I got was, that I had 2 problems that needed work.  One was in not applying my faith to EVERY situation, even the mundane, and knowing that I could trust him to get Rod to safety.  

The other is in not asserting myself in a situation, therefore allowing someone to guide me into trouble when it's against my better judgment.    This situation really highlighted these areas where I had flaws so I can pray about them.

Thank you Jesus for saving us that night and for showing me your truth and your blessings!

September 4, 2007

I have received my healing!  Praise God!  See my story at the bottom of Chris' miracles page.  Number 12.  www.blessingmeadowsministries.com/christopher.htm

My house is clean, thanks to Abbie and Jay who have been working on it for me while I was sick.

Lucy's car is repaired and she's back on the road.

Posted August 24, 2007

Rod has found a job to replace the one that ended.  God provides richly!

We were protected and safe in the storms that plagued our area through the entire night last night.

My niece and her husband are living nearby now and they come daily to help me clean my house and get things in order.

Chris didn't need surgery, but evidently only had a bladder infection.

Margaret is out of rehab and feeling great, strong and healthy.

Debbi's mom has come through surgery again and is doing well.

The lightning from last night's storm, although it made the trailer buzz, did not harm Willie when it blew the phone box from the wall of a building about 10 feet from where he slept.

Rachel's mom has come through surgery and is doing well.

Teresa and Mike have found a place they are trying to buy, and his job seems to be sound and stable.

Posted August 6th 2007

Willie - received a healing from high blood pressure.  THANK YOU, Lord!

Lisa - after nearly 2 years of pain and inability to move or clean house, or do much of anything, suddenly there is a feeling of health, spurt of energy and much cleaning going on at home.  :)  Weight is dropping slowly too, having lost 2 or 3 pounds in the last week.

Had thought I had blown the air conditioner in the kitchen, but it came back on after a rest.  Thank you, Lord!

Posted March 31, 2007

Doris is doing well from her breast cancer treatment and going into reconstruction surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers, but all looks very well now!  Praise Jesus!!

We are doing well, God is stretching our money as needed, and small jobs have begun coming in.  We are trusting completely on God and He has never let us down!  Thank you Lord!

Posted March 16, 2007

It looks like 2 of my friends out of state who were going through a divorce, after many months of struggle, have decided to stay together, though live separately because of work situations at this time.  They've been together, married, for many years, had children and saw their grandchildren born, before the problems from their families' pasts finally tore them apart.  Please pray that God will heal all wounds and help them to make a fresh new life together.

Posted March 15, 2007

Our bathroom is just about completed!!!  Praise the Lord.  We got to bathe today, and Rod went to measure a house for a vinyl installation job.  This is big news.   We had been rebuilding the bathroom floor, from the ground up, literally, even the floor joists that support the house.  We put in a handicapped shower for Chris.  Also, Rod has been working at home instead of working for a living, so it was a great blessing to have his help here to get this job done, but now he needs to assimilate back into the work force.

Teresa's horse is recovering.  A friend is able to start a new life and her daughter in law's unborn baby appears to be safe at the moment.  

Chad, Rod's nephew who is in boot camp for the Air Force right now, has called home and told us that he will be playing drums in the Air Force band in the parade in San Antonio this weekend.  It's a blessing that even in the darkest part of a person's life (or what you might think would be the most difficult), there can be a great joy and proud moment.

I am feeling better, less pain and enjoying the thought of living many more years!  Jesus is faithful and able, and always, the Lord who healeth me!!!

Posted March 3, 2007

My stomach has been much better, almost like nothing was ever wrong with it!  Thank you Jesus for my complete healing!  I speak the words of healing and believe and accept it because I understand the power of life and death is in the tongue, and we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony!!!

When the tornadoes were coming all around us, and within just a few miles of our house Thursday night (the 1st of March), God kept us safe from harm.   Not even a small branch fell from a tree in our yard.  All of our family members were kept safe, despite so much of Americus being destroyed.  All of us have ties there, family or friends and jobs or other interests.  It's also where we used to live up until 1999.

We began the bathroom project, tore out the old floor down to the ground outside, and built back in walls, a sub floor, a shower (walk in handicapped shower for Chris), and soon will be finishing up with tile.  It's about half done, but the old termite eaten and moldy wood is gone.  The house smells better, I'll finally be able to take care of Chris the way he needs, and we were given the money to do the job in a way that isn't a loan hanging over our heads.  I have to also thank my in laws, the boy's grandparents and aunt, who had saved money up for them all these years and made it available to them now.

I received an email from a lady who told me the article "What about church?" had blessed her and helped her with the difficult issues of church attendance and tithing.  (Not everyone fits into a mould with everyone else.  Sometimes people respond better to God when they learn that there are no rules, only love.  Then when they experience the freedom and liberty that they have in Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit can help them follow the example of the Lord and live to please Him.)

We got Chris' blood work done and submitted a prescription for physical therapy.  While there we found out that Medicare has not stopped paying for physical therapy, they will still pay a percentage.  We can get Chris back to the exercise he needs!!!  Thank you Jesus!

Even though Rod is not working now, and we have many bills this month, the Lord arranged our finances to be sufficient and to pay part of the repair on the house.

A cousin of mine that I haven't talked to in years called last week to say he was coming through town and would like to stop and see us.

Posted February 22, 2007

Lisa (me) getting my house clean!  My sister Mary is coming to help me and we're getting things done that has needed doing for years.  It's a great time of hope for me!  Also...My stomach is feeling much better.  I was sick yesterday with abdominal pain, but I claim complete healing in Jesus' name!  It is mine!!!!

I have received two emails in one day from new friends (people I didn't know before the email), who said my site was a blessing to them.   Thank you Jesus!  Now I have confirmation that what I'm doing is important and is hitting it's mark, and I have new friends that will bless and enrich my life!!

Posted February 20, 2007

Teresa, reports that energy assistance program has paid her light bill and that of her mother's.  This was a huge bill and a huge blessing!!  Praise Jesus!

The winter cold has finally let go of our area!

Many of the people on the prayer list have received their healing.

Marlene, my mother in law, has passed into Heaven and is no longer in pain.  She's with her husband who departed November 22, 2007.

Praise God, we had enough money and time free to travel to her funeral and see many of our relatives that I had not seen in years.

I have been given a respite from my health problems, and am very thankful! 

February 3, 2007

Financial stability and accountability is becoming a reality for all of us involved with Blessing Meadows.  People who only a month or two ago were several hundred dollars in the hole, are now learning stewardship over large amounts of money.  God is blessing us all with more and trusting us with more.  Pray that we work responsibly with honor and come worship Him with us!

Evelin and Joe have decided to visit his family in the Carolinas and have their tickets to move there.  It is a new beginning for them.  Please keep them in your prayers.

We were spared damage and danger in the storms this week.

Rod has agreed to a move or whatever is necessary to get our home repaired or replaced, so that we can live in comfort and peace.


© Lisa Tyler 2007-2009


Psalm 95:6-7

6 Come, let us bow down in worship,  let us kneel before the LORD our Maker;  7 for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.