Dr. Anna Rich

Desert Bloom Ministries, Inc.

1470 Hammer Road, Fort Mojave, AZ 86426



(See Lisa's Notes below)

Dr. Anna writes books to receive donations for a large parcel of land she and her church hope to purchase in the near future.

Dr. Rich is pastor of a rural church and her vision is to have a ranch for children and also house some elderly ministers. At the ranch children will learn about planting trees and flowers and horticulture in general, learn drama and music and of course learn about the Bible.

She has worked 16 years to pay off her church building and to plan for the ranch.

Presently she has four books out and they can be purchased by sending her an email at [email protected]

A website is being designed and will be up shortly.

Note from Lisa:  Dr. Anna is very special.  She is from Holland, and was a small child in WWII when she was rescued by American soldiers.  

She promised herself that she would one day come to America and live here in the land where her rescuers lived.  

It wasn't long before she had her dream, and married an American man, had lovely children and then suffered more tragedy.

Instead of allowing the deaths of  2 of her children to kill her spirit, she became a minister and opened a church.  Her visions for helping others are spreading across the world.

Anna's books contain the stories of the things she has witnessed in the war, and the miraculous angel visitations and aid to the orphaned children in Europe.

You will love her writing and her spirit, and each book is flavored with just a hint of knowing that this author is from another place, and another time.

For each book's illustrations, she has chosen an artist from another part of the world, and is showing us the great diversity of people everywhere.


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The Beautiful Butterfly and the Birth of Jesus



The Beautiful Butterfly and the Birth of Jesus - 8-1/2 by 11, softcover.48 pages. This is a story and color book. Very good paper and beautiful outlined  illustrations inside. 

Story of the Birth of Jesus according to the chapters of Matthew and Luke in the Holy Bible. Large print.

A gorgeous gift for Christmas through the years.

Send $10 donation to Desert Bloom Ministries, Inc.  1470 Hammer Road, Fort Mojave, AZ 86426

The book will be mailed immediately and in time for Christmas.


Bushy Tail and Paddy Wagon



The Boy Under The Bed


The Day Meike Rang the Church Bell


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