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I wanted to send out an email tonight just to let you know we're still alive and that we finally have our bathroom back.  I'm sorry that I've been offline for so long.  We had to tear our bathroom out down to the ground, and it's taken almost 3 weeks to get it built again and functional.

We had to do it because the tub had been leaking and along with termites, had damaged the floor joists and the foundation of the house.  So Rodney had to replace a lot of wood, with just me and my sons to help.  Not that others wouldn't have offered, but we had  to do it as we could buy the material and we wouldn't have asked people to work for nothing.

Anyway, we also needed a handicapped accessible bathroom for Chris, which we now have.  It's tiled and has a low step-into, walk-in shower with a long shower hose and handicapped grab bars.

Thanks to some lovely gifts from family, it's outfitted and is everything he dreamed it would be.  Me too.  And we all learned a lot from the construction.

This project wouldn't have been possible if it also didn't coincide with Rodney quitting a job, because he was always so busy he couldn't have worked long hours for so many days and worked outside too.  Tomorrow he has his first little job outside the home to go to, and it gives me comfort because it's proof AGAIN, that God provides for us, and gives us exactly what we need, WHEN we need it.

God's timing is perfect and His love is boundless, endless, and no one, no matter how smart, can know it's depth.

Praise His Holy Name!

There are also some really wonderful praise reports.  I've been trying to keep posting the prayer requests and praise reports on the blessing meadows site, so please remember to pray for these souls and to send me your requests too. 

We're supposed to work together as a unit - a body of Christ, supporting and encouraging one another in love and forgiveness.  I'm anxious to do that and to be the proof that God accepts us as we are - and so I celebrate you, as you are, and am so glad to call you my friends.

I hope in this time that I haven't written, you haven't had any traumas or crises, or lost the hope to go on.

The devil has been so busy in this area, and in besetting us all with disease and pain.  We know the promise of God, that Jesus was beaten for our iniquities and infirmities, and that by his stripes and death on the cross, we have not only eternal life, but can lay claim to perfect health for our bodies and our finances!

If we learn to change our moans into praises, and to call on His name in faith, and stand in agreement with each other in Christ, then these pains, illnesses and things that bring us down so quickly, MUST back off. 

It can't fail, despite what doubters say, because His Word is true and will stand even beyond the last breath of the last human being.

So let's stand strong and fight back the enemy, taking back the ground we have lost and truly let this year be as it was prophesied - a year of Jubilee and freedom for all of God's people.  A year of doors opening and setting free those who are in bondage.

The Bible says whoever the Son sets free is free indeed.  Yes Lord!!! 

There is a lovely song they sing at our church in Albany, where the Jesus of Revelation is riding a white horse and asks who will ride with Him.  Do you know that song?  I'm thinking of one line, perhaps in the chorus, "yes Lord, we will ride with you."  I believe that's how it goes.  What a beautiful image.

Our rescue, our knight in shining armor, coming to snatch us from the hands of destruction just in the nick of time, and to side with His team.

There is another song, that I refer to frequently when sick.   It has a very simple slow melody and any way you want to sing it is fine, as long as it's with reverence and belief.

"You are the God, that healeth me,
you are the Lord, my healer. 
You sent your Word and healed my disease....
You are the Lord, my healer."

It boosts my faith and has the Holy Spirit in it.  Use it when you feel overwhelmed, to return to the "knowing" that God is willing and able to do all that we need and ask. 

(He is FOR us, not against us, and if God be FOR us, who then can stand against us??)

For more faith boosters, refer to the "faith confessions" on the blessing meadows site.

Have you seen this article I wrote a short while back about how to balance your health and live strongly?  Take a look when you get time:

Also Dr. Jay Snell has wonderful material about abundance and joy on his website.

I love you all very much, and I pray God will bring you such wonderful blessings today that you won't be able to stop smiling all weekend and will have to pray for relief for your smiling muscles!

Write to me and let me know you're ok.  May God bless you and hold you always.


Lisa Tyler 2007

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