The mysterious, odoriferous, day


Pay back sneaks up on us in so many ways.  The universe is SO painstakingly fair.


Today is Saturday, and my pocket was full of bill paying money, Praise the Lord.  I knew Rod expected me to get that money in the bank this morning, so we wouldnít have any overdraft fees Monday for the check I wrote yesterday.  The bank is only open on Saturdays until 12, and thatís barely alarm clock time, if you know what I mean.  (Wink)


Itís been a hectic time for us, of lots of work, the Spirit of God moving, and thankfully so, because so many people have needed Him.  Rodís been working way late into the night and all through the weekends lately, to try to catch us up so we can begin again.


Iíve been busy too, praying, counseling and writing as He puts the words in my head.  Sometime in the evenings, Rod and I meet up to pass him a cup of coffee and fuss at him to take his dirty clothes off before lying on the bed to watch TV.  


Lately my nose has been working overtime and Iíve been complaining that he needed to get right in that bathtub when he comes home.  He tolerates my nagging, and knows that with all the mechanicís grease, carpet glue and tile grout that he might be covered with at any given time, it NEEDS to come off.


Well, this morning I loaded Chris into the car and went out through the back door to lock up as I left, feed the cats, and rush to join Chris so we can make it to the bank on time.


We pulled out of the driveway and the car began its usual sputtering and stalling routine.  Itís as lazy as I am, and didnít want to leave the driveway any more than I wanted to leave my bed.


The wind was cool and there was definitely a chill in the air, but the inside of the car grew warmer with the sun coming through the windows.


On the way into town I began noticing a strange, and very unpleasant odor.  You know how you breathe into your palm and hope itís not your own breath you smell?    Well, I sniffed and pulled my coat to my nose, then my shirt, leaned over to Chris and assumed that one or both of us was seriously overdue for a bath.


We made it to the bank, (drive up window), did our thing and were going to stop at Wal-Mart so we could get our hair washed, since the house is so cold, and Chris has been sick.  I didnít want to make him worse by putting him in that icy tub.


But the further I drove, the hotter the car got and the worse the smell got until I just couldnít tolerate it anymore and I was horrified to get out of the car and subject anyone else to it.


So instead of Wal-Mart, we went through the McDonaldís drive thru and took sandwiches home.


Rod came home in a hurry to bathe for the race in Douglas today, so I had to wait to get us cleaned up.  While he was here, I apologized to him for complaining about HIS smell last week, and told him God had paid me back for it, big time!  (Little did I knowÖ.)


When he left, I bathed Chris carefully, and myself, even smelling our clothing, but still couldnít find where the odor was coming from.  It was about to drive me nuts.


After my bath I bent down beside my bed to pick up my shoes.  (I never walk around without shoes and socks in the house.)  As I leaned down, I smelled that horrible thing again, strong enough to make a body want to lose their dinner.  Just for the heck of it, I sniffed my socks, nopeÖwasnít there.  Then I turned my shoes over!!!


Lo and behold!  I had stepped in something from the cats in the backyard and had brought it with me everywhere I went!!!  Let me tell you, this was not ordinary cat perfume, this was ďI ate a dead animal and it was ripe before it ever went down the hatchĒ, kind of smell!


Several minutes later, after scrubbing the shoe, Iím still not pleased with the results.  I just bought the shoes or I would throw them outdoors.  Iíve used Lysol, baby wipes, Q-Tips, and am about to consider Scrubbing Bubbles, bleach and the 44 magnum, (pistol).  If one doesnít do it, the other is bound to!!


Would it be a blessing if women didnít come with noses?  I did find a propane leak once in our house that no one else could smell, and theyíre quite handy for changing a baby diaper before anyone else has detected the need.  I imagine the Lord had hoped weíd get to smell more roses and sunshine along the way than what weíve taken time for.  I know I could use a bit more ďeau de fleurĒ in my life.  (No, I donít know any French, that just sounded good so I threw it in.)


Wal-Mart has an entrance beside the flowers, and Iíve started going in that way just to say that Iíve seen something green and nice growing.  So far itís only pansies in there, and too cold to detect their scent, but Iím going to be a little more diligent to search out the good smells.  After all, just inside the store is a cooler with bundles of roses and carnations for sale!  Now, Ö if I could just sway Rod to see them as a necessityÖ. 


Yíall be sweet and smile a lot.  Maybe if your mouth is real busy, your nose wonít have time to get a message in edgewise.  At least thatís my story, and Iím sticking to it.  God bless.

© Lisa Tyler 2007

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