Scholars of the Trash Heap

Copyright © 2007 by Lisa Tyler

Today’s title is about one of my favorite past times while watching TV, the “scientific search for the unknown”. 


I love to watch science shows and natural science, things about the planet and history, well, just about anything is all right with me as long as it’s not drama with violence or unnecessary tears.


If there is anything playing related to crop circles or big foot, you’ll usually see me checking it out as well.  I can tell you about the Patterson big foot video, what is remarkable about the wheat nodes in crop circles and I even have my own theory of what Stonehenge was really all about.


In fact, I can quote you excerpts and explanations from the Bible, Edgar Cayce, the Gnostic “forbidden” texts and several modern works on new age and paranormal science.  I’ve even been a “ghost hunter” for the last 11 years.


I’ve had run ins with real demons and been saved by angels, and my children have their own stories to tell of their experiences, but when it’s all said and done, I find that the majority of information accumulates like a stinking pile of last week’s trash.


The problem with all these exciting TV shows and one book after another, is that they can’t be scientifically proven or debunked.  They just sit there as theories or opinions and you’ve probably heard what people say about opinions (…everybody has one…).


There is one work that I have studied for years, that has stood up to science and much of it has now been backed up by archeologists and historians, because it’s information has been carefully recorded by various peoples and mentioned in other texts of it’s day.


I’m talking about the Bible.  Although some of it provokes more questions than answers at first glance, it is a fairly accurate historical document even for a non-believer.


It is acknowledged by several religions of the world, and several cultures, as well as having major characters from the Bible mentioned in other books by non-religious writers of the same time periods.


Then there are the archeologists who have found proof of such things as the flood, and who agree in general about the cradle and origin of civilization.


Don’t forget the Jewish people who have kept detailed accounts of genealogies and records of kings and judges and miracles as well as their travels, parallel to and separate from the words of our Bible.


Unfortunately, I’m not a Bible theologian; I never went to college to study.  I have read it, lived it and experienced God on a personal level that college study can’t be substituted for.


I do know, though, out of my 15 or so years of counseling experience, dealing with people of all kinds and backgrounds, that the only information that is really relevant and helpful in a life crisis is what is found in the pages of God’s word.


Even after all these hundreds of years, the Bible remains as crucial for us today, as it was back when people traveled by pony cart and kept track of the numbers of their sheep by carrying one rock for each animal. 


When we long for information on UFO’s we can find mention of the star system Pleiades in the Book of Job.  When we’re searching for the Loch Ness Monster, we can find the great Leviathan beast in the same book.


If you wonder about demons and witchcraft, look up Genesis 6 and learn about the half-breed giants and the fallen angels who taught mankind to make weapons of war and divine the future, and to use herbs for medicine.


Read how King Saul consulted a witch before a battle and saw Samuel conjured up in spirit form before him to give the word on how the next day’s battle would go.


Then read of the suffering of mankind because instead of seeking the answers from God Himself, we have ALWAYS rather looked to others who claim to know it all and who lead us away from the greatest love story ever known to man.


If you thought the Bible is an antique or outdated, or too boring for you to read, you have a surprise coming. 


Do you love war stories?  God’s battles are bloodier than anything Mel Gibson has portrayed. 


Do you love romance?  Read how one man loved a girl so much, that he endured 14 years of hard labor for the right to marry her, and had to first take her older sister as his wife before the girls’ father would allow him to marry his true love.


Do you prefer a bit of spice?  Find out how a young widow had to resort to posing as a prostitute to force her father in law to “father” her child, fulfilling Jewish law.


The Bible is an account of the blood, sweat and tears of mankind and God, together struggling for the perfect understanding and relationships.  It’s a love letter to us from God.  It’s a recipe for how to get rich quick and how to be healed from ANY illness, guaranteed.  It’s also a prophetic look into what is about to happen to you and me, whether or not these are the “end times”. 


God has looked into our souls; and what was written about strangers on the other side of the earth over 2000 years ago, could have been written about what you will do tomorrow. 


We are His people, we are His longing, His plan and the reason He had to be tortured and die, to put an end to the struggling and suffering of all the earth, and bring us into His presence.


That presence is the Kingdom and it’s alive right now and right where you live.  Today, you can step away from your bills and your pains, and the trouble you have with your family, and the television newscasts of war and disease, and you can enter again into the Garden as it was given to Adam and Eve.  It has not left the earth, but has been reserved for those who choose to live in God’s presence, and trust completely in Him.  It’s for those He wrote the book for.  You, and me.


What good is a trash pile of a million years of other people’s opinions, when you can choose instead to study the life of One, the one who offers you peace?


God bless you and if you need help with your life or friends to talk with, feel free to email us.  Reverend Lisa Tyler at Blessing Meadows Ministries at  



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