Happy Father's Day

by Lisa Tyler

June 15, 2007

Sending a special hug and a nod to the fathers and to all men, a message of appreciation for what you do and who you are.  (Even if you're a woman, this message is for you too.)


They appointed a day for buying cards and Craftsmen tools, and there’s nothing wrong with sending a gift or a card, but I wonder if we’ve made ourselves so busy DOING for Father’s day and Mother’s day, that we’ve missed the blessing of simply enjoying your presence and who you are.


I appreciate you, for the unique spirit that you are, and the unique package God put together that made YOU.  He made you different from every other person in the universe. Everyone is packed full of gifts and talents, skills and emotions that lie mostly undiscovered.


If I asked you what your purpose on earth was, you probably couldn’t tell me with complete certainty.  If I asked you what your gifts were, could you name more than two?


Some people are depressed at Father’s and Mother’s day, because they haven’t had children yet, and feel left out, as if they’re somehow not as good.


Others, the parents, trudge along under huge burdens of society’s needs that we’ve allowed to be put on our backs.  Things like mortgages, retirement funds, college for the kids, - heck even keeping them in diapers gives you a few new gray hairs!


May I offer you a hug and tell you a secret?


You’ve heard that you were put here for a reason, and that nothing God has done is a mistake.  I second that!


You may have heard that God Himself put you together in the “factory” of the womb.  He chose everything about you.  Your colorings, your nationality, whether you’d be a charmer or whether you’d be a dreamer. 


If you were born with a hare lip or a limp, He chose that too, not to make fun of you, or to make you have a harder life than others.  But because He loved you AS YOU ARE, even with the burdens, because it was a unique expression of His heart and compassion that He sought to build in your package.  Because only YOU in that unique situation you find yourself in today, with the specialized tools in your heart and mind that God equipped you with, can accomplish what He sent you to do.


You may never be aware of what that was.  You may have forgotten the kindness you offered someone who was down or hungry.  You may not remember the split second that you put a hand on a fellow student’s shoulder and shared a quick smile of common feeling. 


You may not have seen the suicide you prevented, or the accident victims that were encouraged by a decision you made, or what the prayer you said for someone and quickly forgot, did for them.


You may not even have done any of those things yet, and be waiting in the wings for your turn to shine.  But I guarantee you, that you (like scripture) will not return to the Father void. 


As scripture is spoken, it fulfills what it was sent to do, and so you – a spoken expression of God’s immeasurable and unending heart, will return to the Father with a basketful of all the experiences and memories, emotions and dreams, accomplishments and failures that you have gathered in your lifetime.


You’ve already partially filled your basket.  And if you’re still waiting, thinking that you haven’t done a very good job, or have done nothing at all – be comforted.


God says “He also serves who only sits and waits…”.  Take EVERY opportunity to smile, to pray, to share, to believe, to love, to laugh, to learn, to dance, to sing, and to worship God because that is our first and highest duty and what we were sent to do.


Jesus said the most important commandments for mankind were these:


To love God with all your heart, mind and soul,

To love your neighbor AS you love yourself.  (That’s a statement that you are expected to love and care for yourself as well as others.)


He said if we do these two things, that all the other commandments will be fulfilled naturally.


If we did these two commandments, there would be no wars, no hunger, no homeless, no disease, no lost.  The enemy would be put out of business!


If we all woke up one morning and said “ENOUGH!  I don’t want to play the commerce and competition game anymore”, the strongholds of evil in this world would be cut down in a matter of hours!


When you arrive in heaven with your basket and your “shortcomings”, your failures and your pre-planned apology, you will likely be met with something totally unexpected! 


There before you will be a room full of people, some you know and many you don’t know.  They’ll all be smiling at you and welcoming you, shaking your hand and saying thank you.


Your mind will be searching for what they’re thanking you for, but it is about the things you’ve forgotten.  What you have meant to these others on earth, who needed the word you spoke, or the deeds you have done, …or even just the faith you’ve had that set them free.


Every single life on this planet, both animal and human, affects every other life on the planet.  You can be a force for good with no more than the thoughts you harbor in your mind today.


Whether you have fathered children, or whether your purpose is to protect and promote the children someone else has fathered, you are important!


Whether you are the first father, the blood father, or the caretaker of a child, as was Joseph to the Savior of the world, God appointed you to your post and assigned you a significance that no other being on earth or in heaven can have except you!


And with that appointment comes responsibility.  The thanks you would receive in heaven can be accusations if you harm those that you were sent to protect.  Be careful that your actions, thoughts, and the words that you speak, give life, not death.


Don’t be weighed down by another burden, fearing your performance, but stand tall in knowing that YOU are blessed and equipped with many gifts to enter into your life with, to help and to create a world that is more loving than hating, more helping than hurting.  And that it begins this day, with YOU.


God bless you and have a wonderful Father’s Day!!!


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© Lisa Tyler 2007