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The Glory of God and Earth

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Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.  How marvelous in all the earth are your works, the fruit of your hands, the blessings you bestow.  How perfect is your thoughts and the way you work.  Perfection, wisdom and completeness is your trademark.  Nothing that you touch is faulty.  Nothing that you make is below standard.  Everything you have put your hand to, you saw that it was good. 

Lord let thy will be done today and always.  Bring your Kingdom dear Jesus, and bring it near our hearts and minds.  I realize that you are pouring out to us your thoughts and ways and giving us understanding that so that we could recognize your kingdom and step into it. 

I praise you for that and I thank you! 

Holy Spirit, your work is so fine and so far reaching.  Into everything that is, you have your hand and the mark of your presence.  All that is bears the mark of the Lord, and all that will be will pour forth from you.    I praise and thank you dear Lord my God, for all the benefits you have given to man and to the earth. 

Thank you for the delicate flowers that are crafted with such care.  Thank you for the newborn babies that still have the breath of God and angels on their skin.  Thank you for their innocence and how tenderly precious they are.  Thank you that when you made the garden and Adam, you didn’t leave out babies, but you gave them to the earth as a gift of fine measure. 

O how mighty you are Father.  How you have stretched your armies and gathered your peoples.  You have vanquished every foe and no man or beast that attempts to come against you will stand.  None have ever defeated you and none CAN ever defeat you.  You are the supreme strength and the supreme “I AM” in absolute integrity and form.  Your mind and thoughts are so far above all that is created, that the gulf would be beyond any reach.  Not even a thousand, thousand miles separate us, but height impenetrable, so that nothing can reach your throne without your help getting there. 

Lord if you hadn’t told us in your Word what your throne looked like and what heaven was like, we’d never be able to imagine it. 

Thank you for setting aside a people to remember you throughout the earth.  Thank you for continuing to deal with us humans and not forgetting this planet or letting it return to rock and ice.  Thank you for keeping the breath of life around this planet and for restoring all that lives and moves and breathes daily. 

Thank you most of all for restoring us to your love through Jesus, and for saving us from evil, rot and death. 

I don’t know if any man on earth can fully appreciate the magnitude of what you have saved us from, but we shall one day, and we’ll rejoice even harder, higher, fuller, and bask in the light of your love, surrounding your feet and kissing them with joy and praise. 

I would like to bring you armfuls of flowers and strew them at your feet.  To cover and surround the ground around you with sweet smells and living things.  But you have already adorned your presence with truly living and precious things. 

One day my eyes will see the gemstones of your Holy Palace, and the gold that is so pure that it shines like glass.  One day I will gaze upon your Holiness and Purity and Mighty Presence and in awe of your splendor and wonder I will just stand.  Maybe for a year or two, I’ll just stand before you, or kneel before you and drink in your goodness and mercy. 

Maybe I’ll have to have help to close my jaw again, as I forget everything in marveling at your magnificence. 

How imperfect and unworthy we are to be in your presence dear Father.  Please dress us in your robes, the ones you mention in your Word.  Please clean us with Jesus’ blood and wash us in His Living Waters.  Please dress us in the robes of a loving Father, for the wedding feast!  I am excited and have put on my calendar the great feast that is to come.  

The gathering of all your precious souls and the rejoicing and happy cries of a billion, billion, billion people all shouting in joy and victory.  I can hear their footsteps as they approach your great hall, led by Jesus their champion and victor.  The smile on His face as they throw open the doors and a great multitude pour in to take their places. 

The smell of joy and victory is like incense, the excitement so electric you can feel the spark of LIFE jumping from one to another and suddenly we’re all connected in “knowing” and “communicating” with you and with each other.  Suddenly we’re not alone or individual anymore, but truly part of the body of Christ. 

Suddenly we see the traits we share in common with you and our Lord Jesus and we can recognize that we are indeed family, by your decree and design.  I bow before you for your wisdom, and for your foresight and for the great plan you have put into motion, and I am glad that nothing can stop it.  Nothing will interfere with your will and I rejoice! 

There will be angels singing, laughter, and holy silence.  Reverent silence when you are about to speak.  I can almost hear your words now, the speech you will make.  The welcome you will give and the secrets that even angels long to know, that you will reveal. 

Somehow all the redeemed will sing in unison and praise will go forth with a fine sound. Each voice perfectly pitched and harmonious with the others through your perfect design.  Thank you Lord, that those of us who long to sing will be able to sing to you, and not be ashamed for the sound of our voice! 

Yes, we should sing even now, regardless of how it sounds because the song of our hearts, transmitted through the Holy Spirit is sweet intention. 

How long will the feast last?  How long shall we sing praises?  Here on earth we spend about 45 minutes of a church service at the most, in song.  There it may be years or decades!  We may get so caught up in it that we don’t want to ever stop.  But everything in its place and time. 

When all of that has been properly done and we are all full of joy in praise, then we will be fed from your holy table.  Fed the sweetmeats and the nuts, the meats and the Kingdom garden’s vegetables.  The milk and honey will flow and the wounds in our hearts and the twists and turns that made it so difficult for us to come to you, will be healed.  You will minister to us and prepare us for our new eternal life at your side. 

Then we’ll notice friends and family, and move closer to each other and enjoy each other’s blessings of being included in your Kingdom.  We will study and play together, at your feet and in the endless fields and meadows, mountains and streams all around you. 

As children and as students we will perfect that which we were lacking in here.  We’ll learn to use our gifts to bless each other and give freely from our hearts.  Every morning we’ll race to our tasks of making and creating wonderful things to share and give. 

No more will we consider how much we could sell something for, and no more will we seek to collect and amass great piles of things to horde.  There will be supernaturally just enough, and our mansions will be filled with the treasures that count.  Those that are given in love, those that are created in joy, those that come from you Lord, because you prepared just what we always longed for. 

Thank you for the vision you gave me of my mansion and the care with which you put every item in there.  I thank you for picking each one for me, Jesus.  I thank you for riding with me to the place, to show me that it is absolutely true!  You have bought back our inheritance and have prepared a great palace for each of us to live in and rejoice over.  You are the perfect friend and companion and there is no way I can express my gratitude to you enough for what you have done for me! 

Jesus I love you!  I mean, I love being in your presence, I love you being in my head and heart.  I love the tender, caring, humble way that you are, and yet you’re not frail or weak.  You can be meek, and yet mighty, because of your righteousness and understanding, and because you ARE God. 

You can bow down to earth to minister to lowly man, and rule the angels.  You can destroy whole galaxies and form the despicable pit where you’ll imprison the enemy, while forming a new baby in its mother’s womb. 

All that you are and can do amazes and awes me, Lord!  I worship you!  I give you my attention and the voice of my praise.  I give you my heart and ask one thing of you. 

Let me choose wisely with every thought and choice I make, so that I might please you and not walk away from your expectations.  Let me be obedient.  Help me Lord Jesus in being obedient and quick to serve you.  Let me be genuine and honest so that I can be true to you, loyal and upright.  Let me be just like you!! 

Lord how magnificent is your countenance and your works.  How perfect and marvelous and ever lasting are your standards and statutes.  How your glory shines!!  You are GREAT, my God and King.  You are above reproach, above death and decay, far, far above shadow and night.  You are the Light that powers the world, and the essence of every living thing.  You are the substance of all that is, and the longing of everything that is, is to touch you.  The rocks cry out to you.  The trees clap their hands.  The little birds sleep in peace because they know you have upheld their habitation.  Young mountain cats and fat animal babies everywhere can sleep in peace, stretch and explore their lives, who and what they are, and even THEY know you as their God. 

Only humans seem to have their understanding darkened, but I praise you my Lord for lifting the veil and revealing yourself to us!!  Praise to your mighty name!  Glory to God in the Highest, and let all the earth SING! 

Oh my!  I see now why the earth sings in the daytime.  I see now!  I have heard it.  From the dawn when the sun comes up, the sound begins, like a hum.  Something faint in the background, but it builds louder and more incessant towards noon, and then fades downward again in intensity from noon to sunset.  The whole earth vibrates its song to you, every day!!  I have heard it and I have listened in on its praise!  Thank you Lord! 

How does it do that Lord?  When it becomes night time here, it is day time on the other side of the earth.  It must sing over there too.  Does it continue to sing all the time but here when the sun doesn’t shine on the earth, it is less audible?  

I am SO thankful that you gave me the time of living on that farm, being outside each day to feed the animals so that I could experience that sound.  Thank you for the memory of the warmth of the sun hitting my skin, and the gentle morning sun kissing my face.  Thank you for the bugs that buzzed busily all around me and the buds of the pine boughs silent growth day by day. 

Thank you for the zany actions of the chickens that made me laugh and the precious deer we fed from a baby.  Thank you for the rust on the barbed wire fence and the maypop vines that covered it. 

Thank you for the ride on the back of the pig and that we HAD those pigs come and go.  Thank you for the magnificence of the bull calves that we raised, that I could see and experience all the splendor of your creation and how it all fit in together.  Lord you have enriched my mind and heart, and you have blessed my eyes with wonderful things! 

I have seen so much that tells me of your glory and without “seeing” you with these eyes, I understand more of how great you are.  You have truly blessed me in my lifetime and I must get outside more now and experience more, because it is still there.  Still humming, still buzzing.  The chickens somewhere else are scratching and cackling and running around like clowns.  The deer in the forest still slip silently through the thickets.  The pine trees and cedars and oaks still grow steadily and are aware of the perfume of their pollen. 

How blessed is the bee to smell them all!  How busy he must think himself to be, when he comes out of his door in the morning and must choose which direction to fly, when the whole air is nearly white with the spring pollen around him!! 

Lord, may I ask that you never do away with places like the earth?  May we always be privileged to live and experience such beauty all around us.  May we live and play in the sweet perfumes of flowers and the tender new shoots of grass and clover at our feet?  May there always be sparkling fish jumping and playing in the streams of water, and young bears and mountain lions coming to drink.  May there always be the high mountain goats standing silent guard on the peaks, and children playing in the valleys, laughter and feast days, and wind and rain! 

May I, Lord, always have these too?  May it be in our future, even when we leave this earth? 

O Lord how foolish I have been to spend 10 years of my life inside this house, in a city, surrounded by tarmac streets and the noise of cars. 

I know it is a small city as they go, but it limited my territory to just these dimensions and blocks.  Fallen down houses, decaying lives around me. 

Give me again the countryside Lord!  Let me know your miracles and your sounds.  Let me fill my mature years with the grace that you have created all around us. 

Let me know you Lord, even better.  Let me sit in the morning hours, as the dawn approaches and sit with you.  Let us experience it together and feast on the beauty.  Let me see you approach Lord.  Let me feast on YOUR beauty and righteousness.  Your gentleness and mercy, your great love!  Yes, Lord.  You are better than the earth and more to be desired than any of your creation.  And I know this is true, but if I could even imagine it for a moment, my human mind and heart couldn’t contain all the reality of that statement. 

I bless you O Lord.  I praise you and magnify you for your glory, your magnificence and your wisdom.  For WHO and WHAT you are, for the WAY that you are and the thoughts that you think. 

I have only known the tip of your garments, Lord, but I will one day know more and see you.  I’ll stand before you and bow and give you my heart and throw my crown at your feet. 

Come be with me today Lord.  Jesus, Holy Father, Holy Spirit, come share this day with me.  Help me to remember that you are with me and that it is not just any ordinary day but one spent in the presence of my Lord, the love of my life!! 

I love you Lord.  Have a wonderful day and please bless all of us.  In Jesus’ name I pray and say Amen.


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