What if you have a really BIG need for healing?  Do you dare ask for a miracle?

God can do it, with both hands tied behind His back

Copyright ©2007 By Lisa Tyler 

I have a friend who is handicapped from an injury, and has been this way since his youth.  He has married, raised children and held down a job, and he certainly knows the Bible backwards and forwards. 

It occurred to me tonight that with my insistence on healing being possible no matter what is wrong, that some people might be hurt or take offense at my position. 

I thought about what would be required to be healed of such a complete paralysis, and I could clearly see that on the one hand, it would be a BIG deal, a really HUGE miracle.  Yet on the other, it wouldn’t be anything at all.  God could heal that spinal cord and rejuvenate atrophied muscles with His "eyes" closed and with both "hands" tied behind His back. 

He can cancel out every virus cell in people who have aids, wipe out fibromyalgia and cancer, restore and straighten twisted bones and withered limbs.  There is no mental health problem, or wound that any human being has ever suffered that He cannot cure, and none that He didn’t cover with the scripture “By His stripes we are healed”. 

But in a practical application, for our day-to-day lives, we ask how can we make healing a reality for ourselves, and our loved ones?  We want help, and we want answers, we desperately need to believe.  As the man answered when Jesus asked him “do you believe that I can do this?”  ---- “Yea Lord, I believe, but help me in my unbelief.” 

I know from experience that every single healing we’ve ever gotten came across in a different way, and at a different time.  Some were quick, immediate, as soon as we prayed, and others took weeks or months.  Why? 

I believe it was so that God could show me His diversity and have me tell YOU that you should pray and turn it over to God and let HIM decide HOW and WHEN it is going to come. 

If we believe we’ll be healed in a day, by messenger angels or in a flash of light, we could be standing at one window of our soul (so to speak) waiting for a light, and the healing could be at the back door knocking and needing to be let in by a different method.  

Perhaps there are obstacles of wrong thinking or unforgiveness that need to be cleared out and in order to get this done, we have to hear God’s Spirit speaking to us.  Would we even listen if we thought we knew every detail of how our help was coming? 

In my own case, I have a handicapped son, who has received miracle after miracle.  Yet he remains what you’d call “handicapped”.  Why? 

As I look back over the different stages of our history together in my family, I see that I came thru a journey of bitterness and questioning “why me?”  I also quickly, almost overnight, identified myself with Chris’ handicap.  I wasn’t Lisa anymore, I was the mother of a handicapped child, and the mother of a hyperactive child, (as Matt came along) and in each stage, I identified myself according to my problems and the things that were defeating me. 

Yes, I had faith, and I saw MANY miracles happening, but I wasn’t functioning spiritually all on the same level.  Perhaps you can relate to this. 

Parts of me had no trouble believing in getting what we asked for, but parts of me were locked in self-pity and floundered for identity.  The search for identity that is probably common to all people as they mature and go through their life cycle. 

I was married and having babies before I even understood love.  I didn’t understand fidelity, or sacrifice.  I had many lessons to learn and it was a long, painful road. 

Anything that I COULD believe for, I was given.  I was also given much support and coaxing from God and everyone He sent my way through the years, or I wouldn’t be here today writing this to you. 

I certainly will tell you that I believe with all my heart that all requests should be given to God and that He can and WILL heal every one.  Yet at the same time I know that some problems we have brought on ourselves and must learn from.  Some are likely what we “contracted” with God to go through before we came here, although I don’t think that’s scriptural.  That’s just my feeling, based on knowing how well He has laid out our lives for us, and placed help at every corner, long before we were born, it was arranged and put into place. 

I know that Paul asked for a healing and God told him that His grace was sufficient for Paul at the time.  I take that story to mean that because Paul was so very down on himself for having persecuted Jesus, that he needed a tangible punishment, something to remind him to keep pressing on, and that he was earning favor with God. 

Something similar to how after confession a Catholic priest might tell a person to do X number of prayers of this kind and perhaps some good deeds.  Not because the person wasn’t forgiven the moment he asked, but because our human nature needs something to help us mark our place in our history.  Something like a landmark, that we can look back on when the devil (or our imaginations) say that we aren’t forgiven, and we can say “No, you’re wrong, I asked for it there, on this date, and I did this and that, and I KNOW I was forgiven.” 

As we get more mature and read the Bible more, we can understand that this forgiveness doesn’t require the penance, but it is a handy tool for a wounded soul who is hurting from the wrong they’ve done. 

It’s very hard to forgive ourselves.  Can you image how Paul felt?  If you can recall a time in your life that you did something totally reprehensible that you have tried so hard to forget, but the image just keeps coming back into your mind…perhaps you can understand how Paul probably kept seeing men, women, children all innocent of any wrongdoing, falling by his hands and by his orders.  Their lives snuffed out in his zeal to do the will of “God”.  I can imagine that he watched young eyes close, their tear streaked faces buried in their mother’s dress, as the lions satisfied their hunger on them, or the soldiers thrusting their spears through their bodies. 

Is it so hard then to understand why God would have compassion on us, and allow us to keep a problem in order to move past an event in our lives? 

But if we are truly done with that lesson, ready to move on, then why would He NOT grant the healing? 

So the words, - to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, - and to walk out our healings in love and good works, mean simply to turn it over to Him, but go on with our learning and submitting to Him, so that we can mature and move past the need for the illness or the problem. 

Let HIM decide the time and the method of relief, but know for CERTAIN that it is coming.  This is really the crux of faith.  To suspend your disbelief in healing, while you suspend your belief in time frames and what popular opinion is. 

If everyone on earth says there is no cure for something, know that everyone on earth is a liar or is misinformed.  GOD has the cure.  We allow our family, friends, professionals such as doctors and professors, to convince us of the negative and the failures.  We should be convincing THEM of God’s backwards kingdom where the IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE. 

He said just ASK in His name (Jesus), call for the elders of the church to anoint you with oil and pray over you.  (Another “tool” for our faith.)   He said to stand on a promise in His name, agree on it with one or more people, and to put your energy into praise and thanksgiving.  There is joy and power, strength and healing in those two things, and the Bible says our joy in the Lord is our strength. 

Who doesn’t want or need more strength?  Who wouldn’t take more power if offered? 

To get more energy, pray for others and become compassionate about the people around you.  Seek to know God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit on a personal level. 

To have more energy, USE more energy.  It’s a strange thing and it doesn’t follow the known laws of the planet, but everything in God’s kingdom works precisely backwards. 

If you are empty, GIVE out.  If you are broke, give something of yourself or what you have.  If you think you have nothing, then give your time or your prayers, or your love. 

Give a Bible verse.  Make every day a grand celebration of life and of GIVING. 

In His name.  Always, do all things in the name of Jesus and for His glory.  The rewards will be eternal and unbelievable.  When you give you receive, THAT is a law of the universe, and it comes back to you multiplied. 

That’s why you must forgive others, and stop speaking condemnation.  When we give love, or a prayer for a healing, we’re really saying “I agree with God, and I give this healing to you in His name.”  We pass the blessing on by our love.  We STOP the blessings and the healing when we bring up something the person has done wrong, or when we refuse to forgive. 

Elsewhere on this site I mentioned that all negative, unpleasant speech about someone is a hate message cloaked in self-righteousness.  The universe isn’t fooled.  What you think is going to happen, (punishment on the person for what they’ve done) actually comes upon YOUR head. 

God has forgiven and blessed this person you’re slandering, so when you point your finger, you know the old saying – there are 4 others pointing back at you! 

It would be like going to court to testify against a man, but while you’re on the stand, the defense attorney brings out a list of all the things you’ve done wrong and been arrested for.  As he reads off the list, the jury becomes less and less likely to believe a word you are saying, because you are dirtier than the person you’re trying to put in prison. 

It would be much better to keep quiet or only speak good and love in truth, and if someone DOES do some little thing wrong, to not bring it up.  By forgiving and getting on with the blessings, you make the world a little better place. 

(If you are called to court to testify, DO tell the truth, but don’t SEEK to harm or punish someone for what they’ve done.)  All things come around and if you’ve done that, one day you’ll stand in that same spot and feel what it is like.  Have mercy on yourself now and learn to stop calling punishment down on your head. 

So what would I tell my friend about seeking a healing?  I would tell him to examine his heart and see if he really wanted to be healed.  If the answer is yes, then I’d ask God to show me any areas of my life that this infirmity was serving, and if I was ready to move on past it now.  Then I’d let go of it.  Stop speaking of the problem, but claim the healing as if it had already taken place. 

Make it a reality verbally and in your imagination.  See it, live it, make yourself comfortable with the “feel and smell, and taste” of the new reality you want. 

If you can hold the image in your mind, with confidence that God is bringing it, then you will have it. 

Sometimes people hold onto illness because it is profitable.  It can be profitable for our emotional handicaps, and social immaturity.  We use them as a crutch in society.  It can also be profitable financially, if your living has been coming from a government check. 

Are you really willing to step out in faith that God will support you in some other way?  You see all the WORK of healing takes place inside of us.  To God it is but a thought, a loving thought that expresses “Of COURSE I want you to be healed.” 

To us, we have to adapt and change, learn and grow.  God doesn’t usually ask us to change so suddenly.  When tragedy strikes and we ARE suddenly plunged into new realities, we call that the work of the enemy. 

All I know with confidence is that we are all connected, and that we are a part of Him, breath, substance, heart and soul. 

To love your neighbor IS to love yourself.  Hate is only fear of not fitting in, not being accepted, not being loved.  With God, you are loved and accepted right this very minute in whatever state you stand in today.  If you’re an addict, a drunk, a prostitute, a murderer, a child molester, or a politician (wink, wink), God loves you and doesn’t ask you to be able to change to reach up to Him.  He bends down to you. 

Illness and infirmity are not based on the love that God showers down on us.  Therefore they can be changed, and we ourselves hold the "remote control" of change. 

Push the button marked, “I forgive myself and I let this problem go.”  Speak it to yourself over and over, and use the faith confessions at www.blessingmeadowsministries.com/faith_confessions.htm 

Feel free to write to me here. 


© Lisa Tyler 2007

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