JOY Part I


Good morning! (written early Friday morning)

I actually woke up this morning feeling like singing.  I feel alive, what happened?  LOL  (Chris, Daniel and Rod all went to sleep early, and I had a nap before them, maybe that was it.)

Anyway, I'm writing because many of you have endured the ice and snow, and although I’ve been concerned about you, I trust God to bring you safely through it too.  Although the world seems upside down with the weather and all that is happening in our lives at times, I think I can still promise you that Spring is just around the corner.


It feels really good to be out from under that long period of crisis and catastrophes since I wrote to you last.  You know, the subject line about a storm coming referred to a meteorological storm, but it was actually an emotional storm as well.  We had two deaths in the family, one stranded out of town, a fire, sickness and loss (or imagined loss), all around.  Praise the Lord that we've survived, and I hope all of us are stronger for it.

Everybody here is doing well.  The sicknesses are releasing their hold, and we’re learning even better how to pray and get immediate relief.

It seems every round of troubles brings us up to a higher level and more determination to stay strong in the Lord.  Although the fearful shadows of crisis increase, and the monsters seem much bigger than before, if we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the shadows melt away with His light, and we know that joy cometh in the morning.

This joy is a subject I’m studying with particular interest right now.  Remember that the scriptures say our Joy in the Lord is our strength?  Focus on that thought in the next coming days, my friends, because I believe God wants to reveal something very precious to us about joy.

I know that this was true, and I knew it years ago, but I’m understanding it and the process in much clearer ways now.  I know that our thoughts have a drawing power and that whatever we’re feeling and thinking matches with other forces out there.  We can draw good things to ourselves or bad, by what we choose to hold in our hearts.

To have a spirit of thanksgiving and praise (“enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise”), you really have to have an attitude of Joy or it’s all just false worship.

We were told that a man must become like a little child to enter the Kingdom of God, and joy is the natural state of a child.  Bubbling, fresh, always curious and loving unconditionally, - joy.

So if we can perfect a spirit of joy, we can aid our entrance into the Kingdom of God and all the blessings that membership there holds.  The abundant supply, the knowing that all is well, and the abiding with Christ.  It is His table, and we are invited to His feast – in Joy.

I thank God that His promises to us were not all about eternal life and someday in the future when we die.  I’m SO thankful that He was equipping us for life now and with help for immediate troubles.

Be very careful what you keep close to your heart, and what thoughts you allow to “nest” in your head.  Shoo away the vultures and the chattering birds but keep the dove of peace at home with you.

These thoughts and fears become your reality, and they build barriers between you and God.  They hinder your prayers, or help them.  They prevent your communication with Him or speed your prayers heavenwards, depending on which you choose.

We are assaulted at all times by television, radio, the written word and the background buzz of what others around us say.  Then we are especially vulnerable to the pointed comments and barbs of our loved ones, who in their well-meaning ways, thwart our plans of joy.

It is very difficult for those with any spiritual preference at all, to focus on what they believe and to hold absolute peace in their hearts, when streams of GARBAGE thoughts and fears march through our eyes and ears daily.  Just THINK of the amount of garbage you are exposed to in just 24 hours!

It is essential for our growth that we separate ourselves from the streams of words and opinions that don’t line up with God’s word and with our purpose.  Jesus took himself away to a mountain or out on a lake, and He made time for prayer.  He wanted to be able to hear the voice of the Father, and couldn’t have done that in the raucous of the crowd or the crowd’s “popular opinion”.

It is also good to know that when you find God’s small voice, and you two begin to communicate, it may seem like you are the only one in the world on that path or plane of thought.  It’s absolutely ok to be different from your neighbor and loved ones.  God finds us each wherever we are, and communicates on that level, and is very patient.  Don’t judge someone else on their spiritual development because it may not look just like yours.  Trust that God has them in hand, and just say a prayer of blessing to all you meet or pass in your day.  Know that God will take your prayer and amplify it and apply it to where they have need.

Since we were commanded to remain in prayer, in an attitude of thankfulness and praise, and to hold tight to our joy, this must be the key to “getting it right”.  Including good health, long life and finding meaning and purpose to why we are here.

Spring IS coming, and we have God with us at all times.  Jesus is the LOVER OF OUR SOUL, and He promised never to leave or abandon us.  Not for a moment, not for forever, and once you accept Him, you are born again into a new set of DNA or heredity.  It is a royal priesthood, a family built around a throne, and that throne needs to reside in your heart.

With that promise, I want to send a note of encouragement to all of you.  We are thinking of you, and we're cheering for you.  For your success and happiness in every area, and with unconditional love, we pray you survive the "dark winter of the soul" and fill your thoughts with all that you love and enjoy. 

Write if you want to talk, or need prayer.  Pray for us as we adjust to doing the things God needs us to do, like updating the website and remaining in prayer.

God bless you sweetly,
Your friends,

Lisa and Chris

(Message added on Friday night)

PS:  I guess we are not out of the crisis time completely.  I received a call from Teresa tonight, with an urgent prayer request.  Her grandmother died this morning and her brother in law died (I believe she said last week).  She is under a tremendous strain and needs her electric bill paid by Monday.  Not only is the bill huge for some reason, but she will be in Kentucky for her grandmother’s burial on Monday and worrying if her animals will have died by the time she gets back home to icy old Texas.

Her health is a big issue, please pray for her body, and finances, and emotional strength, also that of her mother’s.  Please pray that something will be moved in the heavens to get the electric bill paid, and that all will be well.

We know it is in Jesus’ hands and that above all, He cares for us!  Praise God!  Please keep her in your prayers and her mother Shirley.  Thanks!

© Lisa Tyler 2007

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