Prayer of September 27, 2008 for our country and rescue

Father in Heaven, I praise your holy name. Let thy name be magnified in all the earth and let all people know you as "Creator God' and "Father Mighty and All Powerful"! I Praise thee and declare thy name Hallowed.


I seek you Jesus, and I honor you and the blood you shed for us and the heart that continually bleeds for your people and for all who are lost. I praise your holy name! I bless you and call upon your name and call you close to me and ask you to come abide with me. Abide in my heart and soul and mind, and especially in my mouth, so that the words that I speak are your words and not mine.


Holy Spirit, [silent pause], precious and pure, delight of the Word, strength of the Father I wish to serve. Author of obedience and knowledge. I praise you and ask you to abide with me and forgive me for offending you so often. I ask you to cleanse my mind and heart and my mouth so that my tongue no longer offends thee. I bless your holy name and ask you to be my God forever. All of you, YOU, as one – my God forever.


Father I bring before you this world. This country. My state and my family. Lord here are our jobs and our cars, and our homes. Here are the people who are in my family and my friends around the world. 


Lord I lay it all at your feet and ask your blessings upon it all. Bless these people, forgive them and heal them, myself included. Lord please bestow upon us and extend to us your healing and your freedom. 


I know that in Jesus’ body – the beating he took was for our healing and well being. I know that His blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins and the living waters flow from Him. 


Lord Father, please grant healing and abundance and peace to all of these people. Bring your hand and pass it over our land and heal our economy and our minds. Take away from us any spiritual blindness and take away the greed and the lust that is our downfall. Please help us to repent and help us to find safety and support in these troubled times.


Lord I know that there is no lack, not in your kingdom and for those who follow you. You will never allow your people to starve or be naked or be defeated, if we are looking to you for our salvation. 


I celebrate your abundance and your goodness, that your storehouse and your temple is full and overflowing with good things. I celebrate you as our Father, and our provider and the Source of all good things on earth.


I turn my back and my heart on the things of the material world that I looked to for comfort. Lord help me to know and accept wise choices and make the right decisions.


I want to instantly think of you when there is trouble and instantly go to you when I have a need. No longer thinking of the world and its doctrines or its hate.


Help my mind see only the good Lord. Help me to focus on all the wealth and goodness and fat of the land. Fat was never a bad word in the Bible.


Lord I cherish you, and I welcome you into the core of my being. Please take first place there and help me to ferret out the unwise and the unjust thoughts and the greed, lust and desire for fame or wealth.


Lord help us to learn to give and not expect in return. But to sow into your kingdom all our work and our goods, to share with others, with our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Lord, help us lift our faces towards you and rejoice, instead of being downcast and frightened by events in our times.


We look not to a god made of silver or gold that cannot see and cannot save. Not to banks that cannot contain or keep their wealth, or promise us ours. Not to governments that are staffed with foolish and mortal beings as flawed as we are. Not to fallen angels and principalities, despite promises of support and glory from their side. Not even to the angels who do your bidding, who are good and clean, because they serve you too.


But let us look only to you God, who in your wisdom and mercy appointed us our lives and our part, and help us to accept and be grateful for that part. 


Help us not all long for yachts and Hawaiian homes, or fancy cars and clothing. Help us not all chase after wealth for wealth’s sake, but for knowing that all our needs will be met in time, and living to walk with you.


And help us not all chase after work at home plans that would allow us to be lazy or undisciplined. Help us to stand still and embrace the wisdom of working at home or abroad in the way you appoint, to give purpose and meaning to our work.


Help us to remember most of all, that our first work is to Love God with all our hearts and minds and souls. Second is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. And beyond that, the work of God is to believe on the One you sent. In this is the joy of mankind and the fulfillment of our lives and a hearty meal.


You have given us above and beyond those things, even mates and love to enjoy and children to cherish, and sunrises and sunsets to astound us and oceans to excite us as the waves crash into the shore. 


And you gave us the moon and sun and stars to remind us that there is more beyond this earth, to come. In the next life when we are in your presence, and the veil is lifted. We will be with you. Thank you Father for that.


Let no fearful word come near us, and no rush or worry enter our doorstep. Let no event that happens in the world of mammon make us afraid or destroy us. We are yours O Lord and we cling to you, to LIFE and to wisdom. You are the power, the glory and the everything, forever, Amen.


I cherish you. I worship you. I cling to you as my life. I turn my heart and my thoughts away from career and college, and learning, to learn more about you. I turn my heart and my thoughts away from following the masses, and I take the single course, the straight road, that takes me to the top of the mountain where I will seek your face. 


I look to your mountain for comfort and for the sound of morning and the sound of evening, and the sound of laughter. I will listen for the sweet music of angels worshipping at your feet, and long to join them. 


My art and my hope will be the service of God and mankind and the righteousness that is man’s glory if he follows you.


My writing will encourage and correct and inspire and point the way to you and to safety for any who would listen.


I praise you and love you and long to hear your name. Please teach us the name of our most high God and teach us, dear Spirit, how to worship and how to sing, and the right words to speak to give Him Glory.


We magnify you, Lord, in our hearts, but we cannot add to you. Not one thing. We have nothing to give you Lord, we are your creation, your clay, and the only thing that a man can give God is his heart.


I invest in you Lord, and ask for an increase in understanding, and the strength and power to be effective and unafraid. To go forth and do those things you commanded, and to help others along the way.


I will serve without glory, and without fame. I will serve without recompense, or asking a charge. I will serve with joy and childlike faith, and awe at your wonderful creation and plan.


I will serve you Lord, all the days of my life. Please let this be so and let it be true. Let me never depart from thee.


Help my family to find their way along the same path and for us all to please you with everything we think and say and do.


Please give relief to those who are struggling and help them see better ways to manage. Please give healing to those who are suffering, and comfort to those who are grieving. Help those who are in a corner to find a window and climb out to safety.


Help those who are in service to the wrong way, find a way to serve you and do right.


Thank you Dear Father. Thank you Dear Jesus. Thank you Dear Holy Spirit.


Please heal us Jesus. Please heal each one of us and heal our minds also.


Thank you. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


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