Big smiles and hugs from Georgia, where the cold weather is knocking on the door but we're refusing to allow it in.  At least until later in the week.

I hope you are well and happy, despite the horrible weather.  Please send me your latest prayer requests, names of who to pray for, and remember to pray for those of our group who are in need.  I will post the names here on my website. 

There have been several deaths and hospitalizations.  Many who are sick and have money needs.  There is also a lot of strife and unhappiness.  Well, it's true, there is nothing new under the sun. 

The problems that we all face remain the same, the date just changes.  Hopefully, we'll learn there is a pattern to life and to hold off getting upset when the next crisis comes.  We just need to take it to God and let it go.  Thankfully, we were never meant to play God, and have never been expected to 'make things right'.

I DO know without a doubt that God is still in the miracle business, and He's capable and willing to take my life and make sense out of it.  All I've been commanded to do is to praise Him joyfully.  To enter his gates with thanksgiving and praise and to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

It might surprise you to know that whenever I do this when we're sick, the illness quickly goes.  No matter what the problems are, they just can't STAND to exist in the same room with a lot of happy worshiping going on.  YES!  Praise Jesus!

The writing bug has had me very busy this month, and I'd love to share some of the results with you.

The last email or two that I've sent out, (having copied and pasted the words from a Word file), came through with formatting garbage in the text, and I really apologize for that.

I think it might be better if I posted the little stories online and just gave you a URL link to click on if you'd like to read it.  That way, your inbox won't be cluttered and you can always go back and read it later or when you have time.

(To make sure it's interesting enough to read, I've given them some funny titles and tried to give you something to laugh about.  Even if it's only laughing AT me.)  :)

Two examples are:  "The Mysterious, Odoriferous Day", and "Pharting Eggs and Jungle Butter"

The point of both of these little stories is to take a moment and appreciate the people around you.  Your family members who sometimes get pushed away so that we can rush to meet our goals, and be so busy.  We are so very driven to be successful and to "get something accomplished", especially if we're getting a little older now and seeing the finish line coming up fast.  We're hurrying faster to do these dreams and please the imaginary voices of our past who we think will be happy if we somehow manage to DO it all.

The truth is, there is nothing important to DO at all, except honor God and honor our loved ones. 

The problem is, we say we understand this and agree with this, but we immediately get busy again and don't do it.  I'm right in there, guilty!

Remember WE cannot support ourselves, that's God's job.  He said seek Him first - and food, clothing and all the needs of our lives will be given to us.  We can't take care of ourselves any more than we can save ourselves.

A great many people in the past have convinced us that it is our job to work hard, sacrifice and save, put in 40 or 50 years of hard labor and THEN we can retire and enjoy all that we've saved.

Um... if you haven't noticed, "Houston, we have a problem!" 

IF we live to retirement, IF we aren't sick and spend all our savings on medicines, IF our children don't need the money first, or a hundred other things.  All those IFs leave the majority of Americans broke, sick and just about dead at 65.

The problem was, we did it backwards.  We worked first.  We attempted to carry our own weight and we banked on having a future.

Somebody told us a lie.  Go back to the scriptures and see that NOTHING must come before worshiping the Lord, and we cannot depend on tomorrow or the next day.  Today is the acceptable day and it's all we have.  We HAVE to learn how to live in and ENJOY the present. 

Yesterday has faded away, my loves, it no longer exists.  Tomorrow is beyond the horizon and it doesn't exist yet.  The ONLY time that exists is today.  "Rejoice!"  God said, and be glad in it.

Think of the stress that this one little change would take off of your shoulders!

I know that you might find it hard at first to go off and live the dreams you have, now, but do it daily in little ways and add in the bigger things, more and more often.  Ask God to show you the ways you could change what you're doing for a living now, and allow you to make your money doing things you really love, so that it wouldn't be work at all, but play!

There REALLY are people who are doing that.  It's possible.  It only takes making a new choice.

Today where my feet are standing, is my Holy ground.  Today when my heart beats, it is my sacred time.  Today as I move through the minutes, Lord help me slow down and count them one by one, and find You in each of them.  Help me see the beauty, hear the birds and the wind, and feel the wonders of this life.

Why am I here?  What was I supposed to do?

I believe we are here to experience the gift God prepared for us.  Life on earth, to experience, to explore, to be in child-like wonder, and to look up and know God.

I believe we were created to be His friend, and to be a witness to the miracles and majesty of our Creator.  It's very hard to do this with your senses overloaded with work, worry, sickness and strife.

If we have any "work" to do today, I think it should be to grow closer to Him, and to practice receiving healing and abundance, so that the sickness and worry can end.

I love the words of young 12 yr old Jesus when his parents found they had left him behind in Jerusalem accidentally.  A very worried and frantic Mary and Joseph found him at the temple, discussing God with the elders and teachers there.  He said "Didn't you know I would be about my Father's business?"  (Luke 2:49, Amplified Bible) 

I would love for someone to say that about me.  She was about the business of the Father. 

Oh of course, we have our moments when we wander out of the temple and play with toys that hurt us a little, but thank God we can get back in there and sit at His feet again and be always welcome in His presence!!  :)

Please send me your birthday and if you have new addresses, please send that too.  I'd like to mark it on my calendar so I can say Happy Birthday to you, this year.

I think of you often, mostly in the early hours of the morning and imagine you in your homes.  I know you work hard, and face burdens and situations that are very hard to bear at times.

I think it's nice to know that we're appreciated and our efforts are noticed.  So I'd like to let you know, I honor you.  As my friend, my prayer partner, and my sisters and brothers in Christ.

God brought you to me for a reason.  I don't believe in coincidences or accidents.  You have enriched my life greatly and I hope and pray that I have touched you and will continue to be a part of your life.  A good part.

Lisa Tyler 2007

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