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The immediate and enduring benefits of keeping an even temperament

Copyright © 2007 by Lisa Tyler

Few people realize the need to stay calm and assured in every situation. We allow ourselves to be buffeted daily by all sorts of emotions and fears, even taking pleasure in the flights into high adrenaline that life throws at us.  It becomes a pattern that takes work to change, but will bring you to a higher level of awareness of God and ability to live within His anointing, than ever before. 

If you’re not particularly religious, this still concerns you, so let me put it another way.  By establishing a new pattern of holding fast to your goal while keeping a hands off approach, will bring you the desired result time after time.  It will link you to the "universal energy flow", get things done, AND let you remain unmarred by the storms of life. 

You can sit back in confidence with a smile, knowing the secret to how things work.  This means less stress, less physical damage to your body and more time to use your mind to further your goals. 

Every time you get upset, whether it’s from real problems you’re experiencing, or from simply sitting in front of a movie screen and “living” through a pretend disaster, (major or minor), you’re taking hits on your body’s delicate energy and chemical balances.  Very few people are aware of how closely knit our body’s systems are, and how you can alter cellular growth and supply with your thoughts. 

Let me repeat that last part.  It’s a proven, demonstrated fact that your body’s chemical output is controlled by your brain, and the signals it sends out are tied into your adrenal system.  You’ve heard of the “Flight or Fight Syndrome”?  Well, take that thought a few steps further.  When you’re thirsty, your body sends signals to your brain to tell it you need fluids, which in turn commands the cells of your skin to decrease sweating, and commands to your lungs to reduce the amount of moisture loss in your breath.  There are millions of things happening during that one thought of being thirsty. 

The same goes for hunger, fear, love, anger, and every other emotion or need you go through.  And the sub-conscious mind cannot tell the difference between your fantasies, movies, real life or reliving old memories.  What goes through that big mental movie screen in your head is controlling what is happening in your entire body. 

Whatever thoughts you entertain, pass over that mental movie screen.  Whatever words you voice, are picked up by your own ears and reinforced in your brain, again running across your mental movie screen. 

What I’m saying is, very inadvertently, you can be programming your cells to mutate into cancer every time you gossip on the phone, every time you say an unkind thing about someone, and ESPECIALLY every time you make some half hearted prediction or negative statement about your health or future. 

How many times have you made some statement in response to a compliment, like “Oh I’m not good at that at all”.  “Good looking?  Me?  Heavens no, I’m fat and OLD.”  Or how about “I feel so old today”, “I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.” 

They sound innocent, and there are much more destructive statements we make all the time, but they go deep, especially when repeated often. 

(The proper response is always positive.  It is blessing your body, your situations, your food, water and all things around you.  Bless your cars, your bills, your pocket book and your bank account.  A blessing is voicing a wish for good things to happen, with the confidence that it will be carried out according to your wishes.) 

Now, let’s examine how the daily issues of life come at you and how your response can keep you in the pink or send you plummeting down to illness. 

Someone in your family says or does something that you feel threatened by, or offended by, and instantly your defenses go up.  You worry that something is going to be taken from you, (real material or opportunities, or love), so you strike back with a hate message. 

NOTE:  All hate messages, though you think they are aimed at someone else, are arrows directly piercing your own heart.  The human soul KNOWS that it is connected to every other living thing, and that to disrespect ONE being is to disrespect all.  (Like a flower petal despising it’s own stem, or a petal on the other side of the blossom, how foolish!) 

When you speak against someone else, no matter what the reason, you are shooting yourself in the foot, the heart, the brain, etc.  Each additional barb, the longer you remain upset, damages yourself even more. 

Strangely enough, hate messages rarely hurt the guy you are aiming at. 

What is a hate message? 

It is NOT just saying, “I hate you”.  Hate messages come in as many forms as body styles of automobiles, and have nothing to do with the meaning of the word hate.  

They can even come cloaked in apparently well meaning comments from people who love you, and can be sent as viciously (innocently?) TO the people you love, without thinking about the effect they’ll actually have. 

Hate actually does not exist in a pure human form, since it requires a power and influence beyond the soul of man (created in God’s image) to really hate another being. 

There are two “hate” emotions involved in destroying yourself.  One is fear and the other is anger.  Fear comes before any real damage someone could possibly do to you, and anger comes after the fact. 

No one can use a derogatory term for another person (such as a racial slur) without being in the “fear” mode.  You cannot put down someone else unless you feel threatened by that person.  You just won’t do it.  You’ll be too busy living life and loving everything to even think of it. 

The other very intense emotion that destroys your soul is anger after the fact of some injury.  This could be what you see after a child has been raised with sexual or physical abuse, or how you feel being a victim of any crime. 

I’m not going to tell you that people don’t murder children, and that husbands don’t beat their wives, or that purses and fortunes never get stolen.  But I’m going to try to put things in perspective for you here so that you can release yourself from this chain of damage. 

NO one can hurt you.  No one can steal anything from you.  No one can damage your character or your future, and no one can kill you. 

That sounds like a statement made by someone on drugs or living behind rose-colored glasses, but I want you to look at it from a different perspective. 

Who and What are you? 

You are not born to this earth as cattle with a monetary value that goes up and down with the stock market.  You are not the sum of your bank account, or the possessions in your house, or the man you marry, or the pretty woman on your arm, or what book you wrote, or who your daddy was, etc. 

Those things all came AFTER.  After what?  You were a seed planted by an infinite wisdom and power, created in its image, given the right to exist here in this material plane for a certain number of earth years.  (Time has no meaning except on earth.) 

You came to “being” as this PERFECT, Unique, absolutely competent wonder that has a spirit, a mind and a body.  You came to this earth equipped with everything you needed, and with a set of instructions to carry out the purpose you were sent for. 

Now, if you really understood or believed that, it would be very easy to see that BEFORE any of those social status things came into being, you were.  You WERE that wonderful being, you ARE that wonderful being and you will CONTINUE to be that wonderful being, beyond the death of your physical body. 

Your value was determined by a Being so far above the value setting processes of this earth, that it’s laughable to think about it.  No matter what your concept of God is, down in your innermost heart, you know this is true. 

It all began in a perfect way, but through the misunderstandings and faults of your parents, your family members, neighbors, babysitters, then teachers and peers, (even some mental problems and chemical imbalances), the damage to your perfect psyche was done. 

NO one can take away from you the value God has put upon you.  No one is capable of taking from you the skills and tools, purpose and personality that you came to earth with.  It just can’t be done.  And no one dies without it being his or her express time to do so. 

Your purse can be stolen, but your ability to create money cannot be taken from you.  Your children can be killed, even your own body killed or raped, but the love that IS you, and connects you to every child and every other body, cannot be stopped.  You share it, you embody it, and you express it to the universe.  And when you leave this physical body, you CONTINUE to express that love.  In fact, if you are producing hate messages today, if you die today you will continue to produce hate messages. 

Let me say that differently.  You are an electrical device, transmitting and receiving electrical energy (proven fact, not metaphor), creating a shield or energy field around you and through you.  This is your life force energy, the power of God keeping you alive. 

Whatever hertz, or frequency of electrical energy you are functioning at, has a graph or picture that radiates outward in patterns.  When something is faulty inside of your mind or body, the pattern changes.  You are producing a pattern, and when your physical body returns to earth dust, your soul is still going to radiate this pattern. 

If you die with a fault, it must be corrected to a frequency that allows you to return to God.  All the universe “hums” with a tune, or frequency.  Scientists have learned that each of your body’s organs has it’s own frequency, and they can measure that and know when it is ill from the numbers it puts out. 

Tibetan doctors have been caring for their patients for centuries by measuring their frequencies, calling it the organ’s “wind”, and they measure it in your pulse by their fingertips. 

Psychics see your aura, angels see your spirit, and electronic devices see your electromagnetic field. 

It’s all the same thing.  To be healthy, you must operate within a certain frequency given to man.  Each animal and object, tree or rock, has been given a frequency to vibrate, to radiate, to thrive in.  If a rock stops putting out this frequency, it becomes something else.  Whether that’s sand or mud, rubble or molten lava, or it changes it’s chemical make up entirely, I don’t know.  But you must produce “fruit” that agrees with what you are. 

Here is where simple Biblical parables come in.  It’s easier to think of producing spiritual “fruits” (behaviors and results), than figuring out frequencies.  It’s easy to understand that a rose bush has rose babies, and a zebra has zebra babies and a child of God ought to have inspired and Holy “Babies”.  I’m not talking about actual offspring from your womb, I’m talking about the emotions you experience and emit.  They speak of you to the world. 

Your health is not as dependent on what you eat as what you speak.  As I said, you are surrounded by an energy shield of love.  This is God’s power to keep you alive, flowing through you. 

You keep it humming steady and true or you pervert it by your attitudes, emotions, - your temperament.  Now, factor in the miracle powers of “INTENTION”, “ATTENTION”, and “DISTANCING”. 


There is a simple “law” that works like this.  Whatever you turn your attention towards INCREASES.  Whatever you take your attention away from DECREASES. 

As a flower turning towards the sun will receive more of its radiance and therefore more food supply.  Or a TV satellite dish turned completely towards the satellite it’s receiving from will have a clearer picture. 

Whatever darkness is behind the flower, or lack of signal behind the satellite dish is no longer important and has no power over the flower or device. 

This is why if you worry a lot about being poor, or where your next meal will come from or agonizing over being overweight, you are not able to help get rid of the poverty or the excess weight.  In fact, it will likely increase. 

This is very useful information if you can remember to apply it to your problems.  

(Of course I don’t have to say, if a moving freight train is behind you, turning your back to it won’t prevent it running you over.  In that case, simply step to the side and let all the problems rush past you.) 


Making a choice, and then locking into it, stating your choice out loud with the belief that you will do or obtain that choice, is intention.  If you simply choose something, all of those “tools” that you were born with (the powers of the universe) will move circumstances into place to enable you to obtain that goal.  However, this only works if you use faith.  Faith is the ability to make your choice, ask for it, and then step back with hands off and let it come to pass in it’s own time.  Some people call it detachment to the outcome.  

I often wondered how can you be certain of obtaining the goal yet remain detached to the outcome, but what this means is to stop trying to bring it about with your own understanding.  Most things are beyond the understanding of a man’s mind.  How we get from point A to point B is God’s realm. 

If you can be detached from how you’re going to get that stated goal, you are no longer hindering its production. 


No matter what seems to be the reality pestering you at the moment, this detachment is crucial not just to getting the desired outcome, but also to keeping your body healthy and in “tune” with those wonderful frequencies of the universe. 

Most of the crisis calls I get, and the help that is needed, are in turning people’s minds from “crisis mode” to “calm assurance.” 

It seems sometimes as if I’ve produced a miracle, but it wasn’t me at all.  I talk my clients or friends into seeing the problem from their so-called adversary’s point of view, and open their heart to the possibility of loving them and sending kind thoughts their way. 

Often, in a matter of minutes, the whole situation changes and the problem is resolved.  Two things have happened that brought this about.  One is that we’ve stepped back from the problem and trusted that God will handle it, (or that all is as it should be at this moment in time.)  The other is that the “victim” is no longer damaged and victimized, they can now tune back into the frequency of love and radiate as they were meant to.  This frees up so much of their energy levels they can draw from the universe the amounts needed to “manifest” the miracle. 

I’m not saying that we take the miracle out of the hand of God, but that there are definite mechanics involved that Jesus tried to explain to us.  Since we had no frames of reference back then to much of what is common knowledge today, He covered the principles in parables or little stories that demonstrated how to do the task. 

Vision or lack thereof 

Humanity has one major flaw and that is in its limited vision.  The Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge (in some translations – “vision”).” 

People without vision are sheep and are easily led, and their lives are over before they even realize they’ve started.  When they are old, or their money and health are gone, they become bitter and produce sour music (frequencies) that hasten death and spread discord on the planet.  Especially amongst family members, and let’s face it, we receive most of our learning and impressions from our own family. 

A good family is a thing to be greatly desired.  No wonder in arranged marriages the family of a potential spouse is so crucial. 

If you are good inside, every good thing will shine forth from you, and you will feed those around you with peace, and God will bless you. 

How do you obtain a vision? 

Step back again out of your immediate circumstances and examine your life, your loves and ponder what you were put here to do.  Ask God about it.  You can take tests and see psychiatrists, but the easiest way to know what you’re supposed to be doing, is to ask yourself, what is it that you absolutely LOVE?  You could also ask what cause you seek to promote or suffering you hope to end. 

Whatever it is that you are passionate about is your purpose on earth.  What things do you do that you lose track of time and when you’re doing it you never seem to get tired?  What could you do for hours on end and never feel that it is work? 

It may not seem to be a job or purpose as you see it now, but turn it in your mind until you find a way to apply this beloved activity to helping humanity or doing a service for others. 

A very wise doctor, Deepak Chopra, has said that if you take what you are passionate about and apply it to helping others, this will naturally become a highly profitable thing for you, because it fulfills your destiny and allows the energy to flow. 

You will be in tune with the frequency of God.  It doesn’t even matter if your income comes from doing this particular thing, you might be doing THIS for free, but it will bring in the support you need in some other way. 

When you are beset by difficulties and “beasts” of circumstances roar at your door, remain calm and detached.  Say a blessing over the situation, ask God to prevail and know in your heart that He WILL because He must.  It is the nature of God and the nature of life to work for the good of those who radiate the frequency of love. 

Life and work were never meant to be “labor”.  Living is fun, adventurous and a thing to be desired.  You can absolutely choose to only do that which is joyful and absolutely choose to BE joyful no matter what you are doing. 

Thanksgiving is part of the ebb and flow 

As God gives to you, and you operate within the frequency of peace and love, you’re part of a give and take that includes and must be followed by thanksgiving and appreciation.  This will be the natural outcome of a life lived in the right frequency, but it will be almost impossible if you are living in fear or anger.  Beware of letting yourself live in “hate” mode.  Refuse to acknowledge that you are “separate” from others around you.  You are connected in more ways than you will know on this planet, and you can communicate easily in the “spirit” by the frequencies of love.  Whether it is with a living body or with a spirit free from a body, thoughts and impressions travel.  

This is not new age hocus pocus but simple science applied across fields of study.  Whether you believe in it or not is not going to change its function or the outcome of your behavior.  It remains what it is, so take every possible advantage of the natural flows of the universe to enjoy your life and get what you want. 

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Lisa Tyler pastors the Blessing Meadows Ministries Church and is a writer and artist.  You can read more of her work and devotionals at


© Lisa Tyler 2007

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